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The Austin Manuscripts, c1440
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TITLE: 'Two fifteenth-century cookery-books'. Taken from the Harleian Manuscripts, with extracts from the Ashmole, Laud & Douce Manuscripts
AUTHOR: Unknown. Transcribed and edited by Thomas Austin, 1886
PUBLISHER: This edition; Early English Texts Society
DATE: about 1440
THIS VERSION: Adapted from the optical scan at archive.org and from the transcript at The Middle English Text Collection at http://quod.lib.umich.edu/c/cme/

Two fifteenth-century cookery-books
Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55

About 1420 AD


j. Lange Wortys de chare - Take beeff and merybonys, and boyle yt in fayre water; þan take fayre wortys and wassche hem clene in water, and parboyle hem in clene water; þan take hem vp of þe water after þe fyrst boylyng, an cut þe leuys a-to or a-þre, and caste hem in-to þe beff, and boyle to gederys: þan take a lof of whyte brede and grate yt, an caste it on þe pot, an safron & salt, & let it boyle y-now, and serue forth.

ij. Lange Wortes de pesoun - Take grene pesyn, an washe hem clene an caste hem on a potte, an boyle hem tyl þey breste, an þanne take hem vppe of þe potte, an put hem with brothe yn a-noþer potte, and lete hem kele; þan draw hem þorw a straynowre in-to a fayre potte, an þan take oynonys, and screde hem in to or þre, an take hole wortys and boyle hem in fayre water: and take hem vppe, an ley hem on a fayre bord, an cytte on .iij. or iiij., an ley hem to þe oynonys in þe potte, to þe drawyd pesyn; an let hem boyle tyl þey ben tendyr; an þanne tak fayre oyle and frye hem, or ellys sum fresche broþe of sum maner fresche fysshe, an caste þer-to, an Safron, an salt a quantyte, and serue it forth.

iij. Joutes - Take Borage, Vyolet, Malwys, Percely, Yong Wortys, Bete, Auence, Longebeff, wyth Orage an oþer, pyke hem clene, and caste hem on a vessel, and boyle hem a goode whyle; þan take hem and presse hem on a fayre bord, an hew hem ryght smal, an put whyte brede þer-to, an grynd wyth-al; an þan caste hem in-to a fayre potte, an gode freshe brothe y-now þer-to þorw a straynowr, & caste [supplied by ed.] þer-to .ij. or .iij. Marybonys, or ellys fayre fresche brothe of beff, and let hem sethe to-gederys a whyle: an þan caste þer-to Safron, and let hem sethe to-gederys a whyle, an þan caste þer-to safron and salt; and serue it forth in a dysshe, an bakon y-boylyd in a-noþer dysshe, as men seruyth furmenty wyth venyson.
[leaf 6 back.]

iiij. Caboges - Take fayre caboges, an cutte hem, an pike hem clene and clene washe hem, an parboyle hem in fayre water, an þanne presse hem on a fayre bord; an þan choppe hem, and caste hem in a faire pot with goode freysshe broth, an wyth mery-bonys, and let it boyle: þanne grate fayre brede and caste þer-to, an caste þer-to Safron an salt; or ellys take gode grwel y-mad of freys flesshe, y-draw þorw a straynour, and caste þer-to. An whan þou seruyst yt inne, knocke owt þe marw of þe bonys, an ley þe marwe .ij. gobettys or .iij. in a dysshe, as þe semyth best, & serue forth.

v. Whyte wortes - Take of þe erbys lyke as þou dede for jouutes, and sethe hem in [supplied by ed.] water tyl þey ben neyshe; þanne take hem vp, an bryse hem fayre on a bord, as drye as þow may; þan choppe hem smale, an caste hem on a potte, an ley hem with flowre of Rys; take mylke of almaundys, an cast þer-to, & hony, nowt to moche, þat it be nowt to swete, an safron & salt; an serue it forth ynne, ry?th for a good potage.

vj. Beef y-Stywyd - Take fayre beef of þe rybbys of þe fore quarterys, an smyte in fayre pecys, an wasche þe beef in-to a fayre potte; þan take þe water þat þe beef was soþin yn, an strayne it þorw a straynowr, an sethe þe same water and beef in a potte, an let hem boyle to-gederys; þan take canel, clowes, maces, graynys of parise, quibibes, and oynons y-mynced, perceli, an sawge, an caste þer-to, an let hem boyle to-gederys; an þan take a lof of brede, an stepe it with brothe an venegre, an þan draw it þorw a straynoure, and let it be stylle; an whan it is nere y-now, caste þe lycour þer-to, but nowt to moche, an þan let boyle onys, an cast safroun þer-to a quantyte; þan take salt an venegre, and cast þer-to, an loke þat it be poynaunt y-now, & serue forth.

vij. Gruelle a-forsydde - Take otemele, an grynd it smal, an sethe it [leaf 7.] wyl, - . [(wyl = well).] an porke þer-ynne, an pulle of þe swerde - . [sward, rind, skin.] an pyke owt þe bonys, an þan hewe it, an grynd it smal in a morter; þan neme þin - . [thine. ] grwel an do þer-to, þan strayne it þorw a straynour, an put it in a potte an sethe it a lytel, an salt it euene - . [equally. ]; an colour it wyth safroun, an serue forth rennyng.

viij. Venyson with Furmenty - Take whete and pyke it clene, and do it in a morter, an caste a lytel water þer-on; an stampe with a pestel tyl it hole - . [Hull, lose the husks. ]; þan fan owt þe holys, - . [Hulls; husks. ] an put it in a potte, an let sethe tyl it breke; þan set yt douun, an sone after set it ouer þe fyre, an stere it wyl; an whan þow hast sothyn it wyl, put þer-inne swete mylke, an seþe it y-fere, an stere it wyl; and whan it is y-now, coloure it wyth safron, an salt it euene, and dresse it forth, & þin venyson in a-nother dyshe with fayre hot water.

ix. Trype de Motoun - Take þe pownche of a chepe, and make it clene, an caste it on a pot of boylyng water, an skyme it clene, an gader þe grece al a-way, an lat it boyle tyl it be tender; þan ley it on a fayre bord, an kyt it in smale pecys of the peny brede, an caste it on an erþen pot with strong brothe of bef or of moton; þanne take leuys of þe percely an hew hem þer-to, an let hem boyle to-gederys tyl þey byn tender, þan take powder of gyngere, and verious, þan take Safroun [supplied by ed.] - . [Added from A. ] an salt, and caste þer-to, an let boyle to-gederys, an serue in.

x. Wardonys in syryp - Take wardonys, an caste on a potte, and boyle hem till þey ben tender; þan take hem vp and pare hem, an kytte hem in to pecys - . [? ='in two pieces.' ]; take y-now of powder of canel, a good quantyte, an caste it on red wyne, an draw it þorw a straynour; caste sugre þer-to, an put it in [supplied by ed.] an erþen pot, an let it boyle: an þanne caste þe perys þer-to, an let boyle to-gederys, an whan þey haue boyle a whyle, take pouder of gyngere an caste þerto, an a lytil venegre, an a lytil safron; an loke þat it be poynaunt an dowcet.
[leaf 7 bk.]

xj. Froyde almoundys - Take blake sugre, an cold water, an do hem to - . [ two.] in a fayre potte, an let hem boyle to-gedere, an salt it an skeme it clene, an let it kele; þan take almaundys, an blawnche hem clene, an stampe hem, an draw hem, with þe sugre water thikke y-now, in-to a fayre vessel: an yf [supplied by ed.] þe mylke be no?t swete y-now, take whyte sugre an caste þer-to.

xij. Fride Creme of Almaundys - Take almaundys, an stampe hem, an draw it vp wyth a fyne thykke mylke, y-temperyd wyth clene water; throw hem on, an sette hem in þe fyre, an let boyle onys: þan tak hem a-down, an caste salt þer-on, an let hem reste a forlongwey - . [Other MS. forlange.] or to, an caste a lytyl sugre þer-to; an þan caste it on a fayre lynen clothe, fayre y-wasche an drye, an caste it al a-brode on þe clothe with a fayre ladel: an let þe clothe ben holdyn a-brode, an late all þe water vnder-nethe þe clothe be had a-way, an þanne gadere alle þe kreme in þe clothe, an let hongy on an pyn, and let þe water droppe owt to - . [ two.] or .iij. owrys; þan take it of þe pyn, an put it on a bolle of tre, and caste whyte sugre y-now þer-to, an a lytil salt; and ?if it wexe þikke, take swete wyn an put þer-to þat it be no?t sene: and whan it is I-dressid in the maner of mortrewys, take red anys in comfyte, or þe leuys of borage, an sette hem on þe dysshe, an serue forth.

xiij. Creme Boylede - Take creme or mylke, & brede of paynemayn, or ellys of tendyr brede, an breke it on þe creme, or elles in þe mylke, an set it on þe fyre tyl it be warme hot; and þorw a straynour þrowe it, and put it in-to a fayre potte, an sette it on þe fyre, an stere euermore: an whan it is almost y-boylyd, take fayre ?olkys of eyron, an draw hem þorw a straynowr, and caste hem þer-to, and let hem stonde ouer the fyre tyl it boyle almost, an till it be skylfully - . [reasonably.] þikke; þan [leaf 8.] caste a ladel-ful, or more or lasse, of boter þer-to, an a good quantite of whyte sugre, and a litel salt, an þan dresse it on a dysshe in maner of mortrewys.

xiiij. Quystis Scune - Take a pece of beef or of mutoun, and wyne and fayre water, and caste in-to a potte, an late hem boyle, an skeme it wyl an clene; þan take quystes, an stoppe hem wyth-in wyth hole pepyr, and marwe, an þan caste hem in-to þe potte, an ceuere wyl þe potte, an let hem stere ry?th wyl to-gederys; an þan take powder gyngere, and a lytel verious an salt, and caste þer-to, an þanne serue hem forth in a fayre dysshe, a quyste or to in a dysshe, in þe maner of a potage: an whan þowe shalt serue hem forth, take a lytil of þe broth, an put on dysshe wyth quystys, an serue forth.

xv. Bowres - Take Pypis, Hertys, Nerys, Myltys, an Rybbys of the Swyne; or ellys take Mawlard, or Gees, an chop hem smal, and thanne parboyle hem in fayre water; an þan take it vp, and pyke it clene in-to a fayre potte, an caste þer-to ale y-now, & sawge an salt, and þan boyle it ry?th wel; and þanne serue it forthe for a goode potage.

xvj. Fylettys en Galentyne - Take fayre porke, þe fore quarter, an take of þe skyne; an put þe porke on a fayre spete, an rost it half y-now; þan take it of, an smyte it in fayre pecys, & caste it on a fayre potte; þan take oynonys, and schrede hem, an pele hem (an pyle hem nowt to smale), an frye in a panne of fayre grece; þan caste hem in þe potte to þe porke; þan take gode broth of moton or of beef, an caste þer-to, an þan caste þer-to pouder pepyr, canel, clowys, an macys, an let hem boyle wyl to-gederys; þan tak fayre brede, an vynegre, an stepe þe brede with þe same brothe, an strayne it on blode, with ale, or ellys sawnderys, and [leaf 8 bk.] salt, an lat hym boyle y-now, an serue it forth.

xvij. Garbage - Take fayre garbagys of chykonys, as þe hed, þe fete, þe lyuerys, an þe gysowrys; washe hem clene, an caste hem in a fayre potte, an caste þer-to freysshe brothe of Beef or ellys of moton, an let it boyle; an a-lye it wyth brede, an ley on Pepir an Safroun, Maces, Clowys, an a lytil verious an salt, an serue forth in the maner as a Sewe.

xviij. Pertrich stewyde - Take fayre mary, - . [Marrow. No. 28, in Douce MS., has my?ty brothe. ] brothe of Beef or of Motoun, an whan it is wyl sothyn, take þe brothe owt of þe potte, an strayne it thorw a straynour, an put it on an erþen potte; þan take a gode quantyte of wyne, as þow it were half, an put þer-to; þan take þe pertryche, an stuffe hym wyth hole pepir, an merw, - . [Marrow. ] an than sewe þe ventys of þe pertriche, an take clowys an maces, & hole pepir, an caste it in-to þe potte, an let it boyle to-gederys; an whan þe pertryche is boylid y-now, take þe potte of þe fyre, an whan thou schalt serue hym forth, caste in-to þe potte powder gyngere, salt, safron, an serue forth.

xix. Smale Byrdys y-stwyde - Take smale byrdys, an pulle hem an drawe hem clene, an washe hem fayre, an schoppe of þe leggys, and frye hem in a panne of freysshe grece ry?t wyl; þan ley hem on a fayre lynen clothe, an lette þe grece renne owt; þan take oynonys, an mynce hem smale, an frye hem on fayre freysshe grece, an caste hem on an erþen potte; þan take a gode porcyon of canel, an wyne, an draw þorw a straynoure, an caste in-to þe potte with þe oynonys; þan caste þe bryddys þer-to, an clowys, an maces, an a lytil quantyte of powder pepir þer-to, an lete hem boyle to-gederys y-now; þan caste þer-to whyte sugre, an powder gyngere, salt, safron, an serue it forth.

xx. Papyns - Take fayre Mylke an Flowre, an drawe it þorw a [leaf 9.] straynoure, an set it ouer þe fyre, an let it boyle a-whyle; þan take it owt an let it kele; þan take ?olkys of eyroun y-draw þorwe a straynour, an caste þer-to; þan take sugre a gode quantyte, and caste þer-to, an a lytil salt, an sette it on þe fyre tyl it be sum-what þikke, but let it nowt boyle fullyche, an stere it wyl, an putte it on a dysshe alle a-brode, and serue forth rennyng.

xxj. Blandissorye - Take almaundys, an blawnche hem, an grynde hem in a morter, an tempere hem with freysshe broþe of capoun or of beef, an swete wyne; an ?if it be lente or fyssday, take brothe of þe freysshe fysshe, an swete wyne, an boyle hem to-gederys a goode whyle; þenne take it up, an caste it on a fayre lynen cloþe þat is clene an drye, an draw under þe cloþe, wyth a ladel, alle þe water þat þow may fynde, ryth as þow makyst cold creme; þanne take owt of the potte, an caste it in-to a fayre potte, an let it boyle; an þanne take brawn of Capoun, an tese it smal an bray it in [supplied by ed.] a morter: or ellys on a fyssday take Pyke or Elys, Codlyng or Haddok, an temper it with almaun mylke, an caste Sugre y-now þer-to; An þan caste hem in-to þe potte and lete hem boyle to-gederys a goode whyle: þenne take it owt of þe potte alle hote, an dresse it in a dysshe, as meni don cold creme, an sette þer-on Red Anys in comfyte, or ellys Allemaundys blaunchid, an þanne serue it forth for a goode potage.

xxij. Venyson in Broth - Take Rybbys of Venysoun, and wasshe hem clene in fayre water, an strayne þe same water þorw a straynoure in-to a potte, an caste þer-to Venysoun, also Percely, Sawge, powder Pepyr, Clowys, Maces, Vynegre, and a lytyl Red wyne caste þere-to; an þanne latte it boyle tyl it be y-now, & serue forth.

xxiij. Nomblys of þe venyson - Take þe Nombles of Venysoun, an cutte hem smal whyle þey ben raw; þan take Freysshe broþe, Watere, an Wyne, of eche a quantyte, an powder Pepir an Canel, and let hem [leaf 9 bk.] boyle to-gederys tyl it be almost y-now; An þenne caste powder Gyngere, an a lytil venegre an Salt, an sesyn it vp, an þanne serue it forth in þe maner of a gode potage.

xxiiij. Drawyn grwel - Take fayre water an lene Bef, an let hem boyle; an whan þe beef hath y-boylid, take it vp an pyke it, an lete it blede in-to a vessel, an þenne caste þe blode an þe Fleysshe in-to a potte; an þanne caste þer-to Otemele, Percely, & Sawge, an make þer-of an gode grwele; þen draw it þorw a straynowre, an putte it on a fayre potte, an let it boyle; þanne caste þer-to Salt; An ?if it be nowt brown y-now, take a litil blode an caste þer-to or it be y-draw, an make it broun y-now, an serue it forth.

xxv. Balloke Brothe - Take Elys and fle hem, an kytte hem in gobouns, an caste hem in-to a fayre potte with fayre water; þan take Percely and Oynonys, an schrede hem to-gederys nowt to smal; take Clowes, Maces, an powder Pepyr, an caste þer-to a gode porcyon of wyne; þen take ?est of New ale an caste þer-to, an let boyle: an when þe Elys byn wyl y-boylid, take fayre stokfysshe, an do a-way þe skyn, an caste þer-to, an let boyle a whyle; þen take Safroun and Salt, an a lytil Venegre, an caste þer-to, an serue forth.

xxvj. Coleys - Take a gode Capoun an boyle hem tendere, an pyke a-way clene þe bonys an þe Skyn, an bray hym in a morter, an tempere hym wyth þe same brothe, an strayne hym þorw a straynoure; þenne take þe brawn an þe fleysshe, an a lytil whyte brede, an bray hem alle to-gederys in a morter; þen take þe lycowr of þe bonys, an þe skyn, an þe brothe þat þe Capoun was sothyn ynne, an with al tempere it, but nowt to þicke; þen put it in a potte, an let it be al hote, but let it boyle for no þing; an caste þer-to a litil powder of Gyngere, Sugre an Salt. An ?if it be on a fyssheday, take Haddok, Pyke, Tenche, Re?ge, Codlynd, an pyke a-way þe bonys [leaf 10.] an tempere wyth almaunde mylke; an make it hot, an caste þer-to Sugre an Salt, an serue forth.

xxvij. Soupes dorye - Take gode almaunde mylke y-draw wyth wyn, an let hem boyle to-gederys, an caste þer-to Safroun an Salt; an þan take Paynemayn, an kytte it an toste it, an wete it in wyne, an ley it on a dysshe, an caste þe syrip þer-on. And þan make a dragge of powder Gyngere, Sugre, canel, Clowes, Maces, an caste þer-on When it is y-dressid, an serue þanne forth for a potage gode.

xxviij. Soupes Jamberlayne. - - . [Chamberlain.] Take Wyne, Canel, an powder of Gyngere, an Sugre, an of eche a porcyoun, þan take a straynoure & hange it on a pynne, an caste ale þer-to, an let renne twyis or þryis throgh, tyl it renne clere; an þen take Paynemaynne an kyt it in maner of brewes, an toste it, an wete it in þe same lycowre, an ley it on a dysshe, an caste blawnche powder y-now þer-on; an þan caste þe same lycour vp-on þe same soppys, an [supplied by ed.] serue hem forth in maner of a potage.

xxix. Lyode Soppes - Take Mylke an boyle it, an þanne take ?olkys of eyroun y-tryid fro þe whyte, an draw hem þorwe A straynoure, an caste hem in-to þe mylke, an sette it on þe fyre an hete it, but let it nowt boyle; an stere it wyl tyl it be somwhat þikke; þenne caste þer-to Salt & Sugre, an kytte fayre paynemaynnys in round soppys, an caste þe soppys þer-on, an serue it forth for a potage.

xxx. Soupes dorroy - Shere Oynonys, an frye hem in oyle; þanne take Wyne, an boyle with Oynonys, toste whyte Brede an do on a dysshe, an caste þer-on gode Almaunde Mylke, & temper it wyth wyne: þanne do þe dorry a-bowte, an messe it forth.
[leaf 10 bk.]

xxxj. Brawn en Peuerade - Take Wyne an powder Canel, and draw it þorw a straynour, an sette it on þe fyre, and lette it boyle, an caste þer-to Clowes, Maces, an powder Pepyr; þan take smale Oynonys al hole, an par-boyle hem in hot watere, an caste þer-to, and let hem boyle to-gederys; þan take Brawn, an lesshe it, but nowt to þinne. An ?if it sowsyd be, lete it stepe a whyle in hot water tyl it be tendere, þan caste it to þe Sirip; þen take Sawnderys, an Vynegre, an caste þer-to, an lete it boyle alle to-gederys tyl it be y-now; þen take Gyngere, an caste þer-to, an so serue forth; but late it be nowt to þikke ne to þinne, but as potage shulde be.

xxxij. Auter brawn en peuerade - Take myghty brothe of Beef or of Capoun, an þenne take clene Freysshe Brawn, an sethe it, but not y-now; An ?if it be Freysshe Brawn, roste it, but not I-now, an þan leche it in pecys, an caste it to þe brothe. An þanne take hoole Oynonys, & pylle hem, an þanne take Vynegre þer-to, and Canelle, and sette it on þe fyre, an draw yt þorw a straynoure, and caste þer-to; þen take Clowys, Maces, an powder Pepyr, an caste þer-to, and a lytil Saunderys, an sette it on þe fyre, an let boyle tylle þe Oynonys an þe Brawn ben euyne sothyn, an nowt to moche; þan take lykoure y-mad of Bred an Vinegre an Wyne, an sesyn it vp, an caste þer-to Saffroun to make þe coloure bryth, an Salt, an serue it forth.

xxxiij. Oyle Soppys - Take a gode quantyte of Oynonys, an mynse hem not to smale, an sethe in fayre Water: þan take hem vp, an take a gode quantite of Stale Ale, as .iij. galouns, an þer-to take a pynte of Oyle fryid, an caste þe Oynonys þer-to, an let boyle alle to-gederys a gode whyle; then caste þer-to Safroune, powder Pepyr, Sugre, an Salt, an serue forth alle hote as tostes, [leaf 11.] as in þe same maner for a Mawlard & of a capon, & hoc quœre. - . ['look for this; see this,' generally q.v.]

xxxiv. Chardewardon - Take Pere Wardonys, an sethe hem in Wyne or in fayre water; þan take an grynd in a morter, an drawe hem þorwe a straynoure wyth-owte ony lycoure, an put hem in a potte with Sugre and clarifiyd hony, an Canel y-now, an lete hem boyle; þan take it fro þe fyre, an let kele, an caste þer-to ?olkys of Raw eyroun, tylle it be þikke; & caste þer-to pouder Gyngere y-now, an serue it in manere of Fysshe; - . [For Rys; see Douce MS. No. 53, and the end of this recipe. A. also reads fische. ] an ?if if it be in lente, lef þe ?olkys of Eyroun, & lat þe remenaunt boyle so longe tylle it be þikke, as þow it had be temperyd wyth þe ?olkys, in þe maner of charde quynce; an so serue hem in maner of Rys.

xxxv. Perys en Composte - Take Wyne an Canel, & a gret dele of Whyte Sugre, an set it on þe fyre & hete it hote, but let it nowt boyle, an draw it þorwe a straynoure; þan take fayre Datys, an pyke owt þe stonys, an leche hem alle þinne, an caste þer-to; þanne take Wardonys, an pare hem and sethe hem, an leche hem alle þinne, & caste þer-to in-to þe Syryppe: þanne take a lytil Sawnderys, and caste þer-to, an sette it on þe fyre; an ?if þow hast charde quynce, caste þer-to in þe boyling, an loke þat it stonde wyl with Sugre, an wyl lyid wyth Canel, an caste Salt þer-to, an let it boyle; an þan caste yt on a treen vessel, & lat it kele, & serue forth.

xxxvj. Vele, kede, or henne in Bokenade - Take Vele, Kyde, or Henne, an boyle hem in fayre Water, or ellys in freysshe brothe, an smyte hem in pecys, an pyke hem clene; an þan draw þe same brothe þorwe a straynoure, an caste þer-to Percely, Sawge, Ysope, Maces, Clowys, an let boyle tyl þe flesshe be y-now; þan sette it from þe fyre, & a-lye it vp with raw ?olkys of eyroun, & caste þer-to pouder Gyngere, Veriows, Safroun, & Salt, & þanne serue it forth for a gode mete.
[leaf 11 bk.]

xxxvij. Autre Vele en bokenade - Take Vele, an Make it clene, and hakke it to gobettys, an sethe it; an take fat brothe, an temper vp þine Almaundys þat þou hast y-grounde, an lye it with Flowre of Rys, and do þer-to gode powder of Gyngere, & Galyngale, Canel, Maces, Quybybis, and Oynonys y-mynsyd, & Roysonys of coraunce, & coloure yt wyth Safroun, and put þer-to þin Vele, & serue forth.

xxxviij. Storion in brothe - Take fayre Freysshe Storgeoun, an choppe it in fayre water; þanne take it fro þe fyre, an strayne þe brothe þorw a straynoure in-to a potte, an pyke clene þe Fysshe, an caste þer to powder Pepir, Clowes, Maces, Canel; & þanne take fayre Brede, and stepe it in þe same lycowre, & caste þer-to, an let boyle to-gederys, & caste þen Safroun þer-to, Gyngere, an Salt, & Vynegre, & þanne serue it forth ynne. - . [i.e. into the dining-room. ]

ixl. - . [i.e. i from xl. ] Oystres en grauey - Take gode Mylke of Almaundys, an drawe it wyth Wyne an gode Fysshe broþe, an sette it on þe fyre, & let boyle; & caste þer-to Clowes, Maces, Sugre an powder Gyngere, an a fewe parboylid Oynonys y-mynsyd; þan take fayre Oystrys, & parboyle hem in fayre Water, & caste hem þer-to, an lete hem boyle to-gederys; & þanne serue hem forth.

xl. Oystrys in grauy bastard - Take grete Oystrys, an schale hem; an take þe water of þe Oystrys, & ale, an brede y-straynid, an þe water also, an put it on a potte, an Gyngere, Sugre, Saffron, powder pepir, and Salt, an let it boyle wyl; þen put yn þe Oystrys þer-to, and dresse it forth.

xlj. Gelyne in dubbatte - Take an Henne, and rost hure almoste y-now, an choppe hyre in fayre pecys, an caste her on a potte; an caste þer-to Freysshe broþe, & half Wyne, Clowes, Maces, Pepir, Canelle, an stepe it with þe Same broþe, fayre brede & Vynegre: an whan it is y-now, serue it forth.
[leaf 12.]

xlij. Conyng, Mawlard, in gely or in cyuey - Take Conynge, Hen, or Mawlard, and roste hem alle-most y-now, or ellys choppe hem, an frye hem in fayre Freysshe grece; an frye myncyd Oynenons, and caste alle in-to þe potte, & caste þer-to fayre Freysshe brothe, an half Wyne, Maces, Clowes, Powder pepir, Canelle; þan take fayre Brede, an wyth þe same brothe stepe, an draw it þorw a straynoure wyth vynegre; an whan it is wyl y-boylid, caste þe lycoure þer to, & powder Gyngere, & Salt, & sesyn it vp an serue forth.

xliij. Mortrewes of Fysshe - Take Gornard or Congere, a-fore þe navel wyth þe grece (for be-hynde þe navel he is hery - . [Hairy. ] of bonys), or Codlyng, þe lyuer an þe Spaune, an sethe it y-now in fayre Water, and pyke owt þe bonys, and grynde þe fysshe in a Morter, an temper it vp wyth Almaunde Mylke, an caste þer-to gratyd brede; þan take yt vp, an put it on a fayre potte, an let boyle; þan caste þer-to Sugre and Salt, an serue it forth as other Mortrewys. And loke þat þow caste Gyngere y-now a-boue.

xliiij. Mortrewys de Fleyssh - Take Porke, an seþe it wyl; þanne take it vppe and pulle a-way þe Swerde, - . [Rind, skin. ] an pyke owt þe bonys, an hakke it and grynd it smal; þenne take þe sylf brothe, & temper it with ale; þen take fayre gratyd brede, & do þer-to, an seþe it, an coloure it with Saffroun, & lye it with ?olkys of eyroun, & make it euen Salt, & caste pouder Gyngere, a-bouyn on þe dysshe.

xlv.--For to make Blawnche Perrye - Take þe Whyte of the lekys, an seþe hem in a potte, an presse hem vp, & hacke hem smal on a bord. An nym gode Almaunde Mylke, an a lytil of Rys, an do alle þes to-gederys, an seþe an stere it wyl, an do þer-to Sugre or hony, an dresse it yn; þanne take powderd Elys, an seþe hem in fayre Water, and broyle hem, an kytte hem in long pecys. And ley .ij. or .iij. in a dysshe, and putte þin - . [Thine.] perrey in a-noþer dysshe, [leaf 12 bk.] an serue þe to dysshys to-gederys as Venysoun with Furmenty.

xlvj. Poumes - Take fayre buttys of Vele & hewe hem, and grynd hem in a morter, & wyth þe ?olkys of eyroun, & with þe whyte of eyroun; an caste þer-to powder Pepyr, Canel, Gyngere, Clowys powþer, & datys y-mynced, Safroun, & raysonys of Coraunce, an sethe in a panne wyth fayre water, an let it boyle; þan wete þin handys in Raw eyroun, þan take it an rolle it in þin hondys, smaller or gretter, as þow wolt haue it, an caste it in-to boyling water, an let boyle y-now; þan putte it on a Spete round, an lete hem rosty; þen take flowre an ?olkys of eyroun, an þe whyte, an draw hem þorwe a straynowre, an caste þer-to pouder Gyngere, an make þin - . [Thine. ] bature grene with þe Ius of Percely, or Malwys, in tyme of ?ere Whete, an caste on þe pommys as þey turne a-boute, & serue forth.

xlvij. Cawdelle Ferry - Take ?olkys of eyroun Raw, y-tryid fro the whyte; þan take gode wyne, and warme it on þe potte on a fayre Fyre, an caste þer-on ?olkys, and stere it wyl, but let it nowt boyle tylle it be þikke; and caste þer-to Sugre, Safroun, & Salt, Maces, Gelofres, an Galyngale y-grounde smal, & flowre of Canelle; & whan þow dressyst yn, caste blanke pouder þer-on.

xlviij. Tayloures - Take a gode mylke of Almaundys y-draw with Wyne an Water, an caste hym in-to a potte, and caste gret Roysouns of corauns, Also mencyd Datys, Clowes, Maces, Pouder Pepir, Canel, Safroun, & a gode dele Salt, & let boyle a whyle; þan take it and ly - . [Lye; allay.] it wyth Flowre of Rys, or ellys with Brede y-gratyd, & caste þer-to Sugre, & serue forth lyke Mortrewys, & caste pouder of Gyngere a-boue y-now.

xlix. Bryndons - Take Wyn, & putte in a potte, an clarifiyd hony, an Saunderys, pepir, Safroun, Clowes, Maces, & Quybibys, & mynced Datys, Pynys and Roysonys of Corauns, & a lytil Vynegre, [leaf 13.] & sethe it on þe fyre; an sethe fygys in Wyne, & grynde hem, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & caste þer-to, an lete hem boyle alle to-gederys; þan take fayre flowre, Safroun, Sugre, & Fayre Water, ande make þer-of cakys, and let hem be þinne Inow; þan kytte hem y lyke lechyngys, - . [long thin strips. ] an caste hem in fayre Oyle, and fry hem a lytil whyle; þanne take hem owt of þe panne, an caste in-to a vesselle with þe Syrippe, & so serue hem forth, þe bryndonys an þe Sirippe, in a dysshe; & let þe Sirippe be rennyng, & not to styf.

l. A potage on fysshday - Take an Make a styf Poshote of Milke an Ale; þan take & draw þe croddys þorw a straynoure wyth whyte Swete Wyne, or ellys Rochelle Wyne, & make it sum-what rennyng an sum-what stondyng, & put Sugre a gode quantyte þer-to, or hony, but nowt to moche; þan hete it a lytil, & serue it forth al a-brode in þe dysshys; an straw on Canel, & Gyngere, and ?if þou [supplied by ed.] haue Blank powder, straw on and kepe it as whyte as yt may be, & þan serue forth.

lj. Cawdelle de Almaunde - Take Raw Almaundys, & grynde hem, an temper hem vp with gode ale, and a lytil Water, and draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a fayre potte, & late it boyle a whyle: & caste þer-to Safroun, Sugre, and Salt, & þan serue it forth al hotte in maner of potage.

lij. Gyngaudre - Take þe Lyuerys of Codlyngys, Haddok, Elys, or þe Hake hed, or Freysshe Mylwell hedys, þe Pouches, & þe Lyuerys, an sethe hem in fayre Water; þan take hem vp on a fayre bord, & mynce smal þe pouches; þan take gode freysshe brothe of Samoun, or Turbut, or of Elys, & cast þe mynced pouches þer-to, & pouder Pepyr, & let boyle; þan take þe brothe, þe pouches & þe lyuerys wer sodoun in, in a stipe - . [? meaning. ] or on fayre brede, & draw þorw a straynoure, & þan mynce þe lyuer in fayre pecys; & [leaf 13 bk.] whan þe pouches haue boylid, an þe licoure, caste þe leuer þer-to, an let boyle a whyle: þan caste þer-to þe lyuerys, Wyne, Venegre, Safroun, Salt, & late it boyle a whyle, and serue forth þat rennyng.

Liij. Rapeye - Take half Fygys & halfe Roysonys, and boyle hem in Wyne; þan bray hem in a morter, an draw wyth the same lycoure þorw a straynoure so þikke þat it be stondynge; þanne take Roysons of Corauns, Pynys, Clowys, Maces, Sugre of Siprys, an caste þer-to: þan putte it on a potte; þan take Saunderys a fewe, Pepir, Canel, an a litel Safroun; an ?if it be no?t stondyng, take a [supplied by ed.] lytil flowre of Amidons, an draw it þorw a straynwoure, an caste þer-to Salt, & serue forth stondyng.

Liiij. Rapeye - Take almaundys, an draw a gode mylke þer-of, and take Datys an mynce hem smal, an put þer-on y-now; take Raw Appelys, an pare hem and stampe hem, an drawe hem vppe with wyne, or with draf of Almaundys, or boþe; þan caste pouder of Gyngere, Canel, Maces, Clowes, & caste þer-on Sugre y-now; þan take a quantyte of flowre of Rys, an þrowe þer-on, & make it chargeaunt, an coloure it wyth Safroun, an with Saunderys, an serue forth; an strawe Canel a-boue.

lv. Iuschelle of Fysshe - Take fayre Frye of Pyke, and caste it raw on a morter, an caste þer-to gratid brede, an bray hem as smale as þow mayste; & ?if it be to stondyng, caste þer-to Almaunde mylke, an bray hem to-gederys, an stere it to-gederys, & caste þer-to a littel Safroun & Salt, an whyte Sugre, an putte al in a fayre Treen bolle, & toyle - . [Twille in Douce MS. ] it to-gederys wyth þin hond, an loke þat it be no?t to chargeaunt, but as a man may pore it out of þe bolle; and þan take a Chafoure or a panne, an caste þer-in fayre grauey of pyke or of Freysshe Samoun, y-draw þorw a straynoure, & sette [leaf 14.] it on þe fyre; þanne take fayre Percely an Sawge, an caste þer-to, an lat it boyle, an caste þer-to a lytil Safroun an Salt; and whan it hath y-boylid a whyle, stere it faste, an caste þe Stuffe þer-to, an stere it euermore; an whan alle is oute of þe bolle, caste a litil an a litil in-to þe chafoure, or þe panne; stere it soffter an sofftere, tylle it come to-gedere; þan gader it to-gederys with a ladelle or a Skymoure, softe, tille it be round to-gedere; þanne take it fro þe fyre, an sette þe vesselle on a fewe colys, an late it wexe styf be hys owne acord; þan serue forth.

lvj. Charlette - Take Mylke, an caste on a potte, with Salt and Safroun y-now; þan hewe fayre buttys of Calf or of Porke, no?t to fatte, alle smal, an kaste þer-to; þan take Eyroun, þe whyte an the ?olke, & draw þorw a straynoure; an whan þe lycoure ys in boyling, caste þer-to þin Eyroun and Ale, & styre it tylle it Crodde; þan presse it a lytil with a platere, an serue forth; saue, caste þer-on broþe of Beeff or of Capoun.

lvij. Charlet a-forcyd ryally - Take gode Mylke of Almaunde; take tender Porke, an hew it smal, an bray it on a morter; take eyroun, an draw þorw a cloþe; temper vppe þin flesshe þer-with, an caste on þe potte; take þe mylke, an sette it ouer þe fyre; sesyn it wyth Salt an Safroun caste þer-on; boyle it, an when yt komyth on hy, a-lye it with wyne, an sette it a-doun; take vppe an ley it on a cloþe, an presse it a lytil; ondo it a-?en, & caste þer-on pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Sugre y-now; menge it to-gederys, presse it a-a?en, seþe þe broþe wyl; take styf Almaunde mylke y-temperyd with Freysshe brothe, & caste þer-on Saffroun an Sugre y-now, an a lytil Salt, & boyle it, þan take and set it owt; leche now þin mete, & ley þer-of in a dysshe; take þe sewe, & ley a-boue; take Maces & Sugre, & caste þer-on, & serue forth.
[leaf 14 bk.]

lviij. Let lory - Take Mylke, an sette it ouer þe fyre; take Salt & Safroun, an caste þer-to; take Eyroun, þe ?olke an þe Whyte y-strainyd a lyte, - . [lyte = little.]& caste it þer-to; whan þe Mylke his skaldyng hote, caste þe stuf þer-to, an þenne stere yt tyll it crodde; and ?if þou wolt haue it a-forsyd with ly?t coste, Take Mylke, & make it skaldyng hote, & caste þer-to Raw ?olkes of Eyroun, Sugre, pouder Gyngere, Clowes, Maces, an let not fully boyle; & so hote, dresse it forth, an ley it on þe crodde; & ?if þou wolt a-forse it in maner of charlet, do it in fastyng dayis, & serue it forth.

lix. Furmenty with purpaysse - Make þin Furmenty in þe maner as I sayd be-fore, saue temper it vp with Almaunden, Mylke, & Sugre, & Safroun, þan take þin Purpays as a Freysshe Samoun, & sethe it in fayre Water; & when he is I-sothe y-now, bawde it & leche it in fayre pecys, & serue wyth Furmenty in hote Water.

lx. Trype of Turbut or of Codelynge - Take þe Mawes of Turbut, Haddok, or Codelyng, & pyke hem clene, & skrape hem, & Wasshem clene, and parboyle hem in gode Freysshe broþe of Turbut or Samoun, or Pyke; þan kytte Percely smalle, & caste þer-to, & kytte þe Mawys of a peny brede, & caste alle togederys in-to a potte, & let it boyle to-gederys; & whan þey bin soþin tendyr, caste þer-to Safroun, & Salt, & Veryous, & pouder Gyngere, & serue forth.

lxj. A goos in hogepotte - Take a Goos, & make hure clene, & hacke hyre to gobettys, & put yn a potte, & Water to, & sethe to-gederys; þan take Pepir & Brennyd brede, or Blode y-boylyd, & grynd y-fere Gyngere & Galyngale & Comyn, & temper vppe with Ale, & putte it þer-to; & mynce Oynonys, & frye hem [leaf 15.] in freysshe grece, & do þer-to a porcyon of Wyne.

lxij. Conyngys in graueye - Take Conyngys, & make hem clene, & hakke hem in gobettys, & sethe hem, oþer larde hem & Rost hem; & þanne hakke hem, & take Almaundys, & grynde hem, & temper hem vppe with gode Freysshe brothe of Flesshe, & coloure it wyth Safroun, & do þer-to a porcyon of flowre of Rys, & do þer-to þen pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Canel, Sugre, Clowys, Maces, & boyle it onys & seþe it; þen take þe Conyngys, & putte þer-on, & dresse it & serue it forth.

lxiij. Harys in Cyueye - Take Harys, & Fle hem, & make hem clene, an hacke hem in gobettys, & sethe hem in Water & Salt a lytylle; þan take Pepyr, an Safroun, an Brede, y-grounde y-fere, & temper it wyth Ale; þan take Oynonys & Percely, y-mynced smal to-gederys, & sethe hem be hem self, & afterward take & do þer-to a porcyon of Vynegre, & dresse in.

lxiiij. Capoun in consewe - Take a Capoun, & make hem - . [? for hym; but see p. 19, No. lxxij. ] clene, & sethe hym in Water, percely, Sauereye & Salt; & whan he his y-now, quarter hym; þan grynde Almaundys. & temper vppe wyth þat brothe of þe Capoun; or ellys take þe ?olkys of Eyroun, & make it chargeaunt, & strayne þe Almaundys & boyle it; take Sugre a goode porcyoun, & do þer-yn; & when it ys y-boylid, ley þe Capoun in þe dysshe, & put þat Sew a-boue, & strawe þer-vppe-on Sugre, & send it yn with alman?.

lxv. Hennys in bruette - Take þe hennys, & skalde hem, & ope hem, & wasshe hem clene, & smyte hem to gobettys, & sethe hem wyth fayre porke; þan take Pepyr, Gyngere, & Brede, y-grounde y-fere, and temper it vppe with þe same brothe, or ale draft, & coloure it with Safroun, & seþe it to-gederys, & serue forth.

lxvj. Bruette Sareson - Take Almaundys & draw a gode mylke [leaf 15 bk.] & flowre of Rys, & Porke & Brawen of Capoun y-sode, or Hennys smale y-grounde, & boyle it y-fere, & do in-to þe mylke; & þan take pouder Gyngere, Sugre, & caste a-boue, an serue forth.

lxvij. Bruet of Almaynne - Take Almaundys, & draw a gode mylke þer-of with Water; take Capoun, Conyngys or Pertriches; smyte þe Capoun, or kede, or Chykonys, Conyngys: þe Pertriche shal ben hol: þan blaunche þe Fleyssh, an caste on þe mylke; take larde & mynce [supplied by ed.] it, & caste þer-to; take an mynce Oynonys & caste þer-to y-nowe, do Clowes & smal Roysonys þer-to; caste hol Safroun þer-to, þan do it to þe fyre, & stere it wyl; whan þe fleysshe ys y-now, sette it on þe fyre, an do þer-to Sugre y-now; take pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Canel, & temper þe pouder wyth Vynegre, .& caste þer-to; sesyn it with salt, & serue forth.

lxviij. Bruet of Almaynne in lente - Take fyne þikke Mylke of Almaundys; take datys, an mynce hem smal þer-on; take Sugre y-nowe, & straw þer-on, & a lytil flowre of Rys; sylt, - . [? sprinkle.] & serue forth whyte, & loke þat it be rennyng.

lxix. Whyte Mortrewes - Take Almaunde Mylke & Floure of Rys, & boyle it y-fere; þenne take Capoun & Hennys, & sethe hem and bray hem as smal as þou may, & ly - . [Allay; mix. ] it with an Ey - . [Egg. ] or to, & also a-lye it vppe with þe mylke of Almaundys, & make hem chargeaunt as Mortrewes schuld be, & dresse hem forth, & caste Canel a-boue, or Gyngere. Blanke pouder is best.

lxx. Fauntempere - Take Almaunde Mylke, & Floure of Rys,.Sugre, an gode pouþer Gyngere, Galyngale, Canel, & gode Erbys, and stampe hem & [supplied by ed.] grynd hem þorw a cloþe, & caste þer-to, & boyle yt, an a-lye it wyth ?olkys of Eyroun, & make it more boyle; þan take Maces, Quybibes, & Geloferys, & caste þer-to whan that þou schalt dresse it yn.
[leaf 16.]

lxxj. Murrey - Take Porke an Vele, & sethe it, & grynd it, & draw it with þe self brothe; þen take bred y-gratyd, & pouder of Gyngere & of Galyngale, & Hony, an caste þer-to, & boyle it y-fere; & make it chargeaunt, & coloure it with Saunderys & serue forth.

lxxij. Talbottys - Take an Hare, an fle hem clene; þen take þe blode, & Brede, an Spycery, an grynde y-fere, & draw it vppe with þe brothe; þan take Wyne or Ale, an cast þer-to, & make gobettys, & þanne serue it forth.

lxxiij. Conyngys in cyveye - Take Conyngys, an fle hem, & seþe hem, & make lyke þou woldyst make a sewe, saue alle-to-choppe hem, & caste Safroun & lyer þer-to, & Wyne.

lxxiiij. Arbolettys - Take Milke, Boter an Chese, & boyle in fere; þen take eyroun, & cast þer-to; þan take Percely & Sawge & hacke it smal, & take pouder Gyngere & Galyngale, and caste it þer-to, and þan serue it forth.

lxxv. Spyneye - Take þe Flowþerys of Hawthorun; boyle hem & presse hem, bray hem smal, temper hem vppe wyth Almaunde Milke, & lye it with Abyndoun - . [Amydon.] & Gratyd brede & flowre of Rys; take Sugre y-now & put þer-to, or Hony in defawte, & colowre it wyth þe same þat þe flowrys ben, & serue forth.

lxxvj. Brasele - Take Dace, Troutys, & Roche, an roste hem on a gredelle; þan seþe in Wyne, & caste Veryous þer-to, powder of Gyngere, & Galyngale, & dresse it yn.

lxxvij. Crem de Coloure - Take an make þicke Milke of Almaundys, & do it in a potte, & sethe it ouer þe fyre; þan take a fayre Canvas, an put it þer-on, & late renne out þe Water; þen take þe halfyndele, & put it in a pot of erþe; þen take the oþer halfyndele, & parte it in [supplied by ed.] to, - . [Two. ] & make þe half ?elow, & do þer-yn Wyn, Sugre, Clowes, Maces, powder of Canelle; take [gap: reason: blank in MS.] & grynd a lytel in a morter; [leaf 16 bk.] þan temper it vppe wyth almaunde mylke, & do euery of hem in a potte, an loke þat it be y-like chargeaunt, & sette it ouer þe fyre, an boyle it a lytyl, an serue forth.

lxxviij. Colouryd Sew with-owt fyre - Take fowre pounde of Almaundys, & ley in Water ouer eue, an blanche hem, and on þe morwe grynde hem ryth wyl, an draw þer-of a þicke mylke; þan take Rys, and wasshem clene, an grynd hem wyl, & draw hem vppe wyth þe Mylke þorw a straynoure, an do it on a bolle, & parte it in þe vesselle, an do in al whyte Sugre, an euery vesselle Clowes, Maces, Quybibes, & pouder Canelle; An lete þat on party ben whyte, þat oþer ?elow, & þat oþer grene with Percely; And ley of euery a leche - . [a strip.] in a dysshe, an loke þat Mylke be temperyd wyth wyne, an þatoþer with Rede wyn.

lxxix. Apple Muse - Take Appelys an sethe hem, an Serge - . [ Sift. ] hem þorwe a Sefe in-to a potte; þanne take Almaunde Mylke & Hony, an caste þer-to, an gratid Brede, Safroun, Saunderys, & Salt a lytil, & caste all in þe potte & lete hem sethe; & loke þat þou stere it wyl, & serue it forth.

lxxx. Salomene - Take gode Wyne, an gode pouder, & Brede y-ground, an sugre, an boyle it y-fere; þan take Trowtys, Rochys, Perchys, oþer Carpys, oþer alle þese y-fere, an make hem clene, & aftere roste hem on a Grydelle; þan hewe hem in gobettys: whan þey ben y-sothe, fry hem in oyle a lytil, þen caste in þe brwet; and whan þou dressist it, take Maces, Clowes, Quybibes, Gelofrys; an cast a-boue, & serue forth.

lxxxj. Blaundysorye - Take Almaunde Mylke, an flowre of Rys, and brawn of Capounys or of hennys, & pouder Gyngere, & boyle it y-fere, & make it chargeaunt; an whan þou dressest yn, nym Maces, Quybibes, & caste a-boue, & serue forth.
[leaf 17.]

lxxxij. Blamang. - . [(? Blamanger).]-Take Rys, an lese - . [pick. ] hem clene, & wasshe hem clene in flake Water, & þan sethe hem in Watere, & aftyrward in Almaunde Mylke, & do þer-to Brawn of þe Capoun aftyrward in-to a-noþer almaunde Mylke, an tese it smal sumdele with a pyn, an euer as it wolt caste - . [stick. ] þer-to, stere it wel; nym Sugre and caste þer-to, þen make it chargeaunt; þen take blawn-chyd Almaundys, an frye hem, an sette hem a-boue, whan þou seruyst ynne; & ?if þou wolt, þou my?te departe hem with a Cawdelle Ferry y-wreten - . [Written. ]before - . [[No. xlvij. p. 15, and cxxxix. p 31]], an þan serue forth.

lxxxiij. Vyaund de cyprys bastarde - Take gode wyne, & Sugre next Aftyrward, & caste to-gedere; þenne take whyte Gyngere, and Galyngale, & Canel fayre y-mynced; þen take Iuse of Percile & Flowre of Rys, & Brawn of Capoun & of Chykonnys I-grounde, & caste þer-to; An coloure it wyth Safroun & Saunderys, an a-ly it with ?olkys of Eyroun, & make it chargeaunt; an whan þou dressest it yn, take Maces, Clowes, Quybibes, and straw a-boue, & serue forth.

lxxxiiij. Vyaund de ciprys Ryalle - Take þe to del - . [Two parts.] ?olkys of eyron, þe þridde dele Hony; take Clowes & kutte hem; take Roysonys, tak brawn of Capoun, & hewe it smal; caste al in a potte, & lat boyle & stere it wyl; take wyne an boyle hem, & make a Syryppe; take of - . [off. ] þe potte al a-bowte, þer as it hangyth, & late it boyle wyl tille it be as chargeaunt as it may; take þin þombe - . [Thumb. ] & pylt - . [Put.] þer-on, & ?if it cleuey, let it boyle, & ?if it nowt, sette it owt a-non in a clen bolle, an wete þin bolle in þe Syrippe, and caste þin mete þer-on; & whan þow dressist þi mete, leche it & caste þin - . [Thy. ] Syryppe a-bouyn vppe-on, & serue forth.

lxxxv. Gaylede - Take Almaunde Mylke & Flowre of Rys, & do þer-to Sugre or Hony, & Powder Gyngere & Galyngale; þen take figys, [leaf 17 bk.] an kerue hem a-to, or Roysonys y-hole, - . [? unstoned. ] or hard Wastel y-dicyd - . [diced, cut into small squares. ] and coloure it with Saunderys, & sethe it & dresse hem yn.

lxxxvj. Rys - Take a porcyoun of Rys, & pyke hem clene, & sethe hem welle, & late hem kele; þen take gode Mylke of Almaundys & do þer-to, & seþe & stere hem wyl; & do þer-to Sugre an hony, & serue forth.

lxxxvij. Maumenye ryalle - Take Vernage, oþer strong Wyne of þe beste þat a man may fynde, an putte it on a potte, & caste þer-to a gode quantyte of pouder Canelle, & sette it on þe fyre, an ?if it an hete; & þanne wrynge it soft þorw a straynoure, þat þe draf go nowt owte, & put on a fayre potte, & pyke fayre newe pynys, & wasshe hem clene in Wyn, & caste a gode quantyte þer-to, & take whyte Sugre þer-to, as moche as þe lycoure is, & caste þer-to; & draw a few Sawnderys wyth strong wyne þorwe a straynoure, an caste þer-to, & put alle In one [ on on ] potte, & caste þer-to Clowys, a gode quantyte, & sette it on þe fyre, & ?if it a boyle; þen take Almaundys, & draw hem with mythty Wyne; & at þe firste boyle ly it vppe with Ale, & ?if it a boyle, & sette it on þe fyre, and caste þer-to tesyd brawn, (of - . [In.] defaute of Pertriche or Capoun,) a gode quantyte of tryid Gyngere perase, - . [? meaning. ] & sesyn it vppe with pouder Gyngere, & Salt & Safroun; & ?if it is to stondyng, a-ly it with Vernage or swete Wyne, & dresse it Flat with þe backe of a Sawcere in þe Vernage or my?thty Wyne, & loke þat þou haue Sugre y-nowe, & serue forth hote.

lxxxviij. Mammenye bastarde - Take a potelle of Clarifiyd Hony, & a pounde of Pynys, & a pounde of Roysouns Coraunce, & a [supplied by ed.] pound of Saunderys, & pouder canelle, & .ij. galouns of Wyne or Ale, & a pound of Pepir, & caste alle on a potte, & skym yt; þan take .iij. pounde of Amyndons, & a galon of Wyne, & a gode galon of Venegre, & let stepe vp to-gederys, & draw þorw a straynoure; [leaf 18.] an whan þe potte boylith, caste þe lycoure þer-to, an lat it be alle stondyng; þan take pouder Gyngere, Salt & Safron, an sesyn it vppe, an serue alle flat on a dysshe, all hote, an caste pouder Gyngere þer-on, an serue forth.

lxxxix. Elys in Gauncelye - Take Elys, an fle hem, & sethe hem in Water, an caste a lytil Salt þer-to; þan take Brede y-Skaldyd, an grynd it, an temper it with þe brothe an with Ale; þan take Pepir, Gyngere, an Safroune, an grynd alle y-fere; þan neme Oynonys, an Percely, an boyle it in a possenet wel, þen caste alle to-gederys, an sethe y-fere & serue forth.

lxxxx. Hennys in Gauncelye - Take Hennys, an roste hem; take Mylke an Garleke, an grynd it, an do it in a panne, an hewe þin hennys þer-on with ?olkys of eyron, an coloure it with Safroun an Mylke, an serue forth.

lxxxxj. Vyolette - Nym Almaunde Mylke, an flowre of Rys, and pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Pepir, Datis, Fygys, & Rasonys y-corven, an coloure it with Safroun, an boyle it & make it chargeaunt; an whan þou dressyste, take þe flowres, an hew hem, an styre it þer-with; nyme þe braunchys with þe flowres, an sette a-boue and serue it Forth.

lxxxxij. Oystrys in bruette - Take an schene - . [for schele. ] Oystrys, an kepe þe water þat cometh of hem, an strayne it, an put it in a potte, & Ale þer-to, an a lytil brede þer-to; put Gyngere, Canel, Pouder of Pepir þer-to, Safroun an Salt; an whan it is y-now al-moste, putte on þin Oystrys: loke þat þey ben wyl y-wasshe for - . [on account of. ] þe schullys: & þan serue forth.

lxxxxiij. Walkys - . [Whelks. ] in bruette - Take Walkys [supplied by ed.] an sethe in Ale, þen pyke hem clene; þan wasshem in Water an Salt be hem-self, & fyrst wyth Ale & Salt, an do so whele þey ben slepyr - . [Slippery; slimy. ]; þen putte hem in [leaf 18 bk.] Vynegre, an ley Perceli a-boue, an serue ynne.

lxxxxiiij. Tenche in bruette - Take þe Tenche, an sethe hem & roste hem, an grynde Pepir an Safroun, Bred and Ale, & tempere wyth þe brothe, an boyle it; þen take þe Tenche y-rostyd, an ley hym on a chargeoure; þan ley on þe sewe a-boue.

lxxxxv. Tenche in cyueye - Take a tenche, an skalde hym, roste hym, grynde Pepir an Safroun, Brede an Ale, & melle it to-gederys; take Oynonys, hakke hem, an frye hem in Oyle, & do hem þer-to, and messe hem forth.

lxxxxvj. Tenche in Sawce - Take a tenche whan he is y-sothe, and ley him on a dysshe; take Percely & Oynonys, & mynce hem to-gederys; take pouder Pepir, & Canelle, & straw þer-on; take Vynegre, an caste Safroun þer-on, an coloure it, an serue it forth þanne alle colde.

lxxxxvij. Chykonys in bruette - Take an [supplied by ed.] Sethe Chykonys, & smyte hem to gobettys; þan take Pepir, Gyngere, an Brede y-grounde, & temper it vppe wyth þe self brothe, an with Ale; an coloure it with Safroun, an sethe an serue forth.

lxxxxviij. Blamanger of Fyshe - Take Rys, an sethe hem tylle they brekyn, & late hem kele; þan caste þer-to mylke of Almaundys; nym Perche or Lopstere, & do þer-to, & melle it; þan nym Sugre with pouder Gyngere, & caste þer-to, & make it chargeaunt, and þan serue it forth.

xxxxix. Sardeyne? - Take Almaundys, & make a gode Mylke of Flowre of Rys, Safroun, Gyngere; Canelle, Maces, Quybibe?; grynd hem smal on a morter, & temper hem vppe with þe Mylke; þan take a fayre vesselle, & a fayre parte of Sugre, & boyle hem wyl, & rynsche þin dysshe alle a-bowte with-ynne with Sugre or oyle, an þan serue forth.
[leaf 19.]

C. Roseye - Take Almaunde Mylke an flowre of Rys, & Sugre, an Safroun, an boyle hem y-fere; þan take Red Rosys, an grynd fayre in a morter with Almaunde mylke; þan take Loches, an toyle - . [Rub, cover. ] hem with [supplied by ed.] Flowre, an frye hem, & ley hem in dysshys; þan take gode pouder, and do in þe Sewe, & caste þe Sewe a-bouyn þe lochys, & serue forth.

Cj. Eyron en poche - Take Eyroun, breke hem, an sethe hem in hot Water; þan take hem Vppe as hole as þou may; þan take flowre, an melle with Mylke, & caste þer-to Sugre or Hony, & a lytel pouder Gyngere, an boyle alle y-fere, & coloure with Safroun; an ley þin Eyroun in dysshys, & caste þe Sewe a-boue, & caste on pouder y-now. Blawnche pouder ys best.

Cij. Muskelys in bruette - Take þe Muskelys whan þey ben y-sothe, & pyke owt þe Muskele of þe schulle, & pyke a-way ye here: þan take brede, an pepir & Safroun y-grounde, & temper it vp with þe brothe; & ?if þou wolt, a-lye it with Wyne or with Ale, & serue forth.

Ciij. Fygeye - Take Fygys, an sethe hem tylle þey ben neysshe, þan bray hem tylle þey ben smal; þenne take hem vppe an putte hem in a potte, & Ale þer-to; þan take Bred y-gratyd, an Pyne? hole, & caste þer-to, & let boyle wyl; & atte þe dressoure, caste on pouder Canel y-now, & serue forth: & ?if þow wolt colour yt in .iij. maners, þou my?t, with Saunderys, Safroun, & of hym-self, and ley on pouder y-now, & serue forth.

Ciiij. Bolas - Take fayre Bolasse, wasshe hem clene, & in Wyne boyle hem þat þey be but skaldyd bywese, & boyle hem alle to pomppe, - . [Pulp. ] & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & a-lye hem with flowre of Rys, & make it chargeaunt, & do it to þe fyre, & boyl it; take it of, & do þer-to whyte Sugre, gyngere, Clowys, Maces, Canelle, & stere it wyl to-gederys: þanne take gode perys, [leaf 19 bk.] & sethe hem wel with þe Stalke, & sette hem to kele, & pare hem clene, and pyke owt þe corys; þan take datis, & wasshe hem clene, & pyke owt þe Stonys, & fylle hem fulle of blaunche poudere: þan take þe Stalke of þe Perys, take þe Bolas, & ley .iij. lechys in a dysshe, & sette þin perys þer-yn.

Cv. Lorey de Boolas - Take Bolas, & seþe hem a lytil, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & caste hem in a broþe; & do þer-to Brede y-gratyd, & boyle y-fere, & ?olkys of eyroun y-swengyd, & a-lyid; take Canel, and Galyngale, Skemyd hony, & do þer-to, & sethe wyl, & serue forth.

Cvj. Rapeye of Fleysshe - Take lene Porke y-sode & y-grounde smalle, & tempere it vppe with þe self broþe, & do it in a potte, an caste þer-to a lytil honye, & boyle it tyl it be chargeaunt; & a-lye it wyth ?olkys of Eyroun, & coloure it with Saunderys, & dresse forth, and pouder Marchaunt.

Cvij. Sore Sengle - Take Elys or Gurnard, & parte hem half in Wyne, & half in watere, in-to a potte; take Percely and Oynonys & hewe hem smalle; take Clowes or Maces & caste þer-on; take Safroun, & caste þer-to, & sette on þe fyre, & let boyle tylle it be y-now; þen sette it a-doun; take poudere Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, & temper it vppe with Wyne, & cast on þe potte & serue forth.

Cviij. Prymerose - Take oþer half-pound of Flowre of Rys, .iij. pound of Almaundys, half an vnce of hony & Safroune, & take þe flowre of þe Prymerose, & grynd hem, and temper hem vppe with Mylke of þe Almaundys, & do pouder Gyngere þer-on: boyle it, & plante þin skluce - . [viscous compound? ] with Rosys, & serue forth.

Cix. Gelye de chare - Take caluys fete, & skalde hem in fayre water, an make hem alle þe whyte. Also take howhys of [leaf 20.] Vele, & ley hem on water to soke out þe blode; þen take hem vppe, an lay hem on a fayre lynen cloþe, & lat þe water rennyn out of hem [supplied by ed.]; þan Skore - . [Scour. ] a potte, & putte þe Fete & þe Howhys þer-on; þan take Whyte Wyne þat wolle hold coloure, & cast þer-to a porcyon, an non oþer lycoure, þat þe Fleysshe be ouer-wewyd - . [See other Cookery, No. 174, wese. ] withalle, & sette it on þe fyre, & boyle it, & Skeme it clene; an whan it is tendyr & boylid y-now, take vppe þe Fleyshe in-to a fayre bolle, & saue þe lycoure wyl; & loke þat þow haue fayre sydys of Pyggys, & fayre smal Chykenys wyl & clene skladdyd & drawe, & lat þe leggys an þe fete on, an waysshe hem in fayre water, & caste hem in þe fyrste brothe, an sethe it a-?en ouer þe fyre, & skeme it clene; lat a man euermore kepe it, an blow of þe grauy. An in cas þe lycoure wast - . [Waste. ] a-way, caste more of þe same wyne þer-to, & put þin honde þer-on; & ?if þin hond waxe clammy, it is a syne of godenesse, an let not þe Fleyshe be moche sothe, - . [boiled. ] þat it may bere kyttyng; þan take it vppe, & ley it on a fayre cloþe, & sette owt þe lycoure fro þe fyre, & put a few colys vnder-nethe þe vesselle þat þe lycoure is yn; þan take pouder of Pepir, a gode quantyte, & Safron, þat it haue a fayre Laumbere coloure, & a gode quantyte of Vynegre, & loke þat it be sauery of [supplied by ed.] Salt & of Vynegre, fayre of coloure of Safroun, & putte it on fayre lynen cloþe, & sette it vndernethe a fayre pewter dysshe, & lat it renne þorw þe cloþe so ofte tylle it renne clere: kytte fayre Rybbys of þe syde of þe Pygge, & lay ham on a dysshe, an pulle of þe lemys of þe Chykenys, eche fro oþer, & do a-way þe Skynne, & ley sum in a dysshe fayre y-chowchyd, - . [Y-couched; laid. ] & pore þin - . [Thine. ] gelye þer-on, & lay Almaundys þer-on, an Clowys, & paryd Gyngere, & serue forth.
[leaf 20 bk.]

Cx. Gelye de Fysshe - Take newe Pykys, an draw hem, and smyte hem to pecys, & sethe in þe same lycoure þat þou doste Gelye of Fleysshe; an whan þey ben y-now, take Perchys and Tenchys, & seþe; & Elys, an kutte hem in fayre pecys, and waysshe hem, & putte hem in þe same lycoure, & loke þine lycoure be styf y-now; & ?if it wolle notte cacche, - . [stick; see other Cookery, No. 174. ] take Soundys of watteryd Stokkefysshe, or ellys Skynnys, or Plays, an caste þer-to, & sethe ouer þe fyre, & skeme it wyl; & when it ys y-now, let nowt þe Fysshe breke; þenne take þe lycoure fro þe fyre, & do as þou dedyst be - . [By, with. ] þat oþer Gelye, saue, pylle þe Fysshe, & ley þer-off in dysshis, þat is, perche & suche; and Flowre hem, & serue forthe.

Cxj. Tannye - Take almaunde Mylke, & Sugre, an powdere Gyngere, & of Galyngale, & of Canelle, and Rede Wyne, & boyle y-fere: & þat is gode tannye.

Cxij. Sturmye - Take gode mylke of Almaundys y-drawe with wyne; take porke an hew it Smalle; do it on a Morter, and grynde it ryth smalle; þen caste it in þe same Mylke, & caste it on a potte; take Sawnderys & flowre of Rys; melle hem with þe Mylke, draw hem þorw a straynoure, & caste it in [supplied by ed.] a clene pot, loke þat it be chargeaunt y-now; take Sugre, an putte þer-on, & Hony; do it ouer þe fyre, & let it sethe a gret whyle; sture yt wyl; take Eyroun hard y-soþe, take þe whyte, & hew hem as smalle as þow my?th, caste hem on þe potte; take Safroune & caste þer-to, with powder Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, Clowys, & loke þat þou haue powder y-now; caste it in þe potte, temper it with Vynegre; take Salt & do þer-to, menge hem wylle to-gederys, Make a Siryppe; þe .ij. dele schalle ben wyne, & þe .ij. dele Sugre or hony; boyle it & stere it, & Skeme it clene; þer-on wete [leaf 21.] þin dyssches, & serue forth.

Cxiij. Bruette saake - Take Capoun, skalde hem, draw hem, smyte hem to gobettys, Waysshe hem, do hem in a potte; þenne caste owt þe potte, waysshe hem a-?en on þe potte, & caste þer-to half wyne half Broþe; take Percely, Isope, Waysshe hem, & hew hem smal, & putte on þe potte þer þe Fleysshe is; caste þer-to Clowys, quybibes, Maces, Datys y-tallyd, hol Safroune; do it ouer þe fyre; take Canelle, Gyngere, tempere þin powajes with wyne; caste in-to þe potte Salt þer-to, hele - . [Cover. ] it, & whan it is y-now, serue it forth.

Cxiiij. Tayle? - Take a chargeaunt Mylke of Almaundys, an draw with wyne caste in to þe potte [deleted in MS]; take Fygys & Roysonys a gode porcyon, to make it chargeaunt, waysshe hem clene, & caste hem on a morter, grynd hem as small as þou my?t, temper hem vppe with þin - . [Thine. ] Mylke, draw hem þorw a straynoure, also chargeauntly as þou my?th; caste it in a clene potte, do it to þe fyre; take Datys y-taylid a-long, & do þer-to; take Flowre of Rys, & draw it þorw a straynoure, and caste þer-to, & lat it boyle tylle it be chargeaunt; sette it on þe fyre; take pouder Gyngere & Canelle, Galyngale; temper with Vynegre, & caste þer-to Sugre, or hony; caste þer-to, sesyn it vppe with Salt, & serue forth.

Cxv. Quynade - Take Quynces, & pare hem clene, caste hem on a potte, & caste þer-to water of Rosys; do it ouer þe fyre, & hele - . [Cover. ] it faste, & let it boyle a gode whyle tyl þey ben neysshe; & ?if þey wol not ben neysshe, bray hem in a Morter smal, draw hem þorw a straynoure; take gode Mylke of Almandys, & caste in a potte & boyle it; take whyte Wyne & Vynegre, an caste þer-to þe Mylke, & let it stonde a whyle; take þan a clene canvas, & caste þe mylke vppe-on?, & with a platere [leaf 21 bk.] stryke it of þe cloþe, & caste it on þe potte; gedyr vppe þe quynces, & caste to þe creme, & do it ouer þe fyre, & lat boyle; take a porcyon of pouder of Clowys, of Gyngere, of Graynys of Perys, of Euery a porcyon; take Sugre y-now, with Salt, & a party of Safroun, & alle menge to-gederys; & when þou dressyst forth, plante it with foyle of Syluer.

Cxvj. Blaunche de ferry - Take Almaundys, an draw þer-of an Chargeaunt Mylke; take Caponys & sethe hem; & whan þey ben y-now, take hem vppe, & ley hem on a fayre bord, & strype of þe Skyn, & draw out þe Brawn & hew hem smal; do hem on a Morter, & grynd hem smal; caste on a potte, & fayre whyte Salt, & boyle hem; & whan þey bey boylid, sette it out, & caste on whyte Wyne or Venegre, & make it quayle - . [Curdle.]; take a clene cloþe and lete it be tryid a-brode, & stryke it wyl vnder-nethe alle þe whyle þat þer wol au?t out þer-of; þan caste Blaunche powder þer-on, or pouder Gyngere y-mellyd with Sugre; stryke it clene, take a newe Erþen potte, oþer a clene bolle, & caste þin mete þer-on, þer plantyng Anys in comfyte.

Cxvij. Sauge - Take Gyngere, Galyngale, Clowys, & grynde in a morter; þan take an handfulle of Sawge, & do þer-to, grynd wyl to-gederys; take Eyroun, & sethe hem harde, nym þe ?olkys, grynde hem with þe Sawge & with þe spycis, & temper it vppe with Venegre or eysel, or with Alegere; take þe whyte of þe Eyroun, & sethe hem, & mynce hem smal, & caste þer-to; when it is y-temperyd, take Brawn of hennys or Fyssches, & ley on dysschys, & caste þin mete a-boue.

Cxviij. Murreye - Take Molberys, & wryng hem þorwe a cloþe; nym Vele, hew it, sethe it, grynd it smal, & caste þer-to; nym gode Spycery, Sugre, & caste þer-to; take Wastylbrede y-gratyd, [leaf 22.] and ?olkys of Eyroun, & lye it vppe þer-with, & caste gode pouder a-boue y-now, & þan serue forth.

Cxix. Vyaunde de cyprys in lente - Take gode þikke mylke of Almaundys, & do it on a potte; & nyme þe Fleysshe - . [MS. Fysshe (? intentionally). ] of gode Crabbys, & gode Samoun, & bray it smal, & tempere yt vppe with þe forsayd mylke; boyle it, an lye it with floure of Rys or Amyndoun, an make it chargeaunt; when it ys y-boylid, do þer-to whyte Sugre, a gode quantyte of whyte Vernage Pime? - . [? meaning. ]with þe wyne, Pome-garnade. Whan it is y-dressyd, straw a-boue þe grayne of Pome-garnade.

Cxx. Whyte Mortrewys of Porke - Take lene Porke, & boyle it; blaunche Almandys, & grynd hem, & temper vppe with þe brothe of þe porke, & lye hem vppe with þe Flowre of Rys, an lete boyle to-gederys, but loke þat þe porke be smal grounde y-now; caste þer-to Myncyd Almaundys y-fryid in freysshe grece; þen sesyn hem vppe alle flatte in a dysshe; þrow þer-to Sugre y-now & Salt; & atte þe dressoure, strawe þer-on pouder Gyngere y-mellyd with Almaundys.

Cxxj. Rapeye - Take Fygys & Roysonys, & grynd hem in a Mortere, & tempere hem vppe with Almaunde Mylke, & draw hem þorw a cloþe; þen take gode Spycys, & caste þer-to; take Perys, seþe hem & pare hem, & do a-way þe core, & bray hem in a mortere, & caste to þe oþer; take gode Wyne, & Blake Sugre or Hony, & caste þer-to a lytil, & let it boyle in fere; & whan þow dressyst yn, take Maces & Clowes, Quybibys & Graynys, & caste a-boue.

Cxxij. A rede Morreye - Take Molberys, and wrynge a gode hepe of hem þorw a cloþe; nym Vele, hew it & grynd it smal, & caste þer-to; nym gode Spycery an [supplied by ed.] Sugre, & caste þer- [leaf 22 bk.] to; take Wastilbrede & grate it, & ?olkys of Eyroun, & lye it vppe þer-with, & caste gode pouder of Spycery þer-an a-bouen; & þan serue it forth.

Cxxiij. Strawberye - Take Strawberys, & waysshe hem in tyme of ?ere in gode red wyne; þan strayne þorwe a cloþe, & do hem in a potte with gode Almaunde mylke, a-lay it with Amyndoun oþer with þe flowre of Rys, & make it chargeaunt and lat it boyle, and do þer-in Roysonys of coraunce, Safroun, Pepir, Sugre grete plente, pouder Gyngere, Canel, Galyngale; poynte it with Vynegre, & a lytil whyte grece put þer-to; coloure it with Alkenade, & droppe it a-bowte, plante it with þe graynys of Pome-garnad, & þan serue it forth.

Cxxiiij. Chyryoun - Take Chyryis, & pike out þe stonys, waysshe hem clene in wyne, þan wryng hem þorw a cloþe, & do it on a potte, & do þer-to whyte grece a quantyte, & a partye of Floure of Rys, & make it chargeaunt; do þer-to hwyte Hony or Sugre, poynte it with Venegre; A-force it with stronge pouder of Canelle & of Galyngale, & a-lye it with a grete porcyoun of ?olkys of Eyroun?; coloure it with Safroun or Saunderys; & whan þou seruyste in, plante it with Chyrioun, & serue forth.

Cxxv. Vyolette - Take Flourys of Vyolet, boyle hem, presse hem, bray hem smal, temper hem vppe with Almaunde mylke, or gode Cowe Mylke, a-lye it with Amyndoun or Flowre of Rys; take Sugre y-now, an putte þer-to, or hony in defaute; coloure it with þe same þat þe flowrys be on y-peyntid a-boue.

Cxxvj. Rede Rose - Take þe same, saue a-lye it with þe ?olkys of eyroun, & forþer-more as vyolet.

Cxxvij. Prymerose - Ry?th as vyolette.

Cxxviij. Flowrys of hawþorn - In þe same maner as vyolet.
[leaf 23.]

Cxxix. A potage on a Fysdaye - Take an sethe an .ij. or .iij. Applys y-parede, & strayne hem þorw a straynoure, & Flowre of Rys þer-with; þan take þat whyte Wyne, & strayne it with-alle; þan loke þat it be nowt y-bounde to moche with þe Floure of Rys, þan ?if it a-boyle; þen caste þer-to Saunderys & Safroun, & loke it be marbylle; - . [i.e. variegated. ] þan take Roysonys of corauns, & caste þer-on, & Almaundys y-schredyd þer-on y-nowe; & mynce Datys Smale, & caste þer-on, & a lytil Hony to make it dowcet, or ellys Sugre; þenne caste þer-to Maces & Clowys, Pepir, Canelle, Gyngere, & oþer spycery y-now; þen take Perys, & sethe hem a lytil; þen reke hem on þe colys tyl þey ben tendyr; þan smale schrede hem rounde; & a lytil or þou serue it in, þrow hem on þe potage, & so serue hem in almost flatte, no?t Fullyche.

Cxxx. Brewes in Lentyn - Take a fewe Fygys, & seþe hem & draw hem þorw a straynoure with Wyne; þen putte þer-to a lytil Hony; þen toste Brede, & Salte it; & so broune & rennyng as Brwes, serue hem in, & straw pouder Canelle y-now þer-on atte þe dressoure, & serue it forth.

Cxxxj. A potage colde - Take Wyne, & drawe a gode þikke Milke of Almaundys with Wyne, ?if þou mayste; þen putte yt on a potte, caste þer-to Pouder Canelle & Gyngere & Saffroun; þen lat it boyle, & do it on a cloþe; & ?if þou wolt, late hym ben in dyuers colourys, þat on whyte with-owte Spyces, & þat oþer ?elow with Spicerye.

Cxxxij. Sauke - . [Sauce. ] Sarsoun - Take Almaundys, & blaunche hem, & frye hem in oyle oþer in grece, þan bray hem in a Mortere, & tempere hem with gode Almaunde mylke, & gode Wyne, & þen þe þrydde perty schal ben Sugre; & ?if it be no?t þikke y-nowe, a-lye it with Alkenade, & Florche - . [Flourish; garnish. ] it a-bouyn with Pome-garned, [leaf 23 bk.] & messe it; serue it forth.

Cxxxiij. Rapeye - Take Pykys or Tenchys, oþer freysshe Fysshe, & frye it in Oyle; þen nyme crustys of whyte brede, & Raysonys & Canelle, an bray it wyl in a mortere, & temper it vppe wyth gode wyne; þen coloure it with Canelle, or a litil Safroun: þan boyle it, & caste in hol Clowys & Quybibes, & do þe Fysshe in a dysshe, & þan serue forth.

Cxxxiiij. Apple Moyle - Nym Rys, an bray hem wyl, & temper hem with Almaunde mylke, & boyle it; & take Applys, & pare hem, an smal screde hem in mossellys; þrow on sugre y-now, & coloure it with Safroun, & caste þer-to gode pouder, & serue forth.

Cxxxv. Applade Ryalle - Take Applys, & seþe hem tylle þey ben tendyr, & þan lat hem kele; þen draw hem þorw a straynour; & on flesshe day caste þer-to gode fatte broþe of freysshe beef, an whyte grece, & Sugre, & Safroun, & gode pouder; & in a Fysshe day, take Almaunde mylke, & oyle of Olyff, & draw þer-vppe with-al a gode pouder, & serue forth. An for nede, draw it vppe with Wyne, & a lytil hony put þer-to for to make it þan dowcet; & serue it forth.

Cxxxvj. A potage of Roysons - Take Raysonys, & do a-way þe kyrnellys; & take a part of Applys, & do a-way þe corys, & þe pare, - . [? peel. ] & bray hem in a mortere, & temper hem with Almande Mylke, & melle hem with flowre of Rys, þat it be clene chargeaunt, & straw vppe-on pouder of Galyngale & of Gyngere, & serue it forth.

Cxxxvij. Chykons in dropeye - They schul ben fayre y-boylid in fayre watere tyl þey ben y-now, þen take hem fyrst, & choppe hem smal: & whan þey ben y-now, tempere vppe a gode Almaunde mylke of þe same, & with Wyne: a-lye it with Amyndon, oþer with [leaf 24.] floure of Rys: þen take fayre freysshe grece, & putte Alkenade þer-to, & gader his coloure þer-of, & ley þe quarterys .v. or .vj. in a dysshe, as it wole come a-bowte, & Salt it atte þe dressoure, sprynge with a feþer or .ij. here & þere a-bowte þe dysshe; & ?if þou lyst, put þer-on pouder of Gyngere, but no?t a-boue, but in þe potage, & þan serue forth.

Cxxxviij. Pumpes - Take an sethe a gode gobet of Porke, & no?t to lene, as tendyr as þou may; þan take hem vppe & choppe hem as smal as þou may; þan take clowes & Maces, & choppe forth with-alle, & Also choppe forth with Roysonys of coraunce; þan take hem & rolle hem as round as þou may, lyke to smale pelettys, a .ij. inches a-bowte, þan ley hem on a dysshe be hem selue; þan make a gode Almaunde mylke, & a lye it with floure of Rys, & lat it boyle wyl, but loke þat it be clene rennyng; & at þe dressoure, ley .v. pompys in a dysshe, & pore þin potage þer-on. An ?if þou wolt, sette on euery pompe a flos campy - . [? field-flower. ] flour, & a-boue straw on Sugre y-now, & Maces: & serue hem forth. And sum men make þe pellettys of vele or Beeff, but porke ys beste & fayrest.

Cxxxix. Caudel Ferry departyd with a blamanger - Take Fleysshe of Capoun, or of Porke, & hakke hem smal, & do it in a mortere an bray it wyl, & temper it vppe with capoun broþe þat it be wyl chargeaunt; þan nym mylke of Almaundys, take ?olkys of eyroun?, & Safroun, & melle hem to-gederys þat it be ?elow, & do þer-to pouder Canelle, & styke þer-on Clowis, Maces, & Quybibis, & serue forth [supplied by ed.] .

Cxl. Egredouncye - Take Porke or Beef, wheþer þe lykey, & leche it þinne þwerte; þen broyle it broun? a litel, & þen mynce it lyke Venyson; choppe it in sewe, þen caste it in [leaf 24 bk.] a potte & do þer-to Freyssh brothe; take Erbis, Oynonys, Percely & Sawge, & oþer gode erbis, þen lye it vppe with Brede; take Pepir & Safroun, pouder Canel, Vynegre, or Eysel Wyne, Broþe an Salt, & let ?et - . [It. ] boyle to-gederys, tylle þey ben y-now, & þan serue it forth rennyng.

Cxlj. Noteye - Take a gret porcyoun of Haselle leuys, & grynd in a morter as smal as þou may, whyl þat þey ben ?onge; take þan, & draw vppe a þrift Mylke of Almaundys y-blaunchyd, & temper it with Freysshe broþe; wryng out clene þe Ius of þe leuys; take Fleysshe of Porke or of Capoun, & grynd it smal, & temper it vppe with þe mylke, & caste it in a potte, & þe Ius þer-to, do it ouer þe fyre & late it boyle; take flour of Rys, & a-lye it; take & caste Sugre y-now þer-to, & Vynegre a quantyte, & pouder Gyngere, & Safroun it wel, & Salt; take smal notys, & breke hem; take þe kyrnellys, & make hem whyte, & frye hem vppe in grece; plante þer-with þin mete & serue forth.

Cxlij. Vyande Ryalle - Nyme gode Mylke of Almaundys, & do it in a potte, & sette it ouer þe fyre, & styre it tyl it boyle almost; þen take flour of Rys & of þe selue Mylke, an draw it þorwe a straynoure, & so þer-with a-lye it tylle it be Chargeaunte, & stere it faste þat it crouste no?t; þen take [gap: ] owte of grece, & caste it þorw a Skymoure, & colour þat Sewe þer-with; þan take Sugre in confyte, & caste in y-now; sesyn it with Salt & ley þre lechys in a dysshe, & caste Aneys in comfyte þer-on, & þanne serue forth.

Cxliij. Lampreys in galentyn - Take Brede, & stepe it with Wyne & Vynegre, & caste þer-to Canelle, & draw it þorw a straynoure, and do it in a potte, & caste pepir þer-to; þan take Smale Oynonys, mynce hem, frye hem in Oyle, & caste þer-to a fewe Saunderys, [leaf 25.] an let hem boyle a lytil; þen take þe lampronys & skalde hem with [gap: ] & hot watere, & sethe & boyle hem in a dysshe, & cast þe Sewe vppe-on, & serue forth for a potage.

Cxliiij. Schyconys with þe bruesse - Take halfe a dosyn Chykonys, & putte hem in-to a potte; þen putte þer-to a gode gobet of freysshe Beef, & lat hem boyle wyl; putte þer-to Percely, Sawge leuys, Sauerey, no?t to smal hakkyd; putte þer-to Safroun y-now; þen kytte þin Brewes, & skalde hem with þe same broþe; Salt it wyl; & but þou haue Beef, take Motoun, but fyrste Stuffe þin chekons in þis wyse: take & seþe hard Eyroun, & take þe ?olkys & choppe hem smal, & choppe þer-to Clowys, Maces, Hole Pepir, & Stuffe þin chekonys with-al; Also put hole gobettys & marye with ynne; Also þen dresse hem as a pertryche, & fayre coloure hem, & ley vppe-on þis browes, & serue in with Bakoun.

Cxlv. Blaunche Perreye - Take Pesyn, & waysshe hem clene, & þen take a gode quantyte of fyne leye, & putte it on a potte, & a lytil water þer-to; & whan þe ley is seþin hot, caste þe Pesyn þer-to, & þer late hem soke a gode whyle; þen take a quantyte of wollen cloþe, & rubbe hem, & þe holys - . [Hulls, shucks. ] wyl a-way; þenne take a seve or a wheterydoun, & ley þin pesyn þer-on, & go to þe water, & waysshe hem clene a-way þe holys, þen putte hem in a potte, & þey wyl alle to-falle with a lytil boylynge, to pereye, saue þe whyte Pepyn is þer-in, & þat is a gode sy?th; þen Salt hem, & serue hem forth.

Cxlvj. Ry?th so Caboges - . [ i.e. Cabbages in just the same way. ] Ben seruyd, saue men sayn it is gode Also to ley hem in a bagge ouerny?th in rennyng streme of watere, & a-morwe sette vppe watere, & when þe water is skaldyng hot, þrow hem þer on, & hoole hem in þere wyse be-forsayd, & serue fort?.
[leaf 25 bk.]

Cxlvij. Brwes in lentyn - Take Water & let boyle, and draw a lyer þer-to of Brede, of þe cromys, with wyne y-now; lete alle ben wyne almost; þen put þer-to hony a gode quantyte, þat it may ben dowcet, þan putte pouder Pepir þer-to, Clowys, Maces, and Saunderys, & Salt, & skalde þin - . [Thine. ] brewes tender, & serue forth.

Cxlviij. Whyte Pesyn in grauey - Take Whyte Pesyn, & hoole hem in þe maner as men don Caboges, or blaunche perry; þan sethe hem with Almaunde mylke vppe, putte þer-to Sugre y-now, & fryid Oynonys & Oyle, & serue forth.

Cxlix. A Potage - Take an sethe a fewe eyron? in red Wyne; þan take & draw hem þorw a straynoure with a gode mylke of Almaundys; þen caste þer-to Roysonys of Coraunce, Dates y-taylid, grete Roysonys, Pynes, pouder Pepir, Sawndrys, Clouys, Maces, Hony y-now, a lytil doucete, & Salt; þan bynde hym vppe flat with a lytyl flowre of Rys, & let hem ben Red with Saunderys, & serue hym in flatte; & ?if þou wolt, in fleyss? tyme caste vele y-choppid þer-on, not to smale.

Cl. Cawdel out of lente - Take & make a gode mylke of Almaundys y-draw vppe with wyne of Red, whyte is beterre; ?if it schal be whyte, þan strayne ?olkys of Eyroun þer-to a fewe. Put þer-to Sugre & Salt, but Sugre y-now; þen when it begynnyth to boyle, sette it out, & almost flatte; serue it then forth, & euer kepe it as whyte as þou may, & at þe dressoure droppe Alkenade þer-on, & serue forth; & ?if þou wylt haue hym chargeaunt, bynd hym vppe with fflour of [supplied by ed.] Rys, oþer with whetyn floure, it is no fors. And ?if þou wolt, coloure hym with Safroun, & straw on pouder y-now, & Sugre y-now, & serue forth.

Clj. Creme Bastarde - Take þe whyte of Eyroun a grete hepe, & putte it on a panne ful of Mylke, & let yt boyle; [leaf 26.] þen sesyn it so with Salt an hony a lytel, þen lat hit kele, & draw it þorw a straynoure, an take fayre Cowe mylke an draw yt with-all, & seson it with Sugre, & loke þat it be poynant & doucet: & serue it forth for a potage, or for a gode Bakyn mete, wheder þat þou wolt.

Clij. Capoun in Salome - Take a Capoun & skalde hym, Roste hym, þen take þikke Almaunde mylke, temper it wyth wyne Whyte oþer Red, take a lytyl Saunderys & a lytyl Safroun, & make it a marbyl coloure, & so atte þe dressoure þrow on hym in ye kychoun, & þrow þe Mylke a-boue, & þat is most commelyche, & serue forth.

Cliij. Pompys - Take Beef, Porke, or Vele, on of hem, & raw, alle to-choppe it atte þe dressoure, þan grynd hem in a morter as smal as þou may, þan caste þer-to Raw ?olkys of Eyroun, wyn, an a lytil whyte sugre [supplied by ed.]: caste also þer-to pouder Pepyr, & Macys, Clowes, Quybibys, pouder Canelle, Synamoun?, & Salt, & a lytil Safroun; þen take & make smale Pelettys round y-now, & loke þat þou haue a fayre potte of Freysshe broþe of bef or of Capoun, & euer þrow hem þer-on & lete hem sethe tyl þat þey ben y-now; þen take & draw vppe a þryfty mylke of Almaundys, with cold freysshe broþe of Bef, Vele, Moton?, oþer Capoun, & a-lye it with floure of Rys & with Spycerye; & atte þe dressoure ley þes pelettys .v. or .vj. in a dysshe, & þen pore þin sewe aneward, - . [on it. ] & serue in, or ellys make a gode þryfty Syryppe & ley þin - . [Thine. ] pelettys atte þe dressoure þer-on, & þat is gode seruyse. [gap: ] - . [four blank pages follow. ]
[leaf 27 bk.]

I. Brawn in comfyte - Take Freyssc? Brawn & sethe yt y-now, & pare it & grynde it in a mortere, & temper it with Almand mylke, & draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a potte, & caste þer-to Sugre y-now, & powder of Clowys, & let boyle; þen take floure of Canelle, & pouder of Gyngere; & þen take it out of þe potte, an putte it in a lynen cloþe & presse it, but lat it boyle so longe in þe potte tylle it be alle þikke; þan take it vppe & presse it on a cloþe, & þen leche it fayre with a knyff, but not to þinne; & þan ?if þou wolt, þou my?ht take þe Rybbys of þe bore al bare, & chete - . [Set, see Douce MS. No. 48. ] hem enlongys þorw þe lechys, an so serue forth a leche or to in euery dysshe.

ij. Blaunche Brawen - Take Freysshe Braun, & mynce hem smal, & take gode þikke mylke of Almaundys y-blaunchyde, & putte alle in-to a potte, & Sugre, & lat boyle alle to-gederys tyl it be ry?t styffe; þen caste it vppe, & caste it in a fayre cold basyn, & lette it stonde þer-in tyl it be cold; & þen leche .ij. or .iij. in a dysshe, & serue forth.

iij. Pynade - Take Hony & gode pouder Gyngere, & Galyngale, & Canelle, Pouder pepir, & graynys of parys, & boyle y-fere; þan take kyrnelys of Pynotys & caste þer-to; & take chyconys y-soþe, & hew hem in grece, & caste þer-to, & lat seþe y-fere; & þen lat droppe þer-of on a knyf; & ?if it cleuyth & wexyth hard, it ys y-now; & þen putte it on a chargere tyl it be cold, & mace - . [A. make. ] lechys, & serue with oþer metys; & ?if þou wolt make it in spycery, þen putte non chykonys þer-to.

iiij. Gyngerbrede - Take a quart of hony, & sethe it, & skeme it clene; take Safroun, pouder Pepir, & þrow þer-on; take gratyd Brede, & make it so chargeaunt - . [stiff. ] þat it wol be y-lechyd; þen take pouder Canelle, & straw þer-on y-now; þen make yt [leaf 28.] square, lyke as þou wolt leche yt; take when þou lechyst hyt, an caste Box leves a-bouyn, y-stykyd þer-on, on clowys. And ?if þou wolt haue it Red, coloure it with Saunderys y-now.

v. Leche lumbarde - Take Datys, an do a-way þe stonys, & sethe in swete Wyne; take hem vppe, an grynd hem in a mortere; draw vppe þorw a straynoure with a lytyl whyte Wyne & Sugre, And caste hem on a potte, & lete boyle tylle it be styff; þen take yt vppe, & ley it on a borde; þan take pouder of Gyngere & Canelle, & wryng it, & molde it to-gederys in þin hondys, & make it so styf þat it wolle be lechyd; & ?if it be no?t styf y-nowe, take hard ?olkys of Eyron? & kreme - . [Crimme; crumble. ] þer-on, or ellys grated brede, & make it þicke y-now; þen take clareye, & caste þer-on in maner of a Syryppe, when þou shalt serue it forth.

vj. Auter maner leche lumbarde - Take fayre Hony, and clarifi yt on þe fyre tylle it wexe hard; þen take hard ?olkys of Eyroun, & kryme4 a gode quantyte þer-to, tyl it be styf y-now; an þenne take it vppe, & ley it on a borde; þen take fayre gratyd Brede, & pouder pepir, & molde it to-gederys with þine hondys, tylle it be so styf þat it wole ben lechyd; þan leche it; þen take wyne & pouder Gyngere, Canelle, & a lytil claryfyid hony, & late renne þorw a straynour, & caste þis Syryp þer-on, when þou shalt serue it out, instede of Clerye.

vij. Soupes of Salomere - Take boylid Porke, & hew yt an grynd it; þen take cowe Mylke, & Eyroun y-swonge, & Safroun, & mynce Percely bladys, & caste þer-to, & let boyle alle y-fere; & dresse vppe-on a cloþe, & kerue þer-of smal lechys, & do hem in a dysshe; þen take almaunde mylke & flowre of Rys, and Sugre an Safroun, & boyle it alle y-fere; þen caste þin - . [Thine. ]sewe on þin - . [Thine. ] lechys, & serue forth alle hote.
[leaf 28 bk.]

viij. Lette lardes - Take kowe mylke, & do þer-to Eyroun y-swonge; þan take ry?t fatte Porke y-sothe, & hew it smalle, & sethe it; take pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, or Pepir; caste þer-to, colour it wyth Safroun, & caste all þese to-gederys, & boyle it, & gadre þe croddes to hepe with-al; þen take vppe þe croddys to hepe with Ale, & presse hem on a cloþe; þan kerue þer-of lechys, & Roste it on a gredyre, & strawe Sugre y-now alle a-bowte; & ?if þou wolt make þat on syde Rede, an þat oþer ?elow, Take Pannes, & make as I haue sayd, & coloure þat on panne with Saunderys, an þat other with Saffroune, an ley on a cloþe to-gederys, þe Rede fyrste on þe cloþe, an lat [supplied by ed.] þe ?elow be abouyn þe Rede, & presse hem to-gederys, & that on syde wol ben rede, & þat oþer ?elow. An ?if þow wolt haue it Motley, take þre pottys, & make letlardys in eche, & coloure þat on with Saunderys, & þat oþer wyth Safroune, & þe þrydde on a-nother degre, so þat þey ben dyuerse; an when þey boyle, caste al to-gederys in-to on, an stere hem a-bowte with þin hond, & þan presse hem, and he wol be Motley whan he ys lechyd.

ix. Mange Moleynne - Take Almaundys, an blaunche hem, an draw þorw a straynoure a þicke mylke in-to an potte; þan take brawn of a Capoun, an hew it smalle, an do it in a potte, an lye it with Floure of Rys; an do þer-to whyte grece, & sethe alle to-gederys; an when it is y-sothe, take vppe of þe fyre, & do þer-in Sugre y-now; þen take blaunchyd Almaundys, & frye hem, & ley .iij. lechys on a dysshe, & on euery leche prycke .iij. Almaundys; an þan serue it forth.

x. Vyaund de leche - Take whyte Wyne a god quantite, [leaf 29.] an putte it on a potte; þen putte þer-to raw ?olkys of eyroun y-tryid, & pouder of clowys, & pouder canel y-now, an Safroun y-now; þan lat it boyle tyl it be ry?th chargeaunte, an þen sette it doun; & take an sette ouer a panne of cowe milke, & þrow Saunderys y-nowe þer-on; þen make a styf poshote - . [Posset. ] of Ale; þen take þe croddys, an lat it honge on a pyn in a cloþe, an lat it cleue euer þerueowt; - . [Throughout? ]þen take þe cawdel forsayd, & melle hem to-gederys in a cloþe, with þe poshotte; - . [Posset. ] þen put þer-on Sugre, Canel, pouder Gyngere y-now; presse hem vp sware, - . [Square. ] an leche it, & serue it forth.

xj. Vyaund leche - Take cowe Mylke, & set it ouer þe fyre, & þrow þer-on Saunderys, & make a styf poshotte of Ale; þan hang þe croddys þer-of in a pynne, in a fayre cloþe, and lat it ouer-renne; þan take it & put hony þer-to, & melle it y-fere; þen feche þe croddys of þe deye, - . [Dairymaid. ] & melle hem to-gederys, & lay it on a chesefatte or it be torne, .iij. fold or iiij. fold, in lynen cloþe, & salt it, & leche it; & þanne serue it forth.

xij. Vyaund leche - Take Eyroun, þe whyte & þe ?olke, and caste hem in a morter, an breke hem wyl; þan take cowe mylke & caste þer-to, & menge hem wyl to-gederys; þan put al in a panne, & lat boyle; & with ale make it to a poshotte; þen hange þe croddys in a pynne, & let it ouer-renne; melle þe croddys with hony; þen take þe bladys of Barlyche, or of Percely, & stampe hem, & wrynge þorw a cloþe; & so alle þe grene, melle it a-mong þe croddys; þenne take þe cruddys þat comen fro þe deye, melle hem to-gederys, presse hem, & serue hem forth; an þe coloure wyl ben þan Motley.

xiij. Vyaund leche - Take a gode quantyte of Brawn, an Hony, & a lytil brede, & let sethe to-gederys pouder Pepir, Clowys, [leaf 29 bk.] Maces, an Safroun, & draw it þorwe a straynoure, & chafe it a litel, & caste it in fayre dysshis, an let it kele, & þan serue forth.

xiiij. Vyaunde leche - Take Hony a gode quantite; þen take pouder Pepir, & Safroun, & Canel, & caste þer-to; & þen caste it on a dysshe, & let it kele, & serue forth.

xv. Storioun - . [Sturgeon. ] leche - Take an howe - . [Hock. ] of vele, & let boyle, butte fyrst late hym ben stepid .ij. or .iij. owrys in clene Water to soke out þe blode, & whan it is tender y-sothe, take hym vppe as fast as þou may; þan take harde ?olkys of Eyroun redy sothe, & caste also þer-to, & pouder Pepir y-now, & also choppe a-mong þe ?ynes - . [Sinews. ] of þe fete clene y-pikyd, & a lytil Salt, nowt to moche, & presse hem on a clowte tyl a-morwe - . [To-morrow. ]; þan leche it, & lay hem in dysshis, an pore þer-on [supplied by ed.] a quantyte of Venegre, & Pepir, & Percely, & Oynonys smal mencyd, & serue forth.

xvj. Chare de wardoun leche - Take Perys, & seþe ham, & Pike ham & stampe ham, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & lye it with Bastard; þen caste hem in-to a potte, & Safroun with-al, and boyle with Maces, Clowes, pouder Canel, Quibibes, & a litel pouder Pepir, & Rolle hem vppe with Brede, þe cromes with-in þin hondys, & serue forth.

xvij. Vyaund leche [supplied by ed.] - Take calfes fete an hepe, & lat stepe in cold watere; þen boyle hem smal; þan take þe broþe & gode Milke of Almaundys, & choppe þe Syneys - . [Sinews. ] in-to þe same milk rythte smal; þan boyle it ouer þe fyre, & coloure it with Saunderys, & put Sugre y-now in-to þe potte; & ?if þou wolt haue hym of .ij. colour, þan take an coloure but half with Saunderys, & caste þat oþere half in a dysshe, & lat it kele; & whan it is cold, þen þat is y-colouryd with Saunderys, het it, & euene - . [Euenly. ] melle it hote; caste hem a-bouyn þe oþer, & lat kele, an þan serue forth. Than take Sugre, a quantyte [leaf 30.] of swete Wyne, & Blaunche pouder þer-on, & make Sawce þer-of; And so colde, ley it in þe dysshis, be-helyd, - . [Covered. ] & serue forth.

xviij. Vyaund leche - Take a Tenche, an steue hym in a potte with Wyne; when he is y-now, pyke owt þe bonys, take an stampe hem in a morter; þen take a lytil of þicke Almaunde mylke, & putte þer-to; þen take hem vppe, & putte hem in þe broþe forsayde, þat it was y-soþe in, & þat y-straynid; caste þer-to Maces, Clowes, pouder Pepir, & Pouder Canelle; þan caste Safron þer-to; þen caste him in a dysshe, & lat hem kele; þen put Vynegre, pouder Gyngere, Canel y-now in ye botmond - . [ Bottom. ] þer-of, vnneþe y-helyd. - . [Scarcely covered. ]

xix. Pome dorres - Take Fylettys of Raw porke, & grynd hem wyl; do Salt and [supplied by ed.] pouder Pepir þer-to; þan take þe Whyte of the Eyroun and [supplied by ed.] þrow þer-to, & make hem so hard þat þey mow ben Rosted on a Spete; make hem round as an Appil: make fyre with-owte smoke; þen take Almaunde mylke, & y-bontyd - . [Bolted, sifted. ] flour, do hem to-gederys; take Sugre, & putte in þin - . [Thine. ] bature; þen dore hem with sum grene þing, percely or ?olkys of Eyroun, to-geder, þat þey ben grene; & be wyl war þat þey ben nowt Browne; & sum men boyle hem in freysshe broþ or þey ben spetid; & whan þey ben so boylid, þen þey must ben sette an kelid, & þan Spete hem, & dore hem with ?olkys of Eyroun y-mengyd with þe Ius of haselle leuys.

xx. Yrchouns - Take Piggis mawys, & skalde hem wel; take groundyn Porke, & knede it with Spicerye, with pouder Gyngere, & Salt & Sugre; do it on þe mawe, but fille it nowt to fulle; þen sewe hem with a fayre þrede, & putte hem in a Spete as men don piggys; take blaunchid Almaundys, & kerf hem long, smal, & scharpe, & frye hem in grece & sugre; take a litel prycke, & prykke þe yrchons, An putte in þe holes þe Almaundys, every hole half, & eche fro oþer; ley hem þen to þe fyre; when þey ben rostid, dore hem sum wyth [leaf 30 bk.] Whete Flowre, & mylke of Almaundys, sum grene, sum blake with Blode, & lat hem nowt browne to moche, & serue forth.

xxj. An Entrayle - Take a chepis wombe; take Polettys y-rostyd, & hew hem; þen take Porke, chese, & Spicery, & do it on a morter, & grynd alle y-fere; þen take it vppe with Eyroun y-swonge, & do in þe wombe, & Salt, & seþe hem tyl he be y-nowe, & serue forth.

xxij. For to make floure Rys - Take Rys, an lese hem clene; þen drow hem wyl in þe Sonne, þat þey ben drye; þan bray hem smal y-now; & þerow a crees bunte syfte hem, & for defaute of a bonte, take a Renge. - . [Ring strainer. ]

xxiij. Pome-Garnez - Take lene Raw Porke, & lene raw Flesshe of hennys, & raw eyroun, & rent þe flesshe fro þe bonys, & hew it smal; take þanne Salt, Gyngere, & Safroun, Salt, Galyngale, þer-of y-now, & caste it in a morter, & bray it smal; take þan þin fleysshe, & caste it in-to þat morter to þe Spycery, & þat it be wyl y-grounde; þanne make þer-of pelettys, as it were Applys, be-twene þin hondys; loke þou haue a fayre panne sething ouere þe fyre, & do þer-on þin pelettys, & late hem nowt sethe to swythe, & þan lat hem kele; & whan þey ben cold, ?if hem a fayre spete of haselle, & be-twyn euery, loke þer be an ynche, & lay hem to þe fyre: & þan make þin baturys, þe on grene, & þat oþer ?elow; þe grene of Percely.

xxiiij. Waffres - Take þe Wombe of A luce, & seþe here wyl, & do it on a morter, & tender chese þer-to, grynde hem y-fere; þan take flowre an whyte of Eyroun & bete to-gedere, þen take Sugre an pouder of Gyngere, & do al to-gederys, & loke þat þin Eyroun ben hote, & ley þer-on of þin paste, & þan make þin waffrys, & serue yn.
[leaf 31.]

xxv. Hagws of a schepe - Take þe Roppis - . [Guts. ] with þe talour, - . [Tallow; fat. ] & parboyle hem; þan hakke hem smal; grynd pepir, & Safroun, & brede, & ?olkys of Eyroun, & Raw kreme or swete Mylke: do al to-gederys, & do in þe grete wombe of þe Schepe, þat is, the mawe; & þan seþe hym an serue forth ynne.

xxvj. Frawnchemyle - Nym Eyroun with þe whyte, & gratid Brede, & chepis talow, Also grete as dyse; nym Pepir, Safroun, & grynd alle to-gederys, & do in þe wombe of þe chepe, þat is, þe mawe; & seþe hem wyl, & serue forth.

xxvij. Appraylere - Take þe fleysshe of þe lene Porke, & seþe it wel: & whan it is soþe, hew it smal; nym þan Safroun, Gyngere, Canel, Salt, Galyngale, old chese, myid - . [Crumbed. ] Brede, & bray it smal on a morter; caste þin - . [Thine. ]fleysshe in to þe spicery, & loke þat it be wil y-ground, & temper it vppe with raw Eyroun; þan take a longe Pecher, al a-bowte ouer alle þat it be ransched; - . [Rinsed. ] þan held - . [Cast. ] out þin grece, & fulle þi Pechir of þin farsure, & take a pese of fayre Canneuas, & doble it as moche as þou may ceuyr þe mouþe with-al, & bynd it fast a-bowte þe berde, - . [Rim. ] & caste hym to seþe with þin grete Fleysshe, in lede oþer in Cauderoun, for it be wyl soþin; take þen vppe þin Pecher, & breke it, an saf þin farsure; & haue a fayre broche, & broche it þorw, & lay it to þe fyre; & þan haue a gode Bature of Spicerye, Safroun, Galyngale, Canel, & þer-of y-now, & flowre, & grynd smal in a morter, & temper it vp with raw Eyroun, & do þer-to Sugre of Alisaunder - . [Alexandria. ] y-now; & euer as it dryit, baste it with bature, & sette forth in seruyce.

xxviij. Cokyntryce - Take a Capoun, & skald hym, & draw hem clene, & smyte hem a-to in þe waste ouerþwart; take a Pigge, & skald hym, & draw hym in þe same maner, & smyte hem also in þe waste; take a nedyl & a þrede, & sewe þe fore partye of the [leaf 31 bk.] Capoun to þe After parti of þe Pygge; & þe fore partye of þe Pigge, to þe hynder party of þe Capoun, & þan stuffe hem as þou stuffyst a Pigge; putte hem on a spete, & Roste hym: & whan he is y-now, dore hem with ?olkys of Eyroun, & pouder Gyngere & Safroun, þenne wyth þe Ius of Percely with-owte; & þan serue it forth for a ryal mete.

xxix. Milke Rostys - Take swete Mylke, an do it in a panne; take Eyroun with alle þe whyte, & swenge hem, & caste þer-to; colour it with Safroun, & boyle it so þat it wexe þikke; þan draw it þorw a straynoure, & nym that leuyth, - . [Take what remains. ] & presse it: & whan it is cold, larde it, & schere on schevres, - . [Shivers; thin strips. ] & roste it on a Gredelle, & serue forth [supplied by ed.] .

xxx. Alows de Beef or de Motoun - Take fayre Bef of þe quyschons, - . [Cushions. ] & motoun of þe bottes, & kytte in þe maner of Stekys; þan take raw Percely, & Oynonys smal y-scredde, & ?olkys of Eyroun soþe hard, & Marow or swette, & hew alle þes to-geder smal; þan caste þer-on poudere of Gyngere & Saffroun, & tolle hem to-gederys with þin hond, & lay hem on þe Stekys al a-brode, & caste Salt þer-to; þen rolle to-gederys, & putte hem on a round spete, & roste hem til þey ben y-now; þan lay hem in a dysshe, & pore þer-on Vynegre & a lityl verious, & pouder Pepir þer-on y-now, & Gyngere, & Canelle, & a fewe ?olkys of hard Eyroun y-kremyd þer-on; & serue forth.

xxxj. To make Stekys of venson? or bef - Take Venyson or Bef, & leche & gredyl it vp broun; þen take Vynegre & a litel verious, & a lytil Wyne, & putte pouder perpir þer-on y-now, and pouder Gyngere; & atte þe dressoure straw on pouder Canelle y-now, þat þe stekys be al y-helid þer-wyth, & but a litel Sawce; & þan serue it forth.

xxxij. A Siryppe pur vn pestelle - Take gode Wyne, & a-lye yt [leaf 32.] with raw ?olkys of Eyroun; þan late hem boyle to-gederys a whyle; þen put pouder Pepir, & þrow it þer-on; loke þat it be bytyng of Pepir. Take Clowys, macys, Safroun, & caste þer-to; & atte þe dressoure þorw on þin Sirip on þi pestelle, & kreme hard ?olkys of Eyroun þer-to, & serue forth. [ forht ].

xxxiij. Pygge y-farsyd - Take raw Eyroun, & draw hem þorw a straynoure; þan grate fayre brede; take Safroun & Salt, & pouder of Pepir, & Swet of a schepe, & melle alle to-gederys in a fayre bolle; þen broche þin Pygge; þen farce hym, & sewe þe hole, & lat hym roste; & þan serue forth.

xxxiiij. Poddyng of Capoun necke - Take Percely, gysour, & þe leuer of þe herte, & perboyle in fayre water; þan choppe hem smal, & put raw ?olkys of Eyroun .ij. or .iij. þer-to, & choppe for-with. Take Maces & Clowes, & put þer-to, & Safroun, & a lytil pouder Pepir, & Salt; & fille hym vppe & sew hym, & lay him a-long on þe capon Bakke, & prycke hym þer-on, and roste hym, & serue forth.

xxxv. Capoun or gos farced - Take Percely, & Swynys grece, or Sewet of a schepe, & parboyle hem to-gederys til þey ben tendyr; þan take harde ?olkys of Eyroun, & choppe for-with; caste þer-to Pouder Pepir, Gyngere, Canel, Safroun, & Salt, & grapis in tyme of ?ere, & clowys y-nowe; & for defawte of grapis, Oynons, fyrst wil y-boylid, & afterward alle to-choppyd, & so stuffe hym & roste hym, & serue hym forth. And ?if þe lust, take a litil Porke y-sode, & al to-choppe hit smal a-mong þat oþer; for it wol be þe better, & namely for þe Capoun.

xxxvj. Pokerounce - Take Hony, & caste it in a potte tyl it wexe chargeaunt y-now; take & skeme it clene. Take Gyngere, Canel, & Galyngale, & caste þer-to; take whyte Brede, & kytte to trenchours, - . [two trenchers, big slices. ] & toste ham; take þin paste whyle it is hot, & sprede it vppe- [leaf 32 bk.] on þin trenchourys with a spone, & plante it with Pynes, & serue forth.

xxxvij. Sauoge - Take Pigis fete clene y-pekyd; þan tak Freysshe broþe of Beff, & draw mylke of Almaundys, & þe Piggys þer-in; þen mence Sawge; þan grynd hym smal, & draw owt þe Ius þorw a straynoure; þan take clowys y-now, & do þer-in pouder Gyngere, & Canelle, Galyngale, Vynegre, & Sugre y-now; Salt it þan, & þanne serue forth.

xxxviij. A Kyde a-Forsyde - Take a pigge, & make hym clene, and Skynne hym, & Fylle it ful of suche mete as þou dost a capoun; þan take þe fleysshe, & vntrusse hym on a spete, in þe maner of a kede, & roste hym; & endore hym with ?olkys of Eyroun as an kede, & þan serue forth.

xxxix. Eyroun in lentyn - Take Eyroun, & blow owt þat ys with-ynne atte oþer ende; þan waysshe þe schulle clene in warme Water; þan take gode mylke of Almaundys, & sette it on þe fyre; þan take a fayre canvas, & pore þe mylke þer-on, & lat renne owt þe water; þen take it owt on þe cloþe, & gader it to-gedere with a platere; þen putte sugre y-now þer-to; þan take þe halvyndele, & colour it with Safroun, a lytil, & do þer-to pouder Canelle; þan take & do of þe whyte in the neþer ende of þe schulle, & in þe myddel þe ?olk, & fylle it vppe with þe whyte; but no?t to fulle, for goyng ouer; þan sette it in þe fyre & roste it, & serue forth.

xl. Puddyng of purpaysse - Take þe Blode of hym, & þe grece of hym self, & Ote-mele, & Salt, & Pepir, & Gyngere, & melle þese to-gederys wel, & þan putte þis in þe Gutte of þe purpays, & þan lat it seþe esyli, & not hard, a good whylys; & þan take hym vppe, & broyle hym a lytil, & þan serue forth.

xli. Raynolle? - Nym sode Porke & chese, & seþe y-fere, & caste þer-to gode pouder Pepir, Canelle, Gyngere, Clowes, Mace?, [leaf 33.] an close þin comade in dow, & frye it in freysshe grece ry?t wel; an þanne serue it forth.

xlij. Froyse in lentynne - Take Fygis & Roysonys, & grynde hem in a mortere, & draw vppe with kreme of Almaundys; þan take Rys þorw a cloþe; þan take þe Luce, an þe Perche, & þe Schrympe, & seþe hem, & do a-way þe bonys, & þe hedys, & grynde hem in an Mortere, & draw hym vppe with þe creme of þe Almaundys; þen take Rys, & do hem on a potte ouer þe fyre, Whan þey ben clene, with a lytil Watere, late hem seþe til þey ben drye, & þat þey schorge; þan take & hew on a borde, & do þer-to; þen take Sugre, & Safroun a goode quantyte, & gode pouder, & caste þer-to, & boyle it y-fere, & frye it in oyle, & make þer-of a Froyse, & serue forth.

xliij. Payn pur-dew - Take fayre ?olkys of Eyroun, & trye hem fro þe whyte, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & take Salt and caste þer-to; þan take fayre brede, & kytte it as trounde? rounde; þan take fayre Boter þat is claryfiyd, or ellys fayre Freysshe grece, & putte it on a potte, & make it hote; þan take & wete wyl þin trounde? in þe ?olkys, & putte hem in þe panne, an so frye hem vppe; but ware of cleuyng to the panne; & whan it is fryid, ley hem on a dysshe, & ley Sugre y-nowe þer-on, & þanne serue it forth [ forht ].

xliiij. Meselade. - . [See Malesade in Douce MS. ]-Take Eyroun, þe ?olkys an þe whyte to-gedere, & draw hem þorw a straynoure; & þan take a litil Botere, & caste in a fayre frying panne; & whan þe boter is hot, take þe drawyn Eyroun, & caste þer-to; þan take a Sawcere, an gadre þe Eyroun to-gedere in þe panne, as it were þe brede of a pewter dysshe; & þan take fayre pece? of Brede, þe mountance of a mosselle of Brede, vppe-on þe Eyroun, & turne þan thy [supplied by ed.] brede downward in þe panne; þanne [leaf 33 bk.] take it of þe panne, & caste fayre whyte Sugre þer-to, & serue forth; an to euery good meslade take a þowsand Eyroun or mo.

xlv. Brawune frye? - Take Brawune, & kytte it þinne; þan take þe ?olkys of Eyroun, & sum of þe whyte þer-with; þan take mengyd Flowre, an draw þe Eyroun þorw a straynoure; þen take a gode quantyte of Sugre, Saferoun, & Salt, & caste þer-to, & take a fayre panne with Freyssche gres, & set ouer þe fyre; & whan þe grece is hote, take þe Brawn, an putte in bature, & turne it wyl þer-yn, an þan putte it on þe panne with þe grece, & late frye to-gederys a lytil whyle; þan take it vppe in-to a fayre dyssche, & caste Sugre þer-on, & þan serue forth.

xlvj. Longe Fretoure - Take Milke, an make fayre croddes þer-of, in þe maner of a chese al tendyr; þan take owt þe whey as clene as þou may, & putte it on a bolle; þan take ?olkys of Eyroun & Ale, & menge floure, & cast þer-to, a gode quantyte, & draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a fayre vesselle; þan take a panne with fayre grece, & hete it on þe fyre, but lat it nowt boyle, & þan ley þin creme a-brode; þan take a knyff, & kytte a quantyte þer-of fro þe borde in-to þe panne, & efte a-noþer, & let it frye; & whan it is brownne, take it vppe in-to a fayre dyssche, and caste Sugre y-now þer-on, & serue forth.

xlvij. Rapeye - Take dow, & make þer-of a þinne kake; þanne take Fygys & raysonys smal y-grounde, & temper hem with Almaunde Milke; take pouder of Pepir, & of Galyngale, Clowes, & menge to-gederys, & ley on þin kake a-long as bene koddys, & ouer-caste þin kake to-gederys, & dewte on þe eggys, an frye in Oyle, & serue forth.

xlviij. Ryschewys in lente - Take Fygys & sethe hem uppe in Ale; þan take whan þey ben tendyr, & bray hem smal on a Mortere; [leaf 34] þan take Almaundys, & schrede hem þer-to smal; take Perys, & schrede hem þer-to; take datys, & schrede hem þer-to; & nym Milwel or lenge, þat is wel y-wateryd, & tese þer-to; þan make þin farsure, & rolle a-long in þin hond, & ley hem in flowre; þan make þin bature with ale & Floure, & frye hem vppe brown in Oyle; ry?t so, make round-lyke Fretourys in þe maner be-for-sayd, & frye hem vppe, & þat ben y-clepid Ragons, & þanne serue hem forth.

xlix. Hanoney - Take an draw þe Whyte & þe ?olkys of þe Eyroun þorw a straynoure; þan take Oynonys, & schrede hem smal; þan take fayre Boter or grece, & vnneþe kyuer þe panne þer-with, an frye þe Oynonys, & þan caste þe Eyroun in þe panne, & breke þe Eyrouns & þe Oynonys to-gederys; an þan lat hem frye to-gederys a litel whyle; þan take hem vp, an serue forth alle to-broke to-gederys on a fayre dyssche.

l. Hagas de Almaynne - Take Fayre Eyroun, þe ?olke & þe Whyte, & draw hem þorw a straynour; þan take Fayre Percely, & parboyle it in a potte with boyling broþe; þan take þe ?olkys of Eyroun hard y-sothe, & hew þe ?olkys & þe Percely smal to-gederys; þan take Sugre, pouder Gyngere, Salt, & caste þer-to; þen take merow, & putte it on a straynourys ende, & lat hange in-to a boyling potte; & parboyle it, & take it vppe, & let it kele, & þan kytte it in smal pecys; þan take þe drawyn Eyroun, & put hem in a panne al a-brode, & vnneþe ony grece in þe panne, & cowche ye ?olkys & þe Percely þer-on in þe panne, & þan cowche of þe Marow pecys þer-on, & þan fold vppe eche kake by-neþe eche corner in .iiij. square, as platte, and turne it on þe panne one?; let lye a litel whyle; þan take it vp & serue forth.
[leaf 34 bk.]

lj. Cryspe? - Take Whyte of Eyroun, Mylke, & Floure, & a lytel Berme, & bete it to-gederys, & draw it þorw a straynoure, so þat it be renneng, & not to styf, & caste Sugre þer-to, & Salt; þanne take a chafer ful of freysshe grece boyling, & put þin hond in þe Bature, & lat þin bature renne dowun by þin fyngerys in-to þe chafere; & whan it is ronne to-gedere on þe chafere, & is y-now, take & nym a skymer, & take it vp, & lat al þe grece renne owt, & put it on a fayre dyssche, & cast þer-on Sugre y-now, & serue forth.

lij. Ryschewys of Marow - Take fayre Flowre & raw ?olkys of Eyroun, & Sugre, & Salt, & pouder of Gyngere, & Safroun, & make fayre cakes; & þan take marow, Sugre, & pouder of Gyngere, & ley it on þin cake, & fold hem to-gederys, & kytte hem in þe maner of Rysschewes, & frye hem in freyssche grece, & þanne serue forth.

liij. Lesynges de chare - Take fayre Buttys of Porke; hewe hem, & grynd hem, & caste þer-to Raw ?olkys of Eyroun, & þen putte it in-to a fayre Vesselle; & take Roysonys of corauns, & dates myncyd, & pouder of Gyngere, Pepir, & Safroun, & Sugre, an melle all þes to-gederys; & make fayre past of Sugre & Safroun, & Salt; temper þer-in, & make .ij. fayre flat cakys þer-of, & lay þe stuf þer-on al a-brode on þe cake al flat; & þan take þat oþer cake, & lay hym al a-brode þer-on; & þan kytte the [supplied by ed.] cakys þorw with an knyf in maner of lesyngys; & þan make fayre bature of Raw ?olkys of Eyroun, Sugre, & Salt, & close þe sydys of þe lesyng? þer-with, & þan frye hem in fayre grece, & serue forth.

liiij. Fretoure - Take whete floure, Ale ?est, Safroun, & Salt, & bete alle to-gederys as þikke as þou schuldyst make oþer bature in fleyssche tyme; & þan take fayre Applys, & kut hem in maner [leaf 35.] of Fretourys, & wete hem in þe bature vp on downne, & frye hem in fayre Oyle, & caste hem in a dyssche; & caste Sugre þer-on, & serue forth.

lv. Chawettys Fryidde - Take & make fayre past of flowre & water, Sugre, & Safroun, & Salt; & þan make fayre round cofyns þer-of; & þen fylle þin cofyns with þin stuf, & keuere þin cofyns with þe same past, & frye hem in gode Oyle, & serue forth.

lvj. Tansye - Take fayre Tansye, & grynd in a morter; þanne take Eyroun, þe ?olkys & þe whyte, & strayne hem þorw a straynoure; & strayne also þe Ius of þe Tansye, & melle to-gederes; & take fayre Freysche grece, & put þer-on ouer þe fyre, tylle it melte; þan caste þe stuf þer-on, & gadere to-gedere with a Sawcer or a dysshe, as þou wolt it, lasse oþer more, & turne it in þe panne; & þan serue it forth.

lvij. Froyse out of Lentyn - Take Eyroun & draw þe ?olkes & þe whyte þorw a straynoure; þan take fayre Bef or vele, & sethe it tyl it be y-now; þan hew cold oþer hote, & melle to-gederys þe eggys, þe Bef, or vele, & caste þer-to Safroun, & Salt, & pouder of Pepir, & melle it to-gederys; þan take a fayre Frying-panne, & sette it ouer þe fyre, & caste þer-on fayre freysshe grece, & make it hot, & caste þe stuf þer-on, & stere it wel in þe panne tyl it come to-gederys wel; cast on þe panne a dysshe & presse it to-gederys, & turne it onys, & þanne serue it forth.

lviij. Ryschewys close & Fryez - Take Fygys, & grynd hem smal in a mortere with a lytil Oyle, & grynd with hym clowys & Maces; & þan take it vppe in-to a vesselle, & cast þer-to Pynez, Saundrys, & Roysonys of Coraunce, & mencyd Datys, Pouder Pepir, Canel, Salt, Safroun; [leaf 35 bk.] þan take fyne past of flowre an water, Sugre, Safroun, & Salt, & make fayre cakys þer-of; þan rolle þin stuf in þin hond, & couche it in þe cakys, & kyt it, & folde hym as Ruschewys, & frye hem vppe in Oyle; and serue forth hote.

lix. - . [? MS. N or M. ]Nese Bekys - Take Fygys & grynd hem wel; þan take FreysscheSamoun & goode Freyssche Elys wyl y-sothe, & pyke owt þe bonys, & grynd þe Fyssche with þe Fygis, & do þer-to powder Gyngere, Canelle; & take fayre past of [supplied by ed.] Flowre, & make fayre cakys ryth þinne, & take of þe fars, & lay on þe cake, & close with a-noþer; þen take a Sawcere, & skoure þe sydis, & close þe cake, & Frye hem wyl in Oyle; & ?if þou wolt haue hym partye, coloure hym with Safroun, Percely, & Sawnderys; & serue forth for a gode fryid mete.

lx. Myle? in Rapeye - Take Fygys & wasche hem clene, and boyle hem in wyne, & grynd hem smal, & draw hem vppe with þe Wyne þat þey were sothyn in; þan take flowre of Rys, & Wyne, & draw þorw a straynoure, & do þer-to pouder Gynger, Canelle, Mace?, Quybibe?, & þen take Freyssche Samoun, oþer Pike or gode Freyssche Codlyng; seþe it wyl, & pike owt þe bonys; þan take perys y-coryd, & grynde hem ry?th smal & wyl with þe Fyssche; þan take hard ?olkys of Eyroun soþin, & grynd it wyth-al, & do it in-to þin veselle, & take with Sugre & pouder Gynger, & meng it with þe farcere - . [Farcure; stuffing. ] wyl, & presse hem to-gederys; þan make a gode bature of Almaunde mylke & Floure, & do þer-in, & frye hem wyl in Oyle, & ley hem yn a dyssche, & pore on þe Sew, & serue forth.

lxj. Cruste Rolle - Take fayre smal Flowre of whete; nym Eyroun & breke þer-to, & coloure þe past with Safroun; rolle it on a borde also þinne as parchement, rounde a-bowte as [leaf 36.] an oblye; - . [Oble, sacramental wafer.] frye hem, & serue forth; and þus may do in lente, but do away þe Eyroun, & nym mylke of Almaundys, & frye hem in Oyle, & þen serue forth.

lxij. Chawettys a-forsed - Take Merybonys & Porke; hew it an Raw ?olkys of Eyroun, & melle to-gederys with pouder Canelle, Pepir, Gyngere, & Safroun, & Sugre y-now; kyuere hem, frye hem vp in Grece, & serue forth.

lxiij. Fretoure owt of lente - Take Flowre, Milke, & Eyroun, & grynd Pepir & Safroun, & make þer-of a bature; pare Applys, & ster hem, & frye hem vppe.

lxiiij. Towres - Take & make a gode þikke bature of ?olkys of Eyroun, & marow y-now þer-on, pouder pepir, Mace?, clowes, Safroun, Sugre, & Salt; & ?if þou wolt, a litel soþe Porke or vele y-choppid; þer-to take þen þe whyte of Eyroun, & strayne hem in-to a bolle; þan putte a lytil Saffroun & Salt to þe whyte, & sette a panne with grece ouer þe fyre, & be-war þat þin grece be nowt to hote; þan putte a litel of þe Whyte comade in þe panne, & late flete al a-brode as þou makyst a pancake; þen, whan it is sumwhat styf, ley þin comade of þin Eyroun, þat is to saying, of þe ?olkys, in þe myddel, & caste by þe cake round a-bowte, & close hym foure-square, & fry hem vp, & serue hem forth for Soperys in Somere. [gap: ] - . [four pages and a quarter blank here in the MS. ]
[leaf 37 bk.]

I. Tartes de chare - Take Freyssche Porke, & hew it, & grynd it on a mortere; & take it vppe in-to a fayre vesselle; & take þe whyte an þe ?olkys of Eyroun, & strayne into a Vesselle þorw a straynoure, & tempere þin Porke þer-with; þan take Pynez, Roysonys of Coraunce, & frye hem in freysshe grece, & caste þer-to pouder Pepir, & Gyngere, Canelle, Sugre, Safroun, & Salt, & caste þer-to, & do it on a cofynne, & plante þin cofynne a-boue with Pyne?, & kyt Datys, & gret Roysonys, & smal byrdys, or ellys hard ?olkys of Eyroun; & ?if þou take byrdys, frye hem on a lytel grece or þow putte hem on þin cofynne, & endore with ?olkys of Eyroun, & Safroun, & lat bake til it be y-now, & serue forth.

ij. A-noþer manere - Take Fygys, Roysonys, & Porke, & a lytel brede y-ground y-fere; take hym vppe, & put Pepir y-now þer-to, & Mace?, Clowys, & make þin cofyn, & putte þin comade þer-on.

iij. A-noþer manere - Tak fayre porke y-broylid, & grynd it smal with ?olkys of Eyroun; þan take Pepir, Gyngere, & grynd it smal, & melle it with-al, & a lytel hony, & floryssche þin cofyns with-ynne & with-owte, & hele hem with þin ledys, - . [Lids. ] & late hem bake, & serue forth.

iiij. Daryoles - Take wyne & Fressche broþe, Clowes, Maces, & Marow, & pouder of Gyngere, & Safroun, & let al boyle to-gederys, & put þer-to creme, (& ?if it be clowtys, draw it þorwe a straynoure,) & ?olkys of Eyroun, & melle hem to-gederys, & pore þe licoure þat þe Marow was soþyn yn þer-to; þan make fayre cofyns of fayre past, & put þe Marow þer-yn, & mynce datys, & strawberys in tyme of ?ere, & put þe cofyns [leaf 38.] in þe ovyn, & late hem harde a lytel; þan take hem owt, & put þe licoure þer-to, & late hem bake, & serue forth.

v. A-nother manere - Take Pike, Almaunde Milke, & boyle yt þikke, & let it kele; þan take Eyroun & chese, & grynd y-fere, & do þer-to; take pouder Sugre & caste þer-to, & put in þin cofyns, & no?t y-helyd, & bake, & serue forth.

vj. Tartes of Fyssche - Take Fygys, & Roysoynys, & pike an sethe in Wyne; þan take Costardys, Perys, & pare hem clene, & pike out þe core, & putte hem in a morter with þe frute; þen tak Codlyng or haddok, oþer Elys, & seþe hem & pike owt þe bonys, & grynd alle y-fere, & do þer-to a lytel wyne, & melle to-gederys: an do þer-to Canelle, Clowys, Mace?, Quybibe?, pouder Gyngere, & of Galyngale, & pepir, & Roysonys of coraunce, and coloure it with Safroun. When þou makyst þin cofyns, þan take gode fat Ele, & culpe hym, & take owt þe stonys of Datys, & farce hem; & blaunche Almaundys, & caste þer-to; but fyrste frye hem in Oyle, & couche al þis a-mong, & bete þin cofyns with þe ledys, & bake, & serue forth.

vij. Chawettys - Take buttys of Vele, & mynce hem smal, or Porke, & put on a potte; take Wyne, & caste þer-to pouder of Gyngere, Pepir, & Safroun, & Salt, & a lytel verþous, - . [verjuice. ] & do hem in a cofyn with ?olkys of Eyroun, & kutte Datys & Roysonys of Coraunce, Clowys, Mace?, & þen ceuere þin cofyn, & lat it bake tyl it be y-now.

viij. Chawettys - Take Porke y-sode, & mencyd Datys, and grynd hem smal to-gederys; take ?olkys of Eyroun, & putte þer-to a gode hepe, & grene chese putte þer-to; & whan it ys smal y-now, take Gyngere, Canelle, & melle wyl þi commade þer-with, & put in þin cofyns; þan take ?olkys of Eyroun [leaf 38 bk.] hard y-sothe, an kerue hem in two, & ley a-boue, & bake hem; & so no?t y-closyd, serue forth.

ix. Malmenye Furne? - Take gode Milke of Almaundys, & flowre of Rys, & gode Wyne crete, or þe brawn of a Capoune, oþer of Fesaunte, & Sugre, & pouder Gyngere, & Galyngale, & of Canelle, & boyle y-fere; & make it chargeaunt, & coloure it with Alkenade, oþer with Saunderys; & ?if it be Red, a-lye it with ?olkys of Eyroun; & make smal cofyns of dow, & coloure hem with-owte, & bake on an ovyn, & coloure with-ynne & wyth-oute; þen haue Hony y-boylid hote, & take a dyssche, & wete þin dyssche in þe hony, & with þe wete dyssche ley þe malmenye & þe cofyns; & whan þey ben bake, & þou dressest yn, caste a-boue blaunche pouder, Quybibe?, mace?, Gelofre?; & þanne serue it forth.

x. Rapeye - Take Dow, & make þer-of a brode þin cake; þen take Fygys & Roysonys smal y-grounde, & fyrst y-sode, An a pece of Milwelle or lenge y-braid with-al; & take pouder of Pepir, Galyngale, Clowe?, & mence to-gedere, & ley þin comede on þe cake in þe maner of a benecodde, y-rollyd with þin hond; þan ouer-caste thy cake ouer þi comade, as it wol by-clippe hit; & with a sawcere brerde go round as þe comade lyith, & kutte hem, & so he is kut & close with-al, & bake or frye it, & þanne serue it forth.

xj. Tartes of Frute in lente - Take Fygys & sethe hem wyl tyl þey ben neyssche; þan bray hem in a morter, & a pece of Milwel þer-with; take ham vppe & caste roysonys of coraunce þer-to; þan take Almaundys & Dates y-schred þer-to; þan take pouder of Pepir & meng with-al; þen putte it on þin cofynne, & Safroun þin cofynn a-boue, & opyn hem a-bowte þe myddel; & ouer-cast þe openyng vppon þe lede, - . [lid. ] & bake hym a lytel, & serue forth.
[leaf 39.]

xij. Vn Vyaunde Furne? san? noum de chare - Take stronge Dow, & make a cake sumdele þicke, & make it tow; þan take larde? of Venysoun, or a bere, or of a Bere, & kerue hem þinne as Fylettes of Porke, & lay þin lardys square as a chekyr, & ley þer-vppe a tyne y-makyd of Eyroun vppe-on þe tyne; ley þin farsure, y-makyd of Hennys, & of Porke, of Eyroun, & myid brede, & Salt, & chese, yf þou it hast; & þat it be makkyd at .iiij. tymes. Fyrst make þus þin whyte farsure: grynd in a mortere, Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale; take then almaundys & floure of Rys, and a party of Fleysshe, & caste ther-to in a mortere, & grynd ry?th smal, & temper it with Eyroun. þus make þin ?elow Farsure: nym Safroun, Gyngere, Canel, Galyngale, Brede, & a partye of þin Fleyssche, & grynd it smal in þe mortere, & temper it vppe with Eyroun. The þryd maner schal ben blake: nym Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, Brede, Eyroun, & Old chese; nym þan Percely, & grynd it smal in a mortere, & wryng it & do it vppe; & do it to þin Fleyssche, & þer-with coloure þin fayre partye of Fleyssche, & ley a party of þin Fleyssche on .iiij. quarterys, but þat þe brede be as þin cake; take þen & ley þer-vppe-on þin Fleyssche, & lay þer-vppe-on a grece; a-boue þin grece ley þi cyvey; nym þin þridde cours of þin Flessche, & lay as brode as þin cake, & þan grece, & þer a-bouyn, a cyvey. Ά ley þe iiij. course of þin Fleyssche on .iiij. quarterys as brode as þin cake, & þan grece, & þan a-boue, a cyuey. The .v. cours of þin Fleyssche, ley as brode as þine cake, & þen grece, & þan aboue, a cyuey. Nym þe .vj. cours, & lay as brode as þin cake, & þan grece, & þan a cyuey. Nym þe .viij. cours of þe Fleysshe, & lay as brode as þin cake on .iiij. quarterys, & grece, & þan a cyvey; & a lytel bake hem, & serue forth.
[leaf 39 back.]

xiij. Vn Vyaunde furnez san? nom de chare - Take flowre, Almaunde milke, & Safroune, & make þer-of .iiij. tynez, & frye þi tynez in Oyle; nym þen Almaundys, & draw þer-of mylke ry?t þikke; nym mace?, Quybibe?, & floure of Rys, Canelle, Galyngale; take þenne haddok, Creue?, Perchys, Tenche?, & seþe; whan þey ben sothyn, take þin fyssche from þe bonys, & bray it ry?t smal with þin Spicerye to-gederys, & make þer-of þin farsure. Whan it is y-makyd, departe it in .iiij. partyis, þat o partye whyte, þat oþer ?elow, þe þrydde grene, þe ferþe blak coloure with Fygys, Roysonys, an Datys; take þe firste cours of þe Fyssche, of al þe .iiij. cours, & ley on þin cyvey a-bouyn þin Fyssche, in .iiij. quarterys, as a chekyr, as brode as þin cake, & caste a-bouyn Sugre of Alysaundre, & þer-vppe-on þine tyne. Nym an-oþer cours, & ley on þi .iiij. quarterys as brode as þin tyne, & þer-vppe-on [supplied by ed.] þin Sugre. Nym þe þrydde cours of þin Fyssche, & ley on .iiij. quarterys, & caste a-boue Sugre, & a tyne. Nym þe [supplied by ed.] .iiij. cours a-cordant to þin oþer, a-þenched - . [?pinched, A. reads, "a-þenched to-gedre aboue a hole, as a rose." ] to-geder, an a-boue a hole as a rose, & cetera.

xiiij. Pety Pernollys - Take fayre Floure, Safroun, Sugre, & Salt, & make þer-of past; þan make smal cofyns; þen take ?olkys of Eyroun, & trye hem fro þe whyte; & lat þe ?olkys be al hole, & no?t to-broke, & ley .iij. or .iiij. zolkys in a cofyn; and þan take marow of bonys, to or .iij. gobettys, & cowche in þe cofynn; þan take pouder Gyngere, Sugre, Roysonys of coraunce, & caste a-boue; & þan kyuere þin cofyn with þe same past, & bake hem, & frye hem in fayre grece, & serue forth.

xv. Doucete? - Take Creme a gode cupfulle, & put it on a straynoure; þanne take ?olkys of Eyroun & put þer-to, & a lytel mylke; þen strayne it þorw a straynoure in-to a bolle; þen take Sugre y-now, & put þer-to, or ellys hony forde faute [leaf 40.] of Sugre, þan coloure it with Safroun; þan take þin cofyns, & put in þe ovynne lere, & lat hem ben hardyd; þan take a dysshe y-fastenyd on þe pelys ende; & pore þin comade in-to þe dyssche, & fro þe dyssche in-to þe cofyns; & when þey don a-ryse wel, take hem out, & serue hem forth.

xvj. Crustade - Take vele, an smyte in lytel pecys in-to a potte, an wayssche yt fayre; þan take fayre water, & lat yt boyle to-gedere with Percely, Sawge, Sauerey, & Ysope smal y-now an hew; & whan it is on boylyng, take pouder Peper, Canell, Clowys, Maces, Safroun, & lat hem boyle to-gederys, & a gode dele of wyne þer-with. Whan þe fleyssche is y-boylid, take it fro þe broþe al clene, & lat þe broþe kele; & whan it is cold, take Eyroun, þe whyte & þe ?olkys, & cast þorw a straynoure, & put hem in-to the broþe, so many þat þe broþe be styf y-now; þen make fayre cofyns, & cowche .iij. pecys or .iiij. of þe fleyssche in a cofyn; þan take Datys, & kytte hem, & cast þer-to; þan take pouder Gyngere, & a lytel verious, & putte in-to þe broþe & Salt; & þan putte þe broþe on þe cofyns, bake a lytel with þe fleyssche or þou putte þin lycoure þer-on, & lat al bake to-gederys tyl it be y-now; þanne take [supplied by ed.] yt owt, and serue hem forth.

xvij. Crustade lumbard - Take gode Creme, & leuys of Percely, & Eyroun, þe ?olkys & þe whyte, & breke hem þer-to, & strayne þorwe a straynoure, tyl it be so styf þat it wol bere hym-self; þan take fayre Marwe, & Datys y-cutte in .ij. or .iij. & Prune?; & putte þe Datys an þe Prune? & Marwe on a fayre cofynne, y-mad of fayre past, & put þe cofyn on þe ovyn tyl it be a lytel hard; þanne draw hem out of þe ouyn; take þe lycour & putte þer-on, & fylle it vppe, & caste Sugre y-now on, & Salt; þan lat bake to-gederys tyl it be y-now; & ?if it be in lente, lef þe Eyroun & þe Marwe out, [leaf 40, back.] & þanne serue it forth.

xviij. Flathons - Take Milke an ?olkys of Eyroun, & draw it þorw a straynoure with whyte Sugre, oþer blake Sugre, & mylt fayre botter, & putte þer-to, & Salt; & make fayre cofyns, & sette hem on þe ouen tyl þey ben hard; þan take a pele with a dyssche on þe ende, & fylle þe dyssche with þin comade, & pore in-to þe cofyns, & lat bake a lytel whyle; þan take hem out in-to a fayre dyssc?, & cast whyte sugre þer-on, & serue fort?.

xix. Venyson y-bake - Take hog?es of Venyson?, & parboyle hem in fayre Water an Salt; & whan þe Fleyssche is fayre y-boylid, make fayre past, & cast þin Venyson þer-on; & caste a-boue an be-neþe, pouder Pepir, Gyngere, & Salt, & þan sette it on? þe ouyn, & lat bake, & serue forth.

xx. Pety Pernauntes - Take fayre Flowre, Sugre, Safroun, an Salt, & make þer-offe fayre past & fayre cofynges; þan take fayre y-tryid ?olkys Raw, & Sugre, an pouder Gyngere, & Raysounys of Coraunce, & myncyd Datys, but not to smal; þan caste al þis on a fayre bolle, & melle al to-gederys, & put in þin cofyn, & lat bake oþer Frye in Freyssche grece.

xxj. Quyncis or Wardouns in past - Take & make fayre Rounde cofyns of fayre past; þan take fayre Raw Quynces, & pare hem with a knyf, & take fayre out þe core þer-of; þan take Sugre y-now, & a lytel pouder Gyngere, & stoppe þe hole fulle; & cowche .ij. or .iij. wardonys or quynce? in a cofyn, & keuere hem, & lat hem bake; & for defaut of Sugre, take hony; but þen putte pouder Pepir þer-on, & Gyngere, in þe maner be-for sayd.

xxij. Lamprouns y-bake - Take lamprounys & skald hem with [gap: reason: blank in MS.], & make fayre paste, & couche .ij. or iij lamprounys with pouder of Gyngere, Salt, Pepir, & lat hem bake; & leche [leaf 41] Samoun in fayre brode pecys, & bake hem in þe maner be-forsayd, & þanne serue forth.

xxiij. Lamprays bake - Take & make fayre round cofyns of fyne past, & take Freyssche lampreys, & late hem blode .iij. fyngerys with-in þe tayle, & lat hem blede in a vesselle, & late hym deye in þe same vesselle in þe same blode; þan take broun Brede, & kyt it, & stepe it in þe Venegre, & draw þorw a straynoure; þan take þe same blode, & pouder of Canel, & cast þer-to tyl it be broun; þan caste þer-to pouder Pepir, Salt, & Wyne a lytelle, þat it be no?t to strong of venegre. An skald þe Lampray, & pare hem clene, & couche hym round on þe cofyn, tyl he be helyd; - . [covered. ] þan kyuere hym fayre with a lede, saue a lytel hole in þe myddelle, & at - . [Harl. ellys. A. ell, altered to at. ] þat hool, blow in þe cofynne with þin mowþe a gode blast of Wynde. And sodenly stoppe þe hole, þat þe wynd a-byde with-ynne, to reyse vppe þe cofynne, þat he falle nowt a-dowune; & whan he is a lytel y-hardid in þe ouen, pryke þe cofyn with a pynne y-stekyd on a roddys ende, for brekyng of þe cofynne, & þan lat bake, & serue fort? colde. And when þe lamprey is take owt of þe cofynne & etyn, take þe Syrippe in þe cofynne, & put on a chargere, & caste Wyne þer-to, an pouder Gyngere, & lat boyle in þe fyre. Than take fayre Paynemayn y-wette in Wyne, & ley þe soppis in þe cofynne of þe lamprey, & ley þe Syrippe a-boue, & ete it so hot; for it is gode lordys mete.

xxiiij. Tartes de chare - Take Freyssche Porke, & hew it; & grynd it in a mortere, & take it vppe in-to a fayre vesselle; & take þe whyte of Eyroun & þe ?olke, y-tryid þorw a straynoure; & temper þin porke þer-with; & þan take Pyne?, & Raysonys of Coraunce, & frye hem in Freyssche grece, & caste þer-to [leaf 41, bk.] pouder Pepir & Gyngere, Canel, Sugre, Safroun, Salt, & caste þer-to; & do it on a cofynne, & plante þe cofynne a-boue with Prune?, & with Datys, & gret Roysonys of Coraunce, & smal Byrdys, or ellys harde ?olkys of Eyroun; & yf þow tage - . [take. ] Byrdys, frye hem in grece or þou putte hem in þe cofyn?; & þan keuere þin cofynne; & þan endore it with ?olkys of Eyroun, & with Safroune, & late yt bake tyll it be y-now; & þan serue forth.

xxv. Rastons - Take fayre Flowre, & þe whyte of Eyroun, & þe ?olke, a lytel; þan take Warme Berme, & putte al þes to-gederys, & bete hem to-gederys with þin hond tyl it be schort & þikke y-now, & caste Sugre y-now þer-to, & þenne lat reste a whyle; þan kaste in a fayre place in þe oven, & late bake y-now; & þen with a knyf cutte yt round a-boue in maner of a crowne, & kepe þe cruste þat þou kyttyst; & þan pyke al þe cromys withynne to-gederys, an pike hem smal with þin knyf, & saue þe sydys & al þe cruste hole with-owte; & þan caste þer-in clarifiyd Boter, & Mille - . [melle A. (mix). ] þe crome? & þe botere to-gedere?, & keuere it a-?en with þe cruste, þat þou kyttest a-way; þan putte it in þe ovyn a?en a lytil tyme; & þan take it out, & serue it fort?.

xxvj. Darioles - Take Wyne, an Freyssche broþe, & Clowes, & Maces, & Marwe, pouder Gyngere, Safroun, & lat al boyle to-gederys, & Creme, (?if it be clowty, draw it þorw a straynoure,) & ?olkys of Eyroun, & melle hem to-gederys, & pore þe lycoure þat þe marwe was sothe in, þer-to; þen make fayre cofyns, & put þe Marwe þer-in, & mence Datis, & Strawberys in tyme of ?ere, & sette þe cofyns - . [Cofyns A., fyre Harl. ] in þe ovenne, & lat hem hard a lytelle, & take hem out, & put þe lycoure þer-to, & lat bake; & serue forth.

xxvij. Pye? de pare? - Take & smyte fayre buttys of Porke, & buttys of Vele, to-gederys, & put it on a fayre potte, & do þer-to Freyssche [leaf 42.] broþe, & a quantyte of wyne, & lat boyle alle to-gederys tyl yt be y-now; þan take it fro þe fyre, & lat kele a lytelle; þan caste þer-to ?olkys of Eyroun, & pouder of Gyngere, Sugre, & Salt, & mynced Datys, & Roysonys of Coraunce; þen make fayre past, and cofynnys, & do þer-on; kyuer it, & let bake, & serue forth.

xxviij. Potrous - Take a schouyl of yron?, & hete it brennyng hote; & þan take it owt of þe fyre, & fille it fulle of Salt; þan make a pitte in þe Salt al holow, þe schap of a treen dyssche; & sette þe panne & þe Salt ouer þe fyre a-?en, tyl þe Salt be brennyng hote; & þan caste þin whyte & þe ?olkys of Eyroun in-to þe hole of þe Salte, & lat seþe ouer þe fyre tyl it be half harde; & þan put a dyssche half fulle of Salt; & þan take a dressoure knyf, & put vnderneþe þe Salt in þe panne, & hef - . [Heave; lift. ] it vppe so fayre, þat þe cofyn with þe Eyroun breke no?t; þan sette it on þe dyssche wyth þe Salt, & þan serue it forth.

xxix. Flampoyntes bake - Take fayre Buttes of Porke, & seþe hem in fayre Watere, & clene pyke a-way þe bonys & þe Synewes, & hew hem & grynd hem in a mortere, & temper with þe Whyte of Eyroun, & Sugre, & pouder of Pepir, & Gyngere, & Salt; þan take neyssche Cruddis, grynd hem, & draw þorw a straynoure; & caste þer-to Aneys, Salt, pouder Gyngere, Sugre; & þan take þe Stuffe of þe Porke, & putte it on euelong cofyn of fayre past; & take a feþer, & endore þe Stuffe in þe cofyn with þe cruddys; & whan it is bake, take Pyne?, & clowys, & plante þe cofyn a-boue, a rew of on, & rew of a-noþer; & þan serue forth.

xxx. Sew trappe - Take .ij. lytel erþen pannys, & sette on þe colys - . [A. on þe colys, Harl. vp colde. ] tyl þey ben hote; make a dyssche-fulle of þikke bature of Floure & Watere; take & grece a lytel þat oþer panne, & do þe bater þer-on; & lat renne al a-bowte þe panne, so þat þe pan be al [leaf 42 back.] y-helyd; take & sette þe panne a-?en ouer þe fyre of colys; do þat oþer panne a-boue þat oþer panne, tyl it be y-baken y-now; whan it is y-bake, þat it wol a-ryse fro þe eggys of þe panne, take kydes Fleyssche & ?ong porke, & hew it; take Percely, ysope, & Sauerey and hew hit [supplied by ed.] - . [Added from A.] smal y-now; & þrow a-mong þe Fleyssche; - . [A. adds "[take salt and do þer-to, take the fleysshe] and do hit on þe panne." ] & do it in a panne, & þe cofynne, do it to þe colys; hele it with þat oþer panne, & do colys a-bouyn, & lat baken wyl; whan it is y-now, take Eyroun, & breke hem; take þe ?olkes, & draw þorw a straynoure: caste to þe ?olkys Hwyte Sugre, Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale; sture it wyl to-gederys; take al þis, & sette a-doun þe panne, & cast in a-bouyn þe cofynne in þe panne: sture it to-gederys; hele it a?enward with þat oþer panne, & lay colys a-boue, & lat bake wyl tyl it be y-now; take yt owt of þe panne, & do it out y-hole, or as moche as þow wolt, & þanne serue it forth.

xxxj. Herbelade - Take Buttes of Porke, & smyte hem in pecys, & sette it ouer þe fyre; & seþe hem in fayre Watere; & whan it is y-soþe y-now, ley it on a fayre bord, & pyke owt alle þe bonys, & hew it smal, & put it in a fayre bolle; þan take ysope, Sawge, Percely a gode quantite, & hew it smal, & putte it on a fayre vesselle; þan take a lytel of þe broþe, þat þe porke was soþin in, & draw þorw a straynoure, & caste to þe Erbys, & ?if it a boyle; þenne take owt þe Erbys with a Skymoure fro þe broþe, & caste hem to þe Porke in þe bolle; þan mynce Datys smal, & caste hem þer-to, & Roysonys of Coraunce, & Pyne?, & drawe þorw a straynoure ?olkys of Eyroun þer-to, & Sugre, & pouder Gyngere, & Salt, & coloure it a lytel with Safroune; & toyle yt with þin hond al þes to-gederys; þan make fayre round cofyns, & harde hem a lytel in þe ovyn; þan take hem owt, & wyth a [leaf 43.] dyssche in þin hond, fylle hem fulle of þe Stuffe; þan sette hem þer-in a-?en; & lat hem bake y-now, & serue forth.

xxxij. A bake Mete - Take an make fayre lytel cofyns; þan take Perys, & ?if þey ben lytelle, put .iij. in a cofynne, & pare clene, & be-twyn euery pere, ley a gobet of Marow; & yf þou haue no lytel Perys, take grete, & gobet ham, & so put hem in þe ovyn a whyle; þan take þin commade lyke as þou takyst to Dowcetys, & pore þer-on; but lat þe Marow & þe Pecy? - . [A. perys. ] ben sene; & whan it is y-now, serue forth.

xxxiij. A bake Mete Ryalle - Take & make litel cofyns, & take Chykonys y-soþe; oþer Porke y-soþe, & smale y-hackyd; oþer of hem boþe: take Clowys, Maces, Quybibes, & hakke with-alle, & melle yt with cromyd Marow, & lay on Sugre y-now; þan ley it on þe cofynne, & in þe myddel lay a gobet of marow, & Sugre round a-bowte y-now, & lat bake; & þis is for soperys.

xxxiiij. Crustade Ryal - Take & pyke owt þe marow of bonys as hool as þou may; þen take þe bonys, an seþe hem in Watere, or - . [A. til that. ] that þe broþe be fat y-now; þen take Almaundys, & wayssche hem clene, & bray hem, & temper hem vppe with þe fat broþe; þan wyl þe mylke be broun; þen take pouder Canelle, Gyngere, & Sugre, & caste þer-on; þan take & make fayre cofyns, & lat hem hard in þe ovyn; þan take Roysonys of coraunce, & ley in þe cofynne, & taylid Datys y-kyt a-long; þen take Eyroun a fewe, y-straynid, & swenge a-mong þe Milke þe ?olke; þen take the botmon of þe cofynne þer þe Marow schal stonde, & steke þer gret an long gobettys þer-on vppery?t, & lat bake a whyle; þen pore þin comade þer-on halful, & lat bake; & whan yt A-rysith, it is y-now; þen serue forth.

xxxv. Crustade - Take a cofyn, & bake hym drye; þen take Marw-bonys [leaf 43 back.] & do þer-in; þenne nym hard ?olkys of Eyroun, & grynde hem smal, & lye hem vppe with Milke; þan nym raw ?olkys of Eyroun, & melle hem a-mong chikonys y-smete, & do þer-inne; & yf þou luste, Smal birdys; & a-force wyl þin comade with Sugre or hony; þan take clowys, Mace?, Pepir, & Safron?, & put þer-to, & salt yt; & þan bake, & serue forth.

xxxvj. Crustade gentyle - Take a Cofyn y-bake; þan grynd Porke or Vele smal with harde ?olkys - . [A. adds and rawe ?olkes. ] of Eyroun; þan lye it with Almaunde Milke, & make hem stondyng; take Marow of bonys, & ley on þe cofynne, & fylle hem fulle with þin comade, & serue forth.

xxxvij. Doucettes - Take Porke, & hakke it smal, & Eyroun y-mellyd to-gederys, & a lytel Milke, & melle hem to-gederys with Hony & Pepir, & bake hem in a cofyn, & serue forth.

xxxviij. Doucettes a-forcyd - Take Almaunde Milke, & ?olkys of Eyroun y-melled to-gederys, Safroun, Salt, & hony; dry þin cofyn, & ley þin Maribonys þer-on, & caste þin comade þer-on, & serue forth.

xxxix. Daryoles - Take Milke an Eyroun, & þe fatte of þe Freyssche broþe, Pepir, & Safroun, & Hony; dry þin cofyn, & caste þin comade þer-on, & serue forth.

xl. Daryoles - Take croddys of þe deye, & wryng owt þe whey; & take ?olkys of Eyroun nowt to fewe, ne no?t to many, and strayne hem boþe to-gederys þorw a straynour, & þan hard þin cofynne, & ley þin marew þer-in; & pore þin comade þer-on, an bake hem, & serue hem forth.

xlj. Flathouns in lente - Take & draw a þrifty Milke of Almandes; temper with Sugre Water; þan take hardid cofyns, & pore þin comad þer-on; blaunche Almaundis hol, & caste ther-on Pouder Gyngere, Canelle, Sugre, Salt, & Safroun; bake hem, & serue forth.
[leaf 57]
- . [This Contents (between square brackets) is in a much later hand, probably 18th century.][CONUIUIAQuædam Antiqua, viz.Conuiuium

1. Regis H. 4. in coronatione suâ Ao Dni. 1399. apud Westmonasterium. 2. Conuiuium Regis supradicti in nuptiis Ao Dni. apud Wyntoniam. 3. Conuiuium Domini de La Grey, incerti temporis. 4. Conuiuium Ricardi Flemming Episcopi Lincolniensis, incerti temporis: ille tamen ibidem Episcopus institutus a Papa Ao Do 1420, circa annum nonum Regis H. 5. 5. Conuiuium ad funeralia Nicholai Bubbewith, Episcopi Bathonensis et Wellensis, die 4o Dec. Ao Do 1424, ao 3o H. 6. 6. Conuiuium Johannis Stafford, qui successit Nicholao Bubbewith præfato, in inductu suo ad Episcopatum Bathonensis et Wellensis, die 16 Sept. Ao Do 1425. 7. Conuiuium in nuptijs Comitis Devoniæ, incerti temporis.]
[Harl. 279, leaf 45]
Conuiuium domini Henrici Regis quarti, In coronacione sua apud Westmonasterium. [At the Coronation of King Henry IV at westminster]

Le primer cours.
Braun en peuerarde.
Viaund Ryal.
Teste de senglere enarme?.
Graund chare.
Capoun de haut grece.
Crustade Lumbarde.
Storieoun, graunt luces.
A Sotelte.

Le .ij. cours.
Venyson en furmenty.
Porcelle farce enforce.
Venyson Roste.
Pulle endore.
Graunt tartez.
Braun fryez.
Leche lumbarde.
A Sotelte.

Le .iij. cours.
Quyncys in comfyte.
Smal byrdys.
Pome dorreng.
Braun blanke leche.
Eyroun engele. - . [i.e. iced eggs. ]
Pety perneux.
Pottys of lylye.
A Sotelte.

Conuiuium Regis supradicti in nupcijs apud Wyntoniam.

Le .j. cours.
Fylettys in galentyne.
Vyaund Ryalle.
Grosse chare.
Capoun of haut grece.
[leaf 45, back.]
A Sotelte.

Le .ij. cours.
Venyson with furmente. Potage.
Pulcynges farce?.
Leche fryez.
Braun bruse.
A Sotelte.

Le .iij. cours
Creme de Almaundys.
Perys in Syryppe.
Venyson Rostyd.
Smale byrdys.
A Sotelte.

Ibidem conuiuium de pissibus. [The supreme entertainment]

Le .j. cours.
Vyaund Ryal.
Sew lumbarde.

Salt Fysshe.
Laumpreys pouderyd.
Samoun Rostyd.
Crustade Lumbarde.
A sotelte.

Le .ij. cours.
Purpayis en furmente.
Lampreys in past.
Leche fryez.
Coronys for a sotelte.

Le .iij. cours.
Creme of Almaunde.
Perys in syrippe.
Tenche enbrace.
Floundrys fryid.
Lamprey Rostyd.
Elys Rostyd.
Lochys & colys.
Crabbe au Creueys.
Egle coronys in sotelte.

In Festo Sancte Trinitatis in cena. [The supper feast of the Holy Trinity]

Le .j. cours.
Chykonys y-boylid.
Pygge en Sage.
Spaulde de Motoun.
Capoun Rostyd.

Le .ij. cours.
Venysoun en broþe.
Kyde Rostyd.
Venysoun Rostyd.
Pety perneux.

Le iij. cours.

Conuiuium domini de la Grey.

Le .j. cours.
Rys Moleyn?.
Vyaunde bruyse.
Bakunde Heryng.
Gros Salt fysshe.
Salt Samoun.
Salt Elys.
Fryid Marlyng.
Grete Pyke.
Bakyn Elys.

Le .ij. cours.
Compost. } Potage.
Brode canelle.} Potage.
Plays fryid.
Trayne Roste.
Vn Lechemete.

Le .iij. cours.
Creme of Almaundys.
Elys & Lamprouns Rostyd.
Breme de Mere.
Pyuenade in paste.
Leche lumbarde.

Conuiuium Flemmynge, Lincolniensis Episcopi. [Entertainment Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln.]

Le .j. cours.
Perrey fyn.} potage.
Rapeye. } potage.
Grete taylys of Milwelle, An lenge. - . [i.e. "Great tails of Milwell and Ling:" see next page, near foot.]
Samoun pollys.
Salt Elys with galentyne.
Gode Pyke an fat.
Grosse tarte?.

Le .ij. cours.
Lampreys in galentyne.
Vyand Ryal.
Elys an Lampronys Rostyd.

Le .iij. cours.
Creme de .ij. colourys.
Samon freysshe.
Breme de Mere.
Purpeys Rostyd.
Goions fryid.

Conuiuium Johannis Chaundelere, Episcopi Sarum, in introitu episcopatus sui: in carnibus. [The enthronement of John Chandler, Bishop of Salisbury, with meat.]

Le .j. cours.
Furmenty en Venyson.
Vyaund cyprys.
Capoun boilys.
Pomys en gele.
[leaf 47.]
Vn lechemete.
Tart Ryal.
Vn sotelte. Agnus dei.

Le .ij. cours.
Vyaund Ryal. } Potage.
Blandyssorye.} Potage.
Venysoun Rostyd.
Pulsous farce.
Vn leche.
Crustade Ryal.
Vn sotelte: a Lebarde.

Le .iij. cours.
Mammenye Ryal.
Vyaunt Ardant.
Vn lechemete.
Frytourys Lumbard.
Payn Puffe.
Vn Sotelte: Aquila.

Conuiuium domini Nicholai Bubbewyth, nuper episcopi Bathonensis & Wellensis ad funeralia; videlicet, quarto die decembris, anno domini Millesimo.[Sir Nicholas Bubbewyth entertainment, late bishop of Bath and Wells to the funeral.]

Le .j. cours.
Nomblys de Roo.
Braun, cum Mustard.
Chynes de porke.
Capoun Roste de haut grece.
Swan Roste.
Heroun Rostyd.
Aloes de Roo.
Puddyng de Swan necke.
Vn Lechemete.
Vn bake, videlicet Crustade.

Le .ij. cours.
Ro Styuyd.
Connyng Rostyd.
Fesaunt Rostyd.
Wodecokke Roste.
[leaf 47, back.]
Pertryche Roste.
Plouer Roste.
Snytys Roste.
Grete byrdes Rosted.
Larkys Rostyd
Vennysoun de Ro Rostyd.
Vn leche.
Payn puffe.
Colde bakemete.

Conuiuium de piscibus pro viris Religiosis ad funeralia predicta. [Fish feast for religious men attending the funeral]

Le .j. cours.
Elys in sorry.
Bakoun heryng.
Mulwyl taylys.
Lenge taylys.
Jollys of Samoun.
Merlyng soþe.
Grete Plays.

Leche barry.
Crustade Ryal.

Le .ij. cours.
Crem of Almaundys.
Freysse hake.
Solys y-soþe.
Gurnyd broylid with a syryppe.
Brem de Mere.
Menus fryid.
Elys y-rostyd.
Leche lumbard.
Grete Crabbys.
A cold bakemete.

Conuiuium Johannis Stafforde, Episcopi Wellensis in inductu Episcopatus sui, videlicet [Guests of John Stafford, Bishop of Wells, at the beginning of his bishopric]

Le .j. cours.
Furmenty with venysoun.
Kede Roste.
Capoun de haut Grece.
A leche.
[leaf 48.]
Crustade Ryal.
Frutoure Samata.
A soltelte, a docter of lawe.

Le .ij. cours.
Blaunche Mortrewys.
Vyand Ryal.
Chykonys doryd.
Veysoun Rostyd.
A leche.
Pystelade chaud.
Pystelade fryid.
Frytoure damaske.
A sotelte, Egle.

Le .iij. cours.
Creme Moundy.
Pety Curlewe.
Venysoun Roste.
Oxyn kyn―.
Herte de Alouse.
Smale byrdys.
Dowcet Ryal.
Petelade Fryid.
Eggys Ryal.
Brawn fryid.

A sotelte, Sent Andrewe.
Vyn dowce.

Pro inferiori parte Aule, & in alijs locis.

Le .j. cours.
Furmenty with venysoun.
Kede Roste.
A bakemete.

Le .ij. cours.
[leaf 48 back.]
Venysoun Rosted.
Bakemete chaud.
Bakemete fryid.

A Ryal Fest in þe Feste at þe weddyng of þe Erle of Deuynchire.

Le .j. cours.
Furmenty with venysoun.
Vyand Goderygge.
Vele Roste.
Swan with chawderoun. - . [A. chaudewyne. ]
Vn leche.
Vn Fryid mete.
Vn pasty, cooperta.
A sotelte: Ceruus.

Le .ij. cours.
Vyand Motleg?.
Chykonys endoryd.
Venyson Rosted.
I. leche.
Vn Fryid mete.
I. paste Crustade.
A colde Bakemete.
A sotelte: Homo.

Le .iij. cours.
Datys in comfyte.
Mawlard de la Ryuer.
Pomez endoryd.
I. Leche.
Payn Puffe.
A sotelte: Arbor.

Pro inferiori parte Auli.

Le .j. cours.
Venyson en Broþe.
Spawdys - . [Spaut or Spaud, Shoulder. ] de Motoun.

Chykonys Roste.
Pygge in Sawge.
Venysoun bake. - . [A. venysoune rostid. ]
Le. ij. cours.
Caudel Ferry.
Venysoun Roste. - . [A. adds in syrup. ]
Vn Leche. - . [A. adds 'mete,' and also adds Vn fryide mete after.]

End of Harl. MS. 279. [supplied by ed.]

Ab. 1450 AD.

Oyle Soppes … lxiij. 115
Capon en Counfyt … Cij.115
Cokentrice … Ciij. 115
Crane roste … Cvij. 116
Fesaunt rost … Cviij. 116
Heron rost … Cx. 116
Bitore roste … Cxj.116
Egrett rost … Cxij.116
Plouer rost … Cxix.117
Snyte rost … Cxx.117
Sturgeon buille ou turbutt … Cxlvj.117
Charlette … Clxxviij.117

Oyle Soppes. Capitulum lxiiij.-Take and buille mylke, and take yolkes of eyren? tryed fro the white, and draw hem; then cast to the milke and hete it, butt lete it nat buille, & [leaf 34b.] styrre it well till it be summe-whate thikke: then cast ther-to sugre and salte, and cutt feyre paynemayne in soppes, & cast the soppes there-on, & serue it fort? in maner of potage.

Capon? en Counfyt. Capitulum cij.-Take fress? broth, and wyn?, & persely, & saverey, and a litell sauge, and lete buille to-gedrys: and crome ther-to herde [leaf 47b.] yolkes of eyren? tyll it be well thykke, and kest ther-to pouudre of gyngeuere y-nog?, & vertious, and salt, and saffron?; and take a good rosted capon?, & ley hym in a chargeur, & ryse the legges and the wynges, butt set [supplied by ed.] ham nott fro the body; and kest on the capon? the licour all hotte, & serue it fort?.

Cokentrice. Capitulum ciij.-Scalde a capon? clen?, & smyte hem in-to the wast oueretwarde, and scaude a pygge, and draw hym, & smyte hym in the same maner; and then sewe the forthyr parte of the capon? and the hyndyr parte of the pygge to-gedrys, and the forther parte of the pygge [leaf 48.] and the hynder parte of the capon? to-gedyr: then draw the whyte & the yolkes of eyren?, and cast ther-to, and svette of a schepe, and saffron?, & salt, and pouudre of gyngeuere, and grated brede; and medle all to-gedre wit? thyn― honde, and putt it in the cokentrice, and putt it on a spite, and roste hem; and endore hem with yolkes of eyren?, and pouudre of gyngeuere, and saffron?, & ioiss? of persely or malves, & draw hem, and endore hem all abowte in euery perty of hym?.

Crane roste. Capitulum c.vij.-Take a crane, and cutt hym in the rofe of the mouth, and lete him blede to deth: and cast a-wey the blode, and schalde hym, & draw hym vndyr the wynge or att the vent, & folde vpp hys legges att the kneys vndir the thye; & cutt of the wyngys next iunte the body,*. [i.e. cut off the wings at the joint next to the body. ] and lete hym haue hys heuede & hys necke on; saue take awey the wesyng, [leaf 50.] and wynde the necke a-boute the spyte, and bynde hit, & putt the bille in the body and the golett; and reyse the wynges and the legges as of a gose; and yiff þou schalt sauce hym, mynce hym fyrst, and sauce hym withe pouudre of pepyr, and gyngeuere & mustarde, vynegre & salt, and serue hym fort?.

Fesaunt rost. Capitulum cviij.-Lete a fesaunt blode in the mouth, and lete hym blede to deth; & pulle hym, and draw hym, & kutt a-wey the necke by the body, & the legges by the kne, & perbuille hym, & larde hym, and putt the knese in the vent: and rost hym, & reise hym vpp, hys legges & hys wynges, [leaf 50b.] as off an henne; & no sauce butt salt.

Heron? rost. Capitulum c.x.-Take an heron?, & lete hym blode in the mout? as an crane, & scalde hym & draw hym att the vent as a crane; and cutt awey the boon? of the necke, & folde the necke a-boute the spite, and putt the hede ynne att the golet as a crane; & breke awey the boon? fro the kne to the fote, and lete the skyn be stille, and cutt the wyng att the Joynte next the body, and putt hem on a spite: and bynde hys legges to the spyte with the skynne of the legges, & lete rost, & reyse the legges and the wynges as of a crane, and sauce hym with vynegre, and mustard, and pouudre of gyngeuere, & sett hym fort?.

Bitore roste. Capitulum cxj.-Slee a bytour in the mout? as an heron?, & draw hym as an henne, and fold vppe hys legges as a crane; & lete the wynges be on, & take the boon? of the [leaf 51b.] necke all awey as of an heron?: & putt the hedde in the golet or in the shuldre, and rost hym; and ryse the legges & the wynges as þou dost of an heron, & no sauce butt salt: & sett hym fort?.

Egrett rost. Capitulum cxij.-Breke an egrettes nekke, or cut the rofe of hys mout?, as of a crane, & scalde hym, and draw hym as an henne; & cutt of hys wynges by the body, and the heued & the necke by the body, & folde hys legges as a bitore, & rost hym: & no sauce butt salt.

Plouer rost. Capitulum Cxix.-Breke the skulle of a plouere, & pull hym drye, and draw hym as a chike, and cutte the legges and the wynges by the body, and the heued and necke all-so, & roste hym, and reyse the legges and wynges as an henne: and no sauce butt salt.

Snyte rost. Capitulum Cxx.-Slee a snyte as a plouere, & lete hys necke be hole saue the [leaf 53b.] wesyng; and lete hys heuede be on, and putt it in the schuldre, and folde vppe his legges as a crane, & cutt his wynges and roste hym, & reyse hys legges and wynges as an henne; & no sauce butt salt.

Sturgeon? buille ou turbutt. Capitulum Cxlvj. Draw a turbutt or a sturgeon?, and chyn? hym, & cutt them? in brode pecis; and buille hem in water and salt y-nogh, and serue hym fort? colde, a pece or too in a diss? with vert sauce: and cast persely leves wette in vynegre on hym.

Charlete. Capitulum Clxxviij.-Set? melke yn a pott and cast ther-to salt and saffron?; & hew feyre buttes of calues or of porke small, and cast ther-to: and draw the white & yolkes of eyren?, and cast to the licour when it builleth, and a litell ale, and stirre it till it crudde. and yiffe þou wilt haue it forced, hete milke scaldyng hoote, and cast ther-to rawe yolkes of eyren? and poudre of gyngeuere, and sugre & clowes & maces, & lete natt fully buille; and press the cruddes in feyre [leaf 76.] lenyn? cloth, & less? it, & ley too or thre lesshes in a diss?: & cast the farsyng ther-on, & serue it forth hote.

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