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Preserves - Savoury

(Or chutny, chutnee, chatna, from the Hindi chatni.)

An Indian-style pickle condiment. Defined in the OED as "A strong hot relish or condiment compounded of ripe fruits, acids, or sour herbs, and flavoured with chillies, spices, etc." Now almost universally a cooked preparation of fruits or vegetables in a spiced sauce, kept as a cold accompaniment to meats, cheese etc. Now often softer, milder or sweeter than the 19th Century versions.

Selection of chutneys
Image: Keith Hall

Before the mid-19th Century 'chutney' was pretty much synonymous with 'mango chutney - a fruit considered wildly exotic enough to be worth making imitation versions of. 'Sketches Of India' by Henry Moses (1850 - mistakenly printed '1750'); "The number of mangoes that a practised person may eat with impunity is really astonishing. A little pale brandy is taken afterwards by way of security and a bath to get rid of the jaundiced complexion is sometimes absolutely necessary. A delicious pickle is made from the fruit before it is quite ripe and it enters very largely into the composition of chutnee a curious mixture much used in curries and Indian made dishes. "

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