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Curd Tart

Pies and Pastries
Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland

Yorkshire Curd Tart
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Shortcrust pastry base filled with drained curds mixed with egg, sugar, butter and sweet spices, traditionally including rosewater. Baked.

Original Receipt in the 'Aberdeen Journal' - Friday 21 June 1929

Curd Tart.
A popular dish in Yorkshire is curd tart. To make this heat 2 quarts of sour milk very slowly (adding a little tartaric acid if the milk has only just turned and not solid. When the curd has caked, cool, then drain it through a hairsieve; or, preferably, hang it a fine napkin over the sink till morning.
Beat an egg and its weight in sugar to a white cream with 2 oz. of butter and 1/2 oz bicarbonate of soda. Add the curd (it will be about 1/2 lb) and a teaspoonful of lemon essence. Mix in 1/4 lb currants that have been rubbed clean in a hot, dry cloth, or washed and well dried.
Line a buttered tin with short crust 1/8 inch thick, before baking; fill it with this mixture, section it with the remains of the paste rolled into strips and twisted, and cook it in a fast oven for 20 minutes.

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Curd Tart
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