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Treacle Toffee


Soft crack slab toffee made with black treacle and other sugars. A Bonfire Night treat, but available at other times.

So popular and so universal is the chewing of this immensley hard and awesomely sticky sweet on the 5th of November that I was refused a dentists' appointment in Chorley for the 6th. "We always keep the day after Bonfire Night free, obviously", said the dentist. - GH

Original Receipt from Burnley Express - Saturday 05 December 1936

1/4 lb, black treadle, 6 oz. brown sugar, ¼ lb, butter, ¼ teacupful of water.
Method - Put all into a pan, allow the butter; to melt and the sugar to dissolve well, stirring occasionally, until when a little is dropped into cold water it sets. Pour into- tin. -Celia Rawson

Original Receipt from the BBC Food Programme

Treacle Toffee, also known as Bonfire Toffee


1lb brown sugar
¼ pint water
4ozs black treacle
4ozs golden syrup
1 tsp white wine vinegar
3ozs unsalted butter

Makes one 8 inch square tin.

First, grease your tin with a little unsalted butter, making sure that the corners are well greased. Place all the ingredients into a large non-reactive saucepan - stainless steel for preference. Heat over a medium flame until the butter has melted, and bring to a rolling boil - as fast as you can. Boil, covered for two minutes. Fill a jug with cold water and have next to you as you finish the toffee. Stirring regularly, maintain a fast boil to reduce the toffee. As it gets thicker, regularly - at minute intervals say - test dribbles of the mixture in your cold water - when it is ready, a dribble will harden and solidify instantly into a hard piece of toffee - remove the pan instantly from the heat, and place the bottom in a large bowl of water to arrest the cooking. Pour the toffee into your prepared tin and cool. Break into pieces before serving - this will keep only in an airtight tin.


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