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Chicken Devonshire


Chicken stuffed with sausage meat and a tongue, served with tongue and peas.

There is also a one-pot version of this dish, with the same ingredients prepared as a stew, known from occasional newspaper reports in the 1970's.

Original Receipt in the 'Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery ' by Auguste Escoffier (See: Escoffier);


Bone the breast of a fine pullet; season it inside, and fill it with a chicken forcemeat, prepared with cream and mixed with half its weight of very fine sausage-meat.

In the middle of the pullet set a nice salted and cooked calf's tongue, trimmed and cleared of all cartilage; and place it so that its thin end lies in the region of the bird's tail.

Sew up the pullet's belly with thin string, allowing the skin sufficient play not to tear under the pressure of the forcemeat, which swells while cooking. Truss, cover the pullet with a slice of larding bacon, poach, and drain it.

When about to serve, make an incision around the breast with the point of a knife; detach the stuffing with the blade of a knife, passed horizontally on a level with the spine, and cut off, at a stroke, the piece consisting of the pullet's breast, the stuffing, and the calf's tongue.

Dish the carcass with the legs and wings still attached, on a low cushion. Cut the breast, lengthwise, into two; and, if the fowl has been properly stuffed, the tongue should then be found neatly bisected. Slice each half, and return them to the carcass in suchwise as to reconstruct the bird and give it an untouched appearance.

Coat lightly with Allemande sauce, combined with very red tongue, cut into dice; and surround with a border of timbales made from a puree of fresh peas, each set on an artichoke bottom. Serve a sauceboat of the same sauce as that with which the pullet was coated.

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