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Liverings or Leveredge

Meats - Sausages

Boiled sausage of minced liver, often with egg and spices (AW 1591)

A percursor of modern Liver Sausage

Original Receipt in 'A book of cookrye. Very necessary for all such as delight therin', gathered by "AW" (AW 1591);

To make Liverings of a Swine.
First perboile the Liver, then stamp it in a Morter, and when it is small inough, put it in a vessell, and put to it suet, yolkes of Egges, pepper, cloves, Mace and Salt. Then take your Guts cleane washed, and stuffe them with the foresaide stuffe, then boyle them, that doon serve them forth.

Original Receipt in 'The Accomplisht Cook' by Robert May, 1660 (Robert May 1660);

To make Leveridge Puddings.
Boil a hogs liver, and let it be thorowly cold, then grate and sift it through a cullender, put new milk to it and the fleck of a hog minced small put into the liver, and some grated bread, divide the meat in two parts, then take store of herbs, mince them fine, and put the herbs into one part with nutmeg, mace, pepper, anniseed, rosewater, cream, and eggs, fill them up and boil them. To the other part or sort put barberries, slic't dates, currans, cream, and eggs.

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