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Crayfish Soup


A cream soup, often with a stock made from the pounded shells (Mrs.B, etc)

Original Receipt in 'English Housewifry' by Elizabeth Moxon, 1764 (Moxon 1764)

Take a knuckle of veal, and part of a neck of mutton to make white gravy, putting in an onion, a little whole pepper and salt to your taste; then take twenty crawfish, boil and beat them in a marble mortar, adding thereto a little of the gravy; strain them and put them into the gravy; also two or three pieces of white bread to thicken the soop; boil twelve or fourteen of the smallest craw-fish, and put them whole into the dish, with a few toasts, or French roll, which you please; so serve it up.
You may make lobster soop the same way, only add into the soop the seeds of the lobster.

Original Receipt in 'The Book of Household Management', 1861, edited by Isabella Beeton (See Mrs.B)

193. INGREDIENTS: 50 crayfish, ¼ lb. of butter, 6 anchovies, the crumb of 1 French roll, a little lobster-spawn, seasoning to taste, 2 quarts of medium stock, No. 105, or fish stock, No. 192.
Mode: Shell the crayfish, and put the fish between two plates until they are wanted; pound the shells in a mortar, with the butter and anchovies; when well beaten, add a pint of stock, and simmer for ¾ of an hour. Strain it through a hair sieve, put the remainder of the stock to it, with the crumb of the rolls; give it one boil, and rub it through a tammy, with the lobster-spawn. Put in the fish, but do not let the soup boil, after it has been rubbed through the tammy. If necessary, add seasoning.
Time: 1-½ hour. Average cost: 2s. 3d. or 1s. 9d. per quart.
Seasonable: from January to July.
Sufficient: for 8 persons.

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