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Chickens with Lettuce


Chicken cooked in mutton bone marrow broth with whole lettuce, spices, pepper and a very little sugar. Served on bread sops (AW 1591, Huswife 1594)

Original Receipt in 'A book of cookrye. Very necessary for all such as delight therin', gathered by "AW" (AW 1591);

To seeth chickins in Lettice.
Take a neck of Mutton with a marow bone, and so let it seethe, and scum it clean and let it boyle well togither, and when it is enough: then take out some of it and straine it, and put in your Chickins. Then take a good many Letuce and wash them clean and put them in. Then take a little white Bread and straine it and put it into the pot to thick it withal. Then put a little whole mace to season it with Pepper and Vergious [Verjuice?], and a little sugar, and cut sops and lay them on, and put on the marow and so serve them.

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