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Hazelnut Bread


Bread loaf with minced hazelnuts mixed-in, commonly recorded as a sweet bread, but other versions may have existed.

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Original Receipt from Birmingham Daily Gazette - Thursday 06 September 1934

Here is a good recipe for nut bread which is not too rich. Brown flour is suggested, but white may be used. Put one pound of wholemeal into a bowl, add one small teaspoonful suit. three ounces butter, two ounces brown sugar. Make into dough as you would for bread, using one ounce yeast creamed and about half a pint tepid milk, or milk and water. knead well until it leaves the sides of the bowl and the fingers quite clean. Then add six or eight ounces prepared fruit, either currants, sultanas, chopped dates, or a mixture and two ounces or three ounces of coarsely chopped walnuts. An egg may be used, but this is not necessary. Let the dough rise until it is double its size, mould into loaves, and put into greased tins. Prove for 15 minutes and bake in a hot oven. Time according to size, roughly one hour for a two pound loaf. For a change, you may add a little spice, chopped candied peel, or about one tablespoonful of treacle.

Original Receipt from Framlingham Weekly News - Saturday 16 May 1931

Have You Tried Nut Bread? Home-made nut bread, cut thinly and well buttered, is an attractive novelty at teatime. Any kind of nuts can be used, walnuts, Brazil nuts, filberts, etc. Walnuts make a very nice bread. Here is recipe:—Mix 1/2 lb. plain flour, 1/4 lb brown sugar, 3 dessertspoonfuls baking powder, and a little salt together. Chop 1/4 lb shelled nuts and add them to the mixture. Beat an egg and add it, mix all together with a little milk. Put into greased tins and bake for three-quatrs of an hour or until done. This will make two small loaves. Instead of nuts, dried fruits can be used.

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