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Pennyroyal Pudding


Chopped pennyroyal with breadcrumbs, suet, Sack, cream and eggs, boiled in a gut bag or baked (Evelyn 1699). Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) is a herb of the mint family.

The Pennyroyal plant

Original Receipt in 'Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets' by John Evelyn (Evelyn 1699)

27. Penny-royal. Take a pretty Quantity of Peny-royal and Marigold flower, &c. very well shred, and mingle with the Cream, Eggs, &c. four spoonfuls of sack; half a Pint more of Cream, and almost a Pound of Beef-suet chopt very small, the Gratings of a Two-penny Loaf, and stirring all well together, put it into a Bag flower'd and tie it fast. It will be boil'd within an Hour: Or may be baked in the Pan like the Carrot-Pudding. The sauce is for both, a little Rose-water, less Vinegar, with Butter beaten together and poured on it sweetned with the sugar Caster.

Of this Plant discreetly dried, is made a most wholsom and excellent Tea.

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