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London Buns or Johnny Cakes

Breads - Sweet

Small, sweet, raised white wheatflour buns of variable composition and shape, glazed. Sometimes enriched with egg and milk and often flavoured with candied peel. A development of the Bath Bun

Although 'London Buns' are known from references back to the 1830's, the first known complete receipt is not from the usual London...

Original Receipt from 'Choice Recipes From Many Sources and of Acknowledged Worth' in the March 8th 1899 edition of The Day newspaper from New London, Connecticut, USA.

Three cups flour, one-hail cup butter, three eggs, on cup of milk, pinch of salt, five tablespoonfuls sugar, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, two tablespoonfuls candied peel (orange, lemon, citron etc.), grated rind of one-half lemon, grated rind of one-half, orange. Mix flour, salt, sugar and baking powder together, and sift three times; rub in the butter with the tips of the fingers, add the well-beat-en eggs, saving out one tablespoonful of egg to paint the buns with. Add the Milk slowly, cutting it in with a knife, then add the candied peel, cut in small pieces and well floured, also the grated lemon and orange rind. Mix well, place In well-buttered tins. Add one teaspoonful cold milk to the one tablespoonful egg saved from the buns, and paint them over well. Bake-in hot oven one-quarter hour; this quantity will make fifteen buns. Serve hot.

Dorothy Gladys Spicer's 'From an English Oven' of 1948 has; "London bakeshops still specialize in selling London Johnny Boy, as he is known when made from bread dough, and Mr. London Bun, when fashioned from bun dough." and equates the receipt with that for Pope Ladys

In Australia, 'London Bun' is the name used for with Chelsea Buns.

See: Marlborough Bun

Johnnycake, or journey cake, shawnee cake is also the name given to a type of cornmeal flatbread known in the USA and Caribbean.

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