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Aqua Mirabilis

(or Wonderful Water)

A spirit drink infused with various presumed health-giving herbs. Repeatedly appears in both pharmacists and wine-merchants lists from the late 1600s to the end of the 19th Century.

Samuel Johnson's 'Dictionary of the English Language' of 1755 has "The wonderful water is prepared of cloves, galangals, cubebs, mace, cardomums, nutmegs, ginger, and spirit of wine, digested twenty four hours, then distilled. It is a good and agreeable cordial."

Original Receipt in 'The Complete family-piece and country gentleman and farmer's best guide' (Family Guide 1747)

To make Aqua Mirabilis Take Cloves Mace Cinnamon Nutmegs Cardamum Cubebs Galangal and Melilot Flowers of each 2 Ounces Cowslip Flowers, Spear mint and Rosemary Flowers of each 4 Handfuls, 1 Gallon of the Juice of Celandine, a Gallon of White wikne, a Gallon of Canary and a Gallon of Brandy, let them be infused for twelve Hours and distil them off in a gentle Sand heat.

The Cornishman - Thursday 22 May 1879

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