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Scott's Last Expedition

List of foods taken on Captain Scott's Last Expedition to the South Pole, taken from the appendix to the 'Journals of Robert Falcon Scott', published in 1913

"Messrs. J. S. Fry & Sons supplied our cocoa, sledging and fancy chocolate - delicious comforts, excellently packed and always in good condition.

Messrs. Huntley & Palmer: Ship's biscuit, fancy biscuit and cakes, and all the sledging biscuit which stood us so well and was so conveniently packed for travelling.

Messrs. Colman of Norwich: Flour and mustard, as in the Discovery Expedition.

Messrs. Henry Tate & Sons: Sugar, which was in perfect condition even after three years.

Messrs. Peter Dawson, Ltd: Whisky.

Messrs. Cooper, Cooper & Co.: 'The South Pole Tea,' which, like the cocoa, helped us to accomplish our best marches.

Messrs. Griffiths, Macalister & Co. of Liverpool supplied our tinned meats and general groceries.

Messrs. Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd.: Candles, which were purposely made edible, though never eaten.

Messrs. John Burgess & Son, Ltd.: Pickles and condiments.

Messrs. Abram Lyle & Sons, Ltd.: Golden syrup.

Messrs. Beach & Sons, Evesham: Assorted jams.

Messrs. Frank Cooper, Oxford: Marmalade and preserved fruits.

Messrs. Gillard & Co. Ltd.: Pickles, sauces, and curried meats in tins.

The very good pemmican we used came entirely from J. D. Beauvais of Copenhagen, while Mr. Maltwood of the Liebig Co. supplied Oxo and Lemco.

Messrs. Shippams, Ltd., of Chichester supplied small potted meats and table luxuries for the outward voyage and for the base, and also delightful Christmas puddings,

Messrs. Heinz & Co.: Baked beans, tomato soups, and many relishes.

Messrs. Reckitt of Hull: Starches and cleaning materials.

Messrs. Gonzalez Byass & Co.: Port and sherry, champagne (Heidsieck) .

Messrs. Simon Bros, of Northumberland Avenue: Champagne (Moet & Chandon), Courvoisier cognac, and all liqueurs. The brandy was particularly well put up in suitable bottles for sledging. "

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