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Glyn Hughes from Winster in the Derbyshire Peaks has been collecting England's food history for more than twenty years. Using the British Library's astonishing Newspaper collection, from cookbooks going back to the 1300s and from snippets and notes from correspondents all over the world, the Foods of England Project now brings together the original receipts (yes 'receipt', 'recipe' is French) for over three thousand dishes from the forgotten English pasta dishes of the fourteenth century to classics of today like Marmite and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Glyn occasionally turns up on telly and radio but is more often found behind the scenes advising food producers and assorted Master-Cooks (no, not 'chefs', you know why).



The Foods of England Project is currently looking for partners to commercialise..
Bottled Sauces
Facsimile Publications
Prepared spice mixes

..Interested? Commerce@foodsofengland.co.uk

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