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Mint Sauce

Sauces and Spicery

Finely chopped mint leaves in sweetened vinegar. Served with lamb.

Known at least since a references in 'The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy' by Hannah Glasse, 1747 (Glasse 1747), though Glasse does not give a receipt.

Mint Sauce

Original Receipt in 'A Shilling Cookery for The People' by Alexis Soyer (Soyer 1845);

415. Mint Sauce.- Chop three tablespoonfuls of green mint, put it into a basin with three of brown sugar, half a teaspoonful of salt, a quarter of pepper, and half a pint of vinegar. Use it with roast lamb; also good with cold meat and poultry.

Original Receipt in 'The Book of Household Management' edited by Isabella Beeton, 1861 (See Mrs.B)

MINT SAUCE, to serve with Roast Lamb.

469. INGREDIENTS. - 4 dessertspoonfuls of chopped mint, 2 dessertspoonfuls of pounded white sugar, 1/4 pint of vinegar.
Mode. - Wash the mint, which should be young and fresh-gathered, free from grit; pick the leaves from the stalks, mince them very fine, and put them into a tureen; add the sugar and vinegar, and stir till the former is dissolved. This sauce is better by being made 2 or 3 hours before wanted for table, as the vinegar then becomes impregnated with the flavour of the mint. By many persons, the above proportion of sugar would not be considered sufficient; but as tastes vary, we have given the quantity which we have found to suit the general palate.
Average cost, 3d.
Sufficient to serve with a middling-sized joint of lamb.
Note. - Where green mint is scarce and not obtainable, mint vinegar may be substituted for it, and will be found very acceptable in early spring.

See also: Mint Jelly

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