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Parsnip Cakes


Cooked mashed parsnip with flour, egg and seasonings, formed into patties and fried.

'Food in England' by Dorothy Hartley (Hartley 1954). has them crumbed and served with fried tomatoes, gravy and sprouts, "a really good winter-evening supper".

Original Receipt in 'The Country Housewife and Lady's Director' by Prof. R Bradley, 1728 (Bradley 1728)

Scrape some Parsnip-Roots, and slice them thin, dry them in an Oven and beat them to Powder; mix them then with an equal quantity of Flour, and make them up with Cream and Spices powder'd; then mould them into Cakes, and bake them in a gentle Oven. NB: The sweetness of the Parsnip Powder answers the want of Sugar.

Original Receipt from 'Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser' - Saturday 29 March 1941

PARSNIP CAKES. Scrape the outer skins of two or three large parmps, cut them into strips, and cook until tender in slightly salted water. Drain, mash, then make smooth batter with a cupful flour, a teaspoonful baking powder, a beaten egg. and threequarters cupful milk. Stir the parsnips, and add pepper and salt. Drop the batter a tablespoonful at time into hot fat in a frying pan. Fry until goldenbrown. and serve sprinkled with parsley.

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