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General term for wines made-up from several ingredients, legally (since 1889) those made from fruit and sugar. Most English 'country' wines (elderflower, damson etc) are made-wines.

See: British Wine, English Wine


Original Receipt from Raffald 1769

To make Blackberry Wine
GATHER your berries when they are full ripe, take twelve quarts, and crush them with your hand, boil six gallons of water with twelve pounds of brown sugar a quarter of an hour, scum it well, then pour it on the blackberries, and let it stand all night, then drain it through a hair sieve, put into your cask six pounds of Malaga raisins a little cut, then put the wine into the cask with one ounce of isinglass, which must be dissolved in a little cider, stir it all up together, close it up, and let it stand fix months, and then bottle it.

To make Raspberry Wine,
GATHER your raspberries when full ripe and quite dry, crush them directly and mix them with sugar, it will preserve the flavour which they would lose in two hours. To every quart of raspberries put a pound of fine powder sugar, which when you have got the quantity you intend to make, to every quart of raspberries add two pounds more of sugar, and one gallon of cold water, stir it well together, and let it foment three days,, stirring it five or fix times a Day, then put it in your Cask, and for every Gallon put in two whole Eggs, take care they are not broke in putting them in, close it well up, and let it stand three Months, then bottle it.

N. B. If you gather the Berries when the Sun is hot upon them, and be quick in making your Wine, it will keep the Virtue in the Raspberries, and make the Wine more pleasant.

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