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Devil-Tavern Cucumbers

Fruit and Vegetables

Stewed cucumber slices with onion, fried in burned butter with Claret. It is possible that the fruit referred to here is not the modern 'cucumber' but what we now call 'courgette', a distinction unknown in England until Escoffier's books of around 1900.

Temple Bar and the Devil Tavern from 'Old and New London'

The former Apollo Club and Devil's Tavern at 2 Fleet Street, London, was a haunt of both Samuels Pepys and Johnson.

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Original Receipt in 'The Country Housewife and Lady's Director' by Prof. R Bradley, 1728 (Bradley 1728)

To stew Cucumbers. From the Devil Tavern Fleet street
TAKE a dozen large green Cucumbers that are not too full of Seed; pare them and slice them; then take two large Onions and shred them indifferently small. Put these in a Sauce Pan and set them over the Fire to stew with as much Salt as you think convenient; stir them now and then till they are tender and then pour them into a Cullender to drain from the Water and are as dry as possible you can make them; then flour them and put some Pepper to them. After this burn some Butter in a Frying Pan, and when it is very hot put in your Cucumbers, and stir them continually till they are brown; then put to them about a Gill of Claret, and when that is well mix'd with them serve them hot under roast Mutton or Lamb, or else serve them on a Plate upon Sippits fry'd and dip'd in Mutton or Beef Gravey.

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