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Pie and Mash

Classic Meals

As served in London and south-east pie shops - minced beef double-crust pie served with smoothly mashed potato and parsley-butter sauce (called "pie liquor"). The sale is closely associated with establishments also selling Jellied Eels

Manze's Pie Mash and Eel House, Walthamstow High St
Image: Julian Osley

Although it seems likely that people have been eating pies with mashed potato for some time, and advertisements for 'pie and mash' in Yorkshire are known at least since the 1890's, the exact term 'pie and mash' doesn't seem to be found in a text relating to London Pie Shops before the book 'In London's Shadows' of 1926 by Frank Leonard Jennings

Although some Pie and Mash Shops have closed in recent years, there remain about 20 'Pie and Mash' eating houses in London and the South East and a very small number elsewhere.

'Pie liquor' appears to be similar to..

Original Receipt in Francatelli 1846;

No. 127. Parsley Sauce.
Chop a handful of parsley and mix it in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, two ounces of flour, pepper and salt; moisten with half a pint of water and a table-spoonful of vinegar. Stir the parsley-sauce on the fire till it boils, and then pour it over the fish, drained free from water, on its dish.

London Pie and Mash
Image: Sue Wallace

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