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Chamberlain's Soup


(Soupes Jamberlayne) Wine and ale stewed with ginger, cinnamon and sugar, thickened with grated toasted bread (Austin 1440)

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Soupes Jamberlayne. Take wine, cinnamon, an powder of ginger, an sugar, an of eche a porcyoun, than take a strainer & hange it on a pynne, an caste ale thereto, an let renne twyis or thryis throgh, tyl it renne clere; an then take paynemaynne an kyt it in maner of brewes, an toast it, an wete it in the same lycowre, an lay it on a dish, an caste blawnche powder y-now ther-on; an than caste the same lycour up-on the same soppys, an serve them forth in maner of a potage.

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