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Yorkshire Relish
Sauces and Spicery

A piquant cold sauce based on pureed pickled fruits (dates &c) rather than the rotted fish of Worcestershire sauce or Harvey's.

Produced in both a liquid and a thickened version, most famously by Goodall, Blackhouse and Co, established in Leeds in the 1830's, and now, as 'Goodalls of Ireland' at Tallagh ouside Dublin, where they still manufacture both versions.

The currently most significant Yorkshire-made brand of the liquid version, Henderson's of Sheffield, dates back to the late 19th Century and seems to have a remarkable ability to inspire a certain, rather distinctive, style of poetry, such as;

The marvellous thing about Relish
Is it really is something to cherish
It started from being a boy
This bottle it filled me with joy
It's liquid all spicy and black
From those days I've never looked back
It's always been right by my side
And I've travelled the country far and wide
I've had it on chops, chips and stew
This special unique Sheffield Brew
It' s warmed up a bowl of my soup
Dribbled on top in a hoop
Spiced up my egg, bacon and toast
I've sent it to friend's coast to coast
And the thing that you just cannot buy
Is the joy of my Relish on pie

EXTERNAL LINK: Henderson's Relish

The thick version of Yorkshire Relish is now relatively rare in England, but has a continuing popularity in Ireland where it is produced under the 'YR' brand by Robert Roberts.

See: Yorkshire Sauce

Other English piquant liquid sauces include:
Harvey Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Mrs. Comber's Sauce
Wow-Wow Sauce
Muckleston's Celebrated Shropshire Sauce
Reading Sauce
Yorkshire Relish

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