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Small birds roasted and covered in a sauce of almond milk with shredded sheep or goat meat, decorated with hard boiled eggs (Cury 1390)

Original Receipt in 'The Forme of Cury' by the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take Almandes unblaunched. grynde hem and drawe hem up with gode broth, take a lombe [2] or a kidde and half rost hym. or the þridde [3] part, smyte hym in gobetes and cast hym to the mylke. take smale briddes yfasted and ystyned [4]. and do þerto sugur, powdour of canell and salt, take zolkes of ayrenn harde ysode and cleeue [5] a two and ypaunced [6] with flour of canell and florish þe sewe above. take alkenet fryed and yfoundred [7] and droppe above with a feþur [8] and messe it forth.
[1] Fonnell. Nothing in the recipe leads to the etymon of this multifarious dish. [2] Lombe. Lamb. [3] thridde. Third, per metathesin. [4] yfasted and ystyned. [5] cleeue. cloven. [6] ypaunced. pounced. [7] yfoundred. melted, dissolved. [8] feþ'. feather.

Take Almonds unbleached, grind them and draw them up with good broth, take a lamb or a kid and half roast him, or just the third part, smite him into gobbets and cast him into that milk. Take small birds, fastened and closed-up, and to them do sugar, powdered cinnamon and salt. Take yolks of eggs, hard and chopped, two, dusted with flour of cinnamon, and throw the same as above in them. Take the herb alkanet, fried and softened, and drop above with a feather, and serve it.

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