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Civey (or Cyueye or Cyne) Sauce

Sauces - Pouring

This term appears regularly in ancient cookbooks including Cury 1390, Liber Cure 1430, Austin 1440 and appears to indicate either some type of sauce or a serving method.

Original Receipt in 'The Forme of Cury' by the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take tenches and smite them to pieces, fry them, draw a lyour of raisins currants witth wine and water, do thereto hole raisins & powder of ginger of cloves of cinnamon of pepper do the tenches thereto & seethe them with sugar cypre & salt. & present forth.

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Haddoke in Cyuee. Shal be yopened & ywash clean & ysode & yrosted on a gridel; grind peper & saffron, bred & ale mince onions, fri them in ale, & do therto, and salt: boille it, do thyn haddok in plateres, & thi ciuey aboue, & if forth.

Harys in Cyueye. Take harys, & flay them, & make them clean, an hacke them in gobettys, & seethe them in water & salt a lytylle; than take pepper, an saffron, an bread, y-grounde y-fere, & temper it with ale; than take oynonys & percely, y-mynced small to-gederys, & seethe them be them self, & afterward take & do thereto a porcyon of vynegre, & dresse in.

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