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This name appears in several 15th Century cookbooks. Its meaning and origin are obscure.

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Salomene: Take good wine, an good powder, & bread y-ground, an sugar, an boil it y-fere; than take Trowtys, Rochys, Perchys, other Carpys, other alle these y-fere, an make them clean, & aftere roste them on a Grydelle; than hewe them in gobettys: whan they ben y-sothe, fry them in oyle a little, then caste in the brwet; and whan thou dressist it, take Maces, Clowes, Quybibes, Gelofrys; an cast above, & serve forth.


Soupes of Salomere: Take boylid Porke, & hew yt an grind it; then take cowe milk, & eggs y-swonge, & saffron, & mince Percely bladys, & caste thereto, & let boil alle y-fere; & dresse up-on a clothe, & kerue ther-of small lechys, & do them in a dish; then take almond milk & flour of rice, and sugar an saffron, & boil it alle y-fere; then caste thine sewe on thine lechys, & serve forth alle hote.

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