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Chopped meat, commonly white meat, such as veal or pork, often with vegetables, prepared so as to form a set slab when cold, glazed with a gel. Eaten cold and sliced.

The name appears to derive from the thick sauce used; Galandine

Original Receipt from 'Pot-luck; or, The British home cookery book' by May Byron (Byron 1914)

GALANTINE OF BEEF (Hertfordshire) Mince a quarter of a pound of beef and half a pound of bacon. Put both in a basin with six ounces of breadcrumbs, and pepper and salt. Beat two eggs and a gill of stock together and add to the other ingredients, and mix all well. Shape this into a nice roll, tie in a buttered pudding cloth, and boil for two hours; turn out, let it set, and glaze it.

Original Receipt from 'The Skilful Cook' by Mary Harrison (Harrison 1884)

Galantine of Fowl.

1 fowl.
1 lb. of pork.
1 lb. of veal.
Yolks of 3 hard-boiled eggs.
2 truffles.

Method.--Bone the fowl, mince the pork and veal finely, and season with pepper and salt.
Fill the fowl with the stuffing, placing in the yolks and truffles.
Shape the fowl nicely, and fasten it securely in a cloth.
Boil it according to directions for boiling meat.
When cooked, remove the cloth and put in a clean one, fastening it as before.
Put it under pressure (not too much) until it is cold.
Remove the cloth, glaze it, and garnish with aspic jelly.

Galantine of Veal.

Breast of veal boned may be used instead of a fowl to make a galantine.
Roll it round the stuffing and prepare it according to directions in preceding recipe.

Galantine of Turkey.

This may be prepared like Galantine of Fowl, using larger proportions for the stuffing.

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