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Currant Bread

Breads - Sweet

General term for, usually soda-raised enriched slab cake, often with butter, currants, raisins, peel, eggs, treacle etc.

Bedale Plum Cake
Borrowdale Tea Cake or Teabread
Bride Cake
Christmas Cake
Currant Scones
Derby Cakes
Dripping Cake
Easter Cake
Essex Spice Cakes
Fat Rascals
Heavy Cake
Herring Pye
Hot Cross Buns
Ilkley Cake
Kentish Hop-Picker's Cake
King Cakes
Lancashire Bun Loaf
Lanchester Spice Loaf
Lardy Cake or Fatty Cake
Luncheon Cake
Melton Hunt Cake
Northampton Cake
Oast Cakes
Ovington Fruit Cake
Oxford John Cakes
Queen Cakes
Rich Plum Cake
Ripon Christmas Bread
Sack Dumplings
Sack Pudding
Sad Cakes or Desolate Cakes
Sly Cake
Suet Cake
Suffolk Buns
Suffolk Harvest Cake
Twelfth Cake
Uxbridge Cakes
Vicarage Cake
Winster Wakes Cake
York Buns
Yorkshire Knead Cakes
Yorkshire Tea Cakes
Yule Bread

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