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Lord Nelson Veal
Meat and Meat Dishes

Braised Saddle of veal with ham slices inserted, coated with cheese and truffle puree, baked.

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)

Created by Escoffier in tribute to Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), the British hero of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Original Receipt in the 'Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery ' by Auguste Escoffier (See: Escoffier);


Braise the saddle. When it is ready, remove the fillets, proceeding exactly as described under " Selle a la Metternich," and cut the fillets in a similar manner.
In the cavities left by the fillets spread a few tablespoonfuls of Soubise; return the colloped fillets to their place, and, between the collops, place a thin slice of ham, of the same size and shape as the adjacent piece of meat, and a little Soubise sauce.
Having reconstructed the joint, cover its surface with a layer, about one inch thick, of "souffle au Parmesan," combined with one quart of truffle puree.
Bind the joint with a strong band of buttered paper, for the purpose of holding in the souffle, and set it to cook in a moderate oven for fifteen minutes. After having taken the saddle out of the oven, remove the paper band, and send it to the table without changing the dish.

Send the braising-liquor, cleared of all grease, reduced and strained, to the table separately.

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