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Dartmouth Pie

Pies and Pastries

Pie with spiced mutton and fruit in hot-water paste. As late as Radcliffe 1822 it was described as; "This curious pie, formerly of great fame."

Original Receipt from 'A modern system of domestic cookery, or, The housekeeper's guide' by M Radcliffe. (Radcliffe 1822)

Dartmouth Pie.

This curious pie, formerly of great fame, is thus made :- Chop or mince small on a chopping board, two pounds of the lean part of a 1lb, of mutton, with one pound of beef suet; keeping them constantly stirred up from the board, to prevent the minute particles from sticking. . Add^ a pound of wellcleansed currants, sifl over three ounces of powdered loaf sugar, grate some nutmeg, and season with a little salt. The whole, being well mixed, is to be put into a paste composed of two parts purified beef suet, and one part fresh butter; both melted, mixed in the water which is to make the crust or paste, then boiled up together, poured into the excavated centre of the sided flour, kneaded up, and rolled out in the usual way for lining and covering the dish.

Original Receipt from The housekeeper's guide: or, A plain & practical system of domestic cookery By Esther Copley, 1838

For those who retain any fondness for these incongruous mixtures we inform them that a Dartmouth pie is made in raised crust enriched with two parts beef suet and one part fresh butter. The contents of the pie are composed of two pounds of the lean meat of a leg of mutton chopped very small and one of beef suet a pound of currants three ounces of powdered lump sugar with salt and nutmeg

Original Receipt from The Household Encyclopedia, W Kent & Co, 1858

DARTMOUTH PIE Chop and mince 2 lbs of the lean part of a leg of mutton and half as much beef suet, keep it constantly stirred from the board to prevent the minute particles from sticking, add 1 lb of currants, sift over them 3 ozs of powdered lump sugar, grate some nutmeg and season with a little salt. Work this mixture into a paste composed of two parts of purified beef suet and one of fresh butter, both melted, and mix in the water which is to be used in making the crust, boil all together and then pour it into the cavity formed in the centre of the flour, knead it up and roll it out for a lining and covering to the dish

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