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Raspberry Vinegar

Preserves - Sweet

Vinegar, usually cider or malt, sweetened and flavoured with raspberries. Now used almost exclusively as an ingredient, it was formerly prized as a restorative hot drink, especially for children and the infirm.

Raspberries (Rubus Idaeus).
Image: Juhanson

Original Receipt from 'Pot-luck; or, The British home cookery book' by May Byron (Byron 1914)

Take six pounds of raspberries, gathered in dry weather, and six pounds of pounded sugar; put them Lq an earthen pan, placing a layer of raspberries, then a layer of sugar, and so on; let them stand for three days, and stir them once a day with a wooden spoon; then take three pints of Burgundy vinegar, put it to them, stir them well together, put them into a clean preserving pan, over a charcoal fire, make them boUing hot, then nm them through a jelly bag. Put the syrup in a clean earthen pot; then put a large pan of water on the fire, put the pot with the syrup in the boiliag water, and let it boil for two hours; if not sweet enough, sweeten it to your palate with fine loaf sugar; let it stand till cold, and put it into dry pint bottles.

Bruise two quarts of fresh raspberries, and pour over them a quart of good white wiae vinegar; cover closely, and let it stand for four days, stirring it occasionally; strain through a flannel bag without pressing, and boil the liquor for a quarter of an hour, with powdered sugar in the proportion of a pound to a pint, skimming carefully; when cold, bottle and cork. If it is intended that the viaegar shall be very acid, less sugar must be used. Some persons add a little brandy when it is bottled; this is good for keeping, but it injures the flavour.

Original Receipt from 'A Shilling Cookery for The People' by Alexis Soyer (Soyer 1845)

89. Raspberry Vinegar Beverage
. Put two tablespoonfuls of raspberry vinegar into a cup, over which pour half a pint of boiling water; when cold, use it as you may be instructed or when necessary; any kind of fruit syrup would answer the same purpose, and be equally as good, that is, currants, cherries, strawberries, mulberries.

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