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Aliper Sauce

Sauces - Table

(Or Alpeuere)

Bread sauce with crushed garlic and pepper. A sauce for beef. Known only from 15th Century manuscripts.

15th Century Cook
Source: Unknown

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Sauce Alpeuere. Take faire browne bread, and tost it, and stepe it in vinegre, and drawe it through a streynour, and caste there-to garlek (butte stampe it small first); And caste there-to powder of peper, And salte, And serve it fort.

Original Receipt in 'A Noble boke off cookry ffor a prynce houssolde or eny other estately houssolde', by an anonymous author, around 1480 (Noble Boke 1480)

To mak sauce aliper for rostid bef tak broun bred and stepe it in venygar and toiste it and streyne it and stampe garlik and put ther to pouder of pepper and salt and boile it a litill and serue it.

See: Bread Sauce

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