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Cheese Cake or Curd Tart

Pastries - Sweet Open Pies

Curd cheese mixed with sugar and whole eggs, in shortcrust base, baked. A form of Pudding Pie

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Original Receipt in 'The Accomplisht Cook' by Robert May, 1660 (Robert May 1660);

To make Cheesecakes.
Let your paste be very good, either puff-paste or cold butter-paste, with sugar mixed with it, then the whey being dried very well from the cheese-curds which must be made of new milk or butter, beat them in a mortar or tray, with a quarter of a pound of butter to every pottle of curds, a good quantity of rose-water, three grains of ambergriese or musk prepared, the crums of a small manchet rubbed through a cullender, the yolks of ten eggs, a grated nutmeg, a little salt, and good store of sugar, mix all these well together with a little cream, but do not make them too soft; instead of bread you may take almonds which are much better; bake them in a quick oven, and let them not stand too long in, least they should be to dry.
To make Cheesecakes otherways.
Make the crust of milk & butter boil'd together, put it into the flour & make it up pretty stiff, to a pottle of fine 288 flour, take half a pound of butter; then take a fresh cheese made of morning milk, and a pint of cream, put it to the new milk, and set the cheese with some runnet, when it is come, put it in a cheese-cloth and press it from the whey, stamp in the curds a grated fine small manchet, some cloves and mace, a pound and a half of well washed and pick't currans, the yolks of eight eggs, some rose-water, salt, half a pound of refined white sugar, and a nutmeg or two; work all these materials well together with a quarter of a pound of good sweet butter, and some cream, but make it not too soft, and make your cheesecakes according to these formes.

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