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Preserves - Sweet

(or triacle)

The thick, almost black, unrefined sugar syrup from the processing of cane or beet into sugar. In most of the English-speaking world it is called 'molasses'.

The word 'treacle' was formerly used to mean plant extracts in general, appearing in English as early as the 14th Century 'Ayenbite of Inwyt'. In this sense it occurs in some early translations of the bible where more modern versions use 'balm', as in Chapter 8, v.22 of the Book of Jeremiah in Coverdale's 1535 Bible; "I am heuy and abashed, for there is no more Triacle at Galaad".

The modern usage is known at least since a receipt in 'The Queene-Like Closet' (1672) by Hannah Woolley (Wooley 1672) for 'Treacle Wine'.

Treacle has been used, mixed with ammonium nitrate, as a commercial high explosive.


See also: Golden Syrup

Receipts including treacle...
Ashbourne Gingerbread
Aunt Nelly's Pudding
Barnstaple Fair Gingerbread
Bonfire Lollipops
Bonfire Toffee
Brandy Snaps
Brandy Snaps of Hereford
Brighton Gingerbread
Brown George Pudding
Brown George Pudding 965
Chester Cake
Christmas Cake
Christmas Pepper Cake
Christmas Pudding
Coriander Dowdy
Cumberland Pudding
Currant Bread
Derbyshire Parkins
Devonshire Ham
Doncaster Butterscotch
Dowdy (or Pandowdy)
Duke of Windsor's Gingerbread
Fellside Pudding
Fig Pie
Galley Dumplings
Ginger Cake
Ginger Nut Biscuit
Gipsy Bread
Golden Syrup
Gypsy Bread
Half-Pay Pudding
Harrier Cake
Hertford Hard Gingerbread
Kentish Hop-Picker's Cake
Lancashire Biscuits
Lancashire Parkin
Launceston Cake
Liverpool Toffee or Peggy's Leg
Moggie Cake
Nettle Beer
Norfolk Treacle Tart
Omnibus Pudding
Ormskirk Gingerbread
Plain Cookery for the Working Classes, 1852
Plot Toffee
Preston Gingerbread
Raisin Parkin
Rhubarb Gingerbread
Richmond Cake
Rock of Gibraltar Cakes
Savoury Ducks
Sledmere Gingerbread
Startforth Gingerbread
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Suet Sponge
Sunderland Gingerbread Nuts
Thorcake or Thor or Tharf Cake
Treacle and Marmalade Tart
Treacle and Oatmeal Drop Scones
Treacle Beer
Treacle Custard
Treacle Dowdy
Treacle or Syrup Upside-Down Pudding
Treacle Posset
Treacle Pudding
Treacle Tart
Treacle Toffee
Treacle Wine
Westmorland Parkin
Widecombe Gingerbread
Yorkshire Parkin
Yorkshire Ploughman's Salad Sauce
Yorkshire Slab Cake
Yorkshire Treacle Tart
Young England Pudding

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