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Whist Pies
Pies and Pastries
North West

Very small (two-bite) raised hot-water double-crust pies of slightly oval form, filled with spiced salt meat and jelly. Lower bake than Melton Mowbray, the filling may be cured pork or minced beef, often with bacon and almost invariably with a pork jelly.

Image: http://www.carrspasties.co.uk

Although commonplace in Lancashire, and parts of Cumbria and Cheshire, the origin of the name is not known - it may or not be connected with the card game 'whist' - nor is it clear when it first appeared. Our correspondent Maggy Simms sends us this advert from St Mark's, Bolton, church fete programme from 1951, which is (so far) the earliest record we know of;

From St Mark's, Bolton, church fete programme, 1951

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