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Salad All-Sorts

Fruit and Vegetables

A very varied mixed salad. Evelyn 1699 has almonds, pickled cucumbers, olives, cornelians, capers, Barberries, red-beet, nasturtium buds, broom, purslane, sampier, ash-keys, walnuts, mushrooms, raisins, citrus peel, maroons, pistachios, pine-Kernels, decorated with flowers and buds.

Original Receipt in 'Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets' by John Evelyn (Evelyn 1699)

35. Minc'd, or sallet-all-sorts. Take Almonds blanch'd in cold Water, cut them round and thin, and so leave them in the Water; Then have pickl'd Cucumbers, Olives, Cornelians, Capers, Berberries, Red-Beet, Buds of Nasturtium, Broom, &c. Purslan-stalk, sampier, Ash-Keys, Walnuts, Mushrooms (and almost of all the pickl'd Furniture) with Raisins of the sun ston'd, Citron and Orange-Peel, Corinths (well cleansed and dried) &c. mince them severally (except the Corinths) or all together; and strew them over with any Candy'd Flowers, and so dispose of them in the same Dish both mixt, and by themselves. To these add roasted Maroons, Pistachios, Pine-Kernels, and of Almonds four times as much as of the rest, with some Rose-water. Here also come in the Pickled Flowers and Vinegar in little China Dishes. And thus have you an Universal Winter-sallet, or an All sort in Compendium, fitted for a City Feast, and distinguished from the Grand-sallet: which shou'd consist of the Green blanch'd and unpickled, under a stately Pennash of sellery, adorn'd with Buds and Flowers.

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