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Denby Dale Pie

Pies and Pastries

The Denby Dale Pie is a huge communal meat and vegetable pie baked to commemorate special occasions, with a rule that each pie must be larger than the last. It has been baked ten times;

The 1964 Pie Dish, now used as a floral planter.
Photo 'SMJ'

● 1788 - To celebrate King George III's recovery from madness. A game pie baked at the White Hart pub.
● 1815 - Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. The pie, contained "two sheep, twenty fowls and a half a peck of flour".
● 1846 - The Repeal of the Corn Laws.
● 1887 - Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. The 1 1/2 ton pie proved to be rotten, possibly through poorly-handled game, including what appeared to be a skinned fox. It was paraded through the streets in funeral style and buried in quick lime.
● September 1887: The 'Resurrection Pie' baked (without game) to replace the failed Jubilee pie.
● 1896 - Fiftieth Anniversary of the Repeal of the Corn Laws. 2000 portions supplied.
● 1928 - To raise funds for Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. 16ft. long, 5ft. wide.
● 1964 - Celebration of Four Royal Births.
● 1988 - Bicentenary of the First Denby Dale Pie.
● 2000 - The Millennium Pie, in a dish designed by The University of Huddersfield School of Engineering, measured 40ft by 8 ft, held 5 tons of beef, 2 tons of potato, a ton of onions and nearly 200 pints of John Smith's Bitter.

There is a 'Denby Dale Pie Company' in the town whose products, though generally more modest than the grand pies, do include huge (by ordinary standards) 3kg 'celebration' pies.

Image: Unknown

The Denby Dale pie dish in 1940 ahead of being melted for the war effort
Image: http://www.examiner.co.uk

Pie slices, Denby Dale
Image: Humphrey Bolton

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