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Potato Pie

Pies and Pastries

Plain paste double-crust pie with filling of potato, usually sliced thinly. Often with small admixture of minced beef or beef stock. Compare with Butter Pie. The name Curates Pudding has also been applied to a simple potato pie, though that name is more usually a sweet potato pudding.

See also: Potato Pasty

Early receipts may have been more sophisticated. A version from 1672 (Wooley 1672) may be assuming the use of the, then more popular, sweet potato:

Original Receipt in 'The Queene-Like Closet' By Hannah Woolley (Wooley 1672)

249. To make a Potato Pie.

Having your Pie ready, lay in Butter, and then your Potatoes boiled very tender, then some whole Spice and Marrow, Dates and the yolks of hard Eggs blanched Almonds, and Pistacho Nuts, the Candied Pills of Citron, Orange and Limon, put in more Butter close it and bake it, then cut it open, and put in Wine, Sugar, the yolks of Eggs and Butter.

Original Receipt from 'Pot-luck; or, The British home cookery book' by May Byron (Byron 1914)

64. POTATO PIE (Derbyshire) Put layers of meat, either cooked or uncooked, with alternate layers of potato and onion uncooked, in a deep bowl; season with plenty of pepper and salt; and fill up with water. Cover the whole with a good short crust, and bake in a slow oven. This is a very nice winter dish, and is much improved by adding oysters between the meat and vegetables.

Morpeth Herald - Saturday 28 April 1906

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